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(Take Me Away playing)

Milly: WAHAAA!

Hailey: Hey, that went pretty good!

Milly: "Pretty good?" WE WERE AWESOME! We're totally gonna win this thing!

Sean: (laughs) Don't jinx it now, Milly.

Hailey: Good job Jake, you sounded great!

Jake: Heh, naturally.

Hailey: ...

Jake: So, miss president, you think we're ready for the competition?

Hailey: You know what, I think we are! Despite some hiccups along the way, everything is finally coming together. Though, there still are a few things I think we need to go over at school. We could work on our timing a bit more, and-

Jake: (laughs)

Hailey: What?

Jake: Jeez Hailey, you're worse than our teachers. Relax a little, would ya?

Hailey: Look, it's my job as the club president to make sure we are fully prepared. You'll thank me later.

Milly: It's no use Jake, she's always like this. Less rehearsal time would be nice, though...

Hailey: Milly! I thought you loved coming to rehearsals!

Milly: Yeah, I do! I just don't know how much more I can take of watching those two flirt with each other all the damn time now.

(shot of Luke putting his scarf around Zander's neck)

Jake: (laughs) Well, I'd rather see that than have Zander try to bite my head off every time I so much as say hi to him...

Hailey: Well, it is the honeymoon period. I'm sure they'll be back to normal soon enough.

Jake: Oh, yippie . . .

Michael: Knock knock! (chuckles) I take it that rehearsals are going well in here?

Hailey: Dad! I told you not to come in here-

Michael: -during rehearsals, I know. I know sweetie. I promise I haven't been snooping. But you guys' got a fan who really wanted to see you!

Bethany: (gasp) Seeeean!!

Sean: Heya little devil.

Bethany: Watcha doin'?

Sean: Well, I'm working on something very special. Wanna listen?

Bethany: Yeah! I wanna hear!

Michael: So, how is it going?

Hailey: Pretty good! Everything's coming together, right guys?

Milly: Hell yeah, we sound awesome! Well, not that Hailey is convinced we're good enough yet, anyways...

Hailey: I-I do-!... I just wanna make sure everything goes perfect.

Michael: You're gonna do amazing, sweetheart.

Hailey: Thanks dad.

Michael: Jake, right?

Jake: Uh, yep! That's me.

Michael: Hailey tells me you're quite the singer! To be honest she sounded pretty impressed by your audition.

Hailey: (blushing) Dad...!

Michael: How long have you been singing?

Jake: Oh, well, I guess I've been singing since I was a kid; but I only really did it in private. This is the first time since elementary I'll be singing on stage again.

Michael: Ah, well, good for you! Haaa man, just looking at all of you reminds me of my band days. God I feel old.

Hailey: You are old, dad.

Michael: Your 40s are the prime of your life I'll have you know!

Jake: Oh er, you were in a band?

Hailey: Here we go...

Michael: Well, since you've asked, it was me and two other guys from high school. We were called, "Rubble Explosion!!" I was the lead singer, too!

Jake: Woah, that's so cool! Where did you guys play?

Michael: All over Rosemeadow, really. Whichever bar or venue would let us hooligans play at, anyway. I remember this one time-

Shannon: Michael? Is trouble in there with you?

Michael: Uh, yes honey!

(cut to Bethany listening to Chasing on Sean's laptop)

Shannon: (sighs) Why am I not surprised?

Shannon: I've told you to stop her from bothering Sean!

Sean: It's fine, really! She's not a bother at all.

Shannon: C'mon you-

Bethany: (wails) Let goooo-!

Shannon: Stop whining. You have a playdate with Hannah to get ready for, remember?

Bethany: But I wanna make music with Seeean!

Zander: Hoi!

Zander: If you don't get ready, the british psycho monster will make noises under your bed tonight~

Bethany: Liar! There's no such thing!

Zander: Alright, then I will! I'm gonna get ya! Muahahaha!

(Bethany screams and giggles)

Luke: Don't let him catch you, Bethy!

Michael: Actually, with your mum taking Bethany to a friend's house in a bit, how about we give you kids a lift to the mall on the way there?

Milly: Yeah! Let's go to the mall!

Hailey: I dunno, I wanted to keep practicing...

Shannon: Hailey, you will take a break. You should enjoy your weekend for once, for goodness' sake.

Luke: Mrs. Wickham is right, Hailey, you overwork yourself. We still have two weeks left til' the competition. You should take a break for once!

Shannon: I'm always right. And it's Shannon to you, Luke. Or mom if you'd prefer.

Luke: (laughs while flustered) I couldn't possibly-

Shannon: Aw, don't get all shy-...

Jake's POV: Oh great... Out of all of the places to go, did it have to be the mall?

Hailey: Alright, I suppose it won't hurt. I wouldn't want to strain Jake's precious voice you not wanna go, Jake?

Jake: Oh, no! I'll go! Sounds like fun!

Jake's POV: That is, if I don't bump into the guys...


Drew: So my dad's given me a new allowance for this month, so we're going to the mall. You in?

Jake: Uh, tomorrow? Ah, I can't.

Drew: And uh, why not? Wait, don't tell me-

Jake: Oh, er...well you see, the thing is...I'm grounded!

Drew: Grounded? How did you get grounded?

Jake: Oh haha, well, I er, um...c-clogged the toilet!

Drew: Ugh, and how did you do that?

Drew: Actually, I don't think I wanna know.

Jake: Hahaha, ha...yeah.

Drew: Well, Zoey really wants to go so we'll just go without you, okay?

Jake: Yeah, that's fine! Have fun without me!

end of flashback

Jake's POV: The mall is pretty big anyway, I should be fine...probably.

Michael: Alrighty then! How about we give you kids 10 minutes and we'll get going, okay?

Luke: Oh yeah! I'll go let my honey bu- uh, Zander, know! (groans)

Milly: Hey Sean, you know what that means?

Milly and Sean: Stacy's Mamamia Pizza! (both laugh)

Hailey: Don't mind them, they're pizza fanatics.

(At the mall)

Sean: Woo! Man, I am stuffed!

Milly: Right? Stacy's Mamamia is the best place in Rosemeadow, imo. Especially the mozzarella sticks!

Jake: ...did you just say "imo"?

Sean: She does that.

Milly: You got a problem with my speech, bruh?

Jake: No, I just thought it was funny, f-y-i.

Sean: Um, hold up guys. I think I left my laptop in there. Give me a sec.

Milly: Kay!

Luke: I mean, it is kinda funny.

Zander: Not after the 20th time!

Milly: What'cha guys talking about?

Zander: Just how Hailey and her dad were playing that annoying Friday song on their guitars yesterday.

Hailey: Party pooper...

Milly: Man, I wish I had your parents. Mine scream at me whenever I play my guitar in the house.

Hailey: Well, we don't play electric guitars at full blast volume late at night, Milly.

Jake: Wait, both your parents play?

Hailey: Yeah, my dad is music teacher, he taught me everything I know. And mum plays piano; that's where Zander gets it from.

Luke: Oh, they're amazingly good! Sometimes they'll even play with us, and Hailey's dad sings!

Milly: Oh yeah, I love it when he does that! He really sounds like a rockstar!

Jake: Oh uh, that's...really cool...!

Zander: I guess...Micheal is nice, but you'd regret having my mum as a parent, she nags too much.

Jake: I guess that's where you get it from, then, huh...

Zander: What was that?

Luke: Well, you do have her sass.

(Zander annoyed)

Luke: I-In a charming way, that is!

Sean: Guys, have any of you seen my laptop?

Hailey: Not since we rehearsed at home. Are you sure you didn't leave it there?

Sean: Yeah, I definitely had it in my bag on the way here.

Milly: Why'd ya bring your laptop to the mall with you anyways?

Sean: I was gonna head straight home after the mall. I swear I had it in my bag, though...

Hailey: Hmmm...I can ring my dad to check? Zander, you ring mum to check the car.

Sean: Thanks.

Milly: Don't look so nervous Sean. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? You got robbed, haven't backed up any of your files, your parents kill you and you have to get two part time jobs to save up for a new one?

Everyone: ...

Milly: What? I'm kidding! Don't stress, it'll be back at Hailey and Zander's.

Hailey: (talking to her dad on the phone) Alright, thanks dad, see ya later. (after hanging up) It doesn't look like it's at home.

Zander: It's not in my mum's car either...

Sean: Oh god...

Hailey: Wait, what about the track for the competition?! Don't tell me...?!

Sean: Don't worry about that, the music is fine. I have it backed up on a USB. But, I need my laptop. It's how I make music! I can't- and if my parents found out-...

Luke: Hey, don't worry Sean, it's got to be somewhere in here. Do you remember taking it out of your bag?

Sean: I don't think I did! I might have subconsciously when I was buying stuff. But I-I don't remember.

Luke: Maybe you left in in one of the stores, or someone might have reported a lost item by now. Why don't we go look together?

Hailey: Good idea, Luke. Though this place is pretty big, and we've been in a lot of stores might be quicker if we split up. How about we separate into two groups to look on each floor?

Luke: Yeah, I agree.

Hailey: Alright then, Sean, I, and...

Hailey:...Jake. We'll look on the second floor together. Luke, you look on the first floor with Zander and Milly.

Milly: Whaaaat?! Why do I have to go with them?!

Zander: Well gee, we don't exactly want to be stuck with you either, Milly.

Milly: Ugh, just keep the PDA to a minimum, okay?

Zander: Excuse me?...

Luke: We'll ring you if we find it. We can meet you back here afterwards.

Hailey: Sounds like a plan. And good luck handling those two, you might need it.

Luke: I'll keep a tight hold on both of them.

Sean: (sighs) I'm so dead...

Jake: Hey, don't beat yourself up about it Sean, these things happen. If worse comes to worse, I'm sure we can find a spare laptop for you somewhere!

Sean: Yeah..thanks Jake.

Hailey: Okay, are we ready to go searching?

Jake: Yes ma'am!

Sean: Yeah...thank you guys, for going out of your way to help me.

Hailey: No worries, Sean. Your laptop is important to you, so it's important to us too.

Milly: We're squad fam bro, we always gotcha back!

Hailey: See you soon, guys! Alright boys, let's get searching!

(Get Up GCMV)

Hailey: Alright, so after the costume place, did we go in any of the stores ahead?

Jake: I think we went to R&J's, right? When we were dancing to the elevator music.

Hailey: (laughs) Oh yeah.

Jake: Hmmm? What's with that reaction?

Hailey: Just recollecting it. You're such a dork.

Jake: (laughs) I know you wanted to join in.

Hailey: Sean, are you okay?

Sean: Yeah, just upset with myself.

Hailey: Hey, go easy on yourself. We all make mistakes!

Jake: Yeah, I misplace things all the time! Once, I took my brother to the supermarket, and when I came back home and gave my mom the groceries, she asked me where my brother was. That's when I remembered, I left him in the soup aisle! (laughs)

Hailey: Remind me to never leave my sister with you...

Sean: I just can't believe I was so careless...I know it's just an old laptop, but it's how I make my music, my only passion in life. I don't know what I'll do with myself in my free time...

Jake: Hey, look, there's R&J's!

Sean: (sighs) Here goes nothing...

Hailey: We'll be waiting out here! Poor Sean, that laptop is really precious to sucks that this happened.

Jake: Yeah, I feel really bad...

Jake's POV: If I had my outlet for making music taken away from me, I'd hate it, too...


Jake: Oh shoot! Quick, let's hide!

Hailey: What? W-whoa- h-hey! What are you-

Jake: Shh! Stay quiet!

Jake's POV: Phew. That was close.

Hailey: (blushing) Um, Jake...?

(Jailey moment plays)

Milly: What are you doing?

Jake: Wah!

Milly: (laughs)

Jake: Milly! You gave me a heart attack! Oh, um, s-sorry about that Hailey.

Hailey: Um, it's okay...what was that about?

Jake: Oh, er...

Luke: Milly! Why did you run off like that?!

Milly: Tch, it's not running off; I'm an independent woman who can go by herself, y'know!

Zander: You're an independent pain in the butt is what you are.

Hailey: Zander...what are those shopping bags? Did you even bother looking?!

Zander: Of course we did! But there was a sale on for ties in Heather's Sweaters. It's called killing two birds with one stone.

Hailey: Well, I'm glad shopping went well. How about finding?

Luke: No, none of the stores had any lost laptops...

Milly: Oh yeah, we walked past the monke- oh, I mean your friends, Jake.

Jake: Oh! Oh...really?

Hailey: (puts two and two together) Ooooh, so that's who you were hiding from a minute ago. (laughs) So that's why you pushed me against the wall so suddenly?

Zander: You WHAT?

Jake: Uh! Uh- no, I didn't-!

Milly: Oh yeah, he totally did. I caught him kabedoning her against that wall; I thought they were gonna kiss. (laughs)

(Zander gives Jake a death glare)

Jake: I-I wouldn't do that! It's as you said, I was hiding from them, okay?

Luke: Huh? Why are you hiding from them? I thought they were your friends.

Jake: Um...heh. Well, I sort of...ditched them today. I told them I was grounded, so I couldn't let them see me here.

Milly: Aww, you chose us!! See, I told ya Zander, he knows we're his real squad fam.

Zander: Milly, stop trying to make "squad fam" happen, it's not going to happen.

Sean: Oh, everyone's here.

Hailey: Did they have it?

Sean:, I take it you guys didn't...?

Luke: Sorry Sean, no luck...

Sean: (sighs) Well, looks like it's gone for good...

Hailey: I'm sorry Sean. Do you have anything else at home you could use?

Sean: No, my laptop was the only thing I had. Ah, don't worry guys! I think I have about half the amount saved up for a new one. I guess I'll just have to try to get more shifts at the Milliot Mart to afford a new one. Hopefully in the next month. I'm gonna check my bank balance real quick. I'm sorry for wasting everyone's time today.

Hailey: Poor Sean...maybe I could use the music club funds to help him afford a new one...

Milly: I can give him my piggy bank money to help. I think I've got like, five bucks?

Luke: I don't think he'll need it, Mil...

Drew (text): Since you're grounded, how bout we play genshin tonight? You still have that laptop I got you?

(At the ATM area)

Sean POV: Well, I'm screwed. Maybe they'll be too busy arguing when I get home to even notice it's missing, anyway...

Jake: Hey, Sean!

Sean: Oh, yeah Jake?

Jake: So, you know what I said about getting a spare laptop? Well, I just remembered that I have this laptop back home. It's a gaming laptop from, a friend of mine. I don't really use it much, but it's pretty powerful, so I think it'll do a good job for your music stuff.

Sean: Um, are you saying I can borrow it?

Jake: Oh no, I'm saying that you can have it permanently! I'll give it to you, free of charge! Just tell your parents you got a great deal with a friend.

Sean: ...are you serious?

Jake: Of course! I'll bring it in for you on Monday, if you like.


Jake: Uh, Sean?

Sean: Man, don't make me tear up! You know I can't accept that...

Jake: R-really, I insist! I never use it, and you need it way more than me!

Sean: Wow, thanks Jake. I don't know how I'll make it up to you.

Jake: Oh, don't worry about it. Think of it as a thanks, for welcoming me into the club.

Sean: You're awesome, Jake.

Sean: Hey, maybe I can teach you a thing or two about recording and editing vocals. You could even record some covers with me, if you'd like.

Jake: Oh! Yeah, that would be cool! I've never done that before.

Sean: I reckon you'd be pretty popular on GachaTube.

Jake: Well, y-know...-

Milly: Sean!!! We found your laptop!!

(both Jake and Sean look shock)

Sean: What? WHERE!?