Monstrous Ogre Jack is Jack the Hedgehog's most powerful Ogre Form yet & his Dark Form of Ogre Jack created by Ancient Ogre (Tekken), once again. So when Jack is needing of some amazing super strength, great power & stronger  attacks or gets really angry & mad at some point when Dr. EggPlankton's robots becomes too powerful to beat or someone's is about to be on the verge of death at the hands of his enemies, he transforms into his Monstrous Ogre Form to crush the more powerful robots & nearly killing any enemies, sacrificing his control of his most dangerous & most unstable Ogre Form of all time, causing him to go wild for a very long time.


His Monstrous Ogre looks just like Monstrous Ogre from Tekken's side game called "Devil Within". His Monstrous Ogre Form now has a Blue Strong Body, 4 strong arms, & strong legs with Black Tattoos & is much bigger than his Original Ogre Form. His Monstrous Ogre Form is 20 FT, weighs 2000 Pounds & has Full Bloody Red Eyes, Black 7 bigger horns, which are 3 on each side & 1 in the center, a Black Lions Mane, Platinum Sharp Saber-Tooth Teeth, a Purple Bigger Beard, Bigger Dragon Wings with Blue Outside & Purple Inside with Black Horns, 2 Green Strong Snake Arms with Red Fangs, Black Spiked Shoulder Pads, Black Spiked Bracelets, Pure Black Large Claws & 3 Blue Strong Dragon Tails with Purple Blades.


His Monstrous Ogre Form made his first debut in Ogre Unleashed when he & Super Sonic got hit by Electricity by Ogre, transforming Jack into his most powerful Ogre Form in the entire world, warning Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. Eggman to never mess with him again & leaves with Sonic, Patricia, Tails & Amy.


His Abilties are the same as Ogre Jack, but stronger, more powerful & more darker than ever.

Just like True Ogre, he has incredible ammount of Super Strength to crush his enemies easily. With his wings, he has the ability to fly very fast. He can breathe large ammounts of blue & purple fire at any enemy unlucky enough to be caught on Monstrous Ogre Jack's fire which could burn them easily. He has the ability to teleport as well. His 2 Strong Snake Arms is loaded with stronger, more powerful & more darker venom, so Monstrous Ogre Jack can bite any enemy unlucky enough with his Snake Arm, injecting vemon into any enemy he chooses to make them pass out temporarily in about 12 - 24 Hours & he can also use his snake arms to suck the energy out of anyone, including the ones in their Super & Dark Forms.


His running speed is slow when it comes to running. His attacks are also slow. He can't control his rage when he's at maximum power.

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