Pollyanna, you know What? Pollyanna, your song has helped me out. Pollyanna Did you really say that I am Very Special for others?

Yes. Milly, Just Believe in a Bright Future. Milly, and you will Succeed everything! Guys Come Quick! Pollyanna Will tell about Milly's Bright Story!

I Gathered you all here today, I'll tell you about Milly's Bright Story!

When I was Little girl, My Mommy Walk me to Kindergarten I was trying to make with friends

But, I Was Shy and Confused a Little girl. I Was trying to find Friends.

But, Suddenly Came to Kindergarten. She Was friendly, Honest, Generous, Kind, Funny, Loyal, Brave, Pretty, Cute, and a very Supportness Little girl.

She Came to me very close, I Saw her Smile Face, But As a Little girl, I Could not get used to Kindergarten.

But She Wanna Offer me her Friendship, But, I did not Have no choice. I Accepted her Friendship, Her name was Millicent Brooks, Or Milly Brooks We Quickly Made friends with her.

I Could get used to her, But I Did it.

Milly and I Growing up, we became teenagers, We went to middle school together, But, Something has changed, in our Middle School came My Boyfriend, Mcqueen.

I Finally Have a Boyfriend!

But Suddenly, I Have crush on This Speed car, But is Everything changed

We Talked about Friendship, We together always like a Friends.

Today is Hug Day, Everyone must hug each other.

That we Swear to each other, that we will help any Animals.

Wait, sis, I Will Help all Hedgehogs.

Thanks for your Offer Aurora, But, If we will get all Money, that we can Find a Good job.

Pollyanna, I looked for you everywhere?

Milly, What's wrong with you, is something happening?

Yes, a Swallow's egg doesn't wanna hatch, There's inside Swallow's egg, a little baby Bird!

I Found a Nest with Swallow's Egg. But, Swallow Left the egg, Where's She Flied away?

I Must to Look After Baby Bunnies.

Milly, Let's make a Deal? What a Deal, What do you mean, Pollyanna?

I Mean that we will together help baby Swallow to hatch, and looking after the baby's bunnies.

Sounds great. Guys, you must see it? What's wrong Jake?

Little chickens begin to hatch. I Have Box with babies and little bunnies.

I Found Nest, little chicken, She's so cute, pretty, yellow, She's Cutie.

See, She trusts me, Wow, I Will Give to someone's  in  Kind Hands.

She chose you Pollyanna, her destiny, Milly, Can I Take care of your one of little baby bunny? of course Amber. Here. White bunny. She is so Pretty.

Thank you big sis.

But, Where are the other little white bunnies? The snake Killed them, They didn't not survived, That so sad story is, Hello Everyone, What are you here talking about?

Oh Hi Rainbow Dash, My Foster big sis told me that a snake killed them.

I Hold it, snake, She Killed all baby bunnies.

We must arrange a celebration in honor of the surviving little Baby Bunny!

Today we Gathered here to celebrate brave Children, They Saved all Animals from death, They Tried, This little Baby Bunny chose her destiny, Emily and Sonic's Daughter, her Destiny. Ladies and Gentleman, meet the Sonic's & Emily's Daughters, Pollyanna   Diana Mia Aurora Rosetta, Anastasia, Gabriella, Karla, Stephanie Whittier & Their Friends.

Thanks for coming to the big celebration, Everyone, This little Survived baby bunny will have a name, in honor of Seajewel, Pearl, Because, She White as a Gleaming Pearl.

Pearl, I'll take care of you, I Promise.

Well, Let's celebrate of Appearance of the name of the surviving little white bunny.

Mommy, Maybe Pearl will live with us with other pets that live with us?

Sure thing Sweetheart, this is your new pet.

Thanks Mom, you're the most kind and caring Mother ever.

I am So grateful for you mom. Milly will also find her new pet.

Meow. Oooooh, This is Kitten, Milly will like it. Hi Milly, Hi Ma'am, What do you want? Someone said Meow? Who is? This is my new pet, Blue-eyed kitten, I'll name you Bluestar.

I Need to introduce my Childhood Friend, Who Supported me and She Offered me her Friendship, Meet, my Childhood Friend, Millicent, Or just Milly.

Milly and I Bffs for life.

Milly Brooks Thank you for that Milly you made my life better and fun!

No Problem Pollyanna, As a Child, I Was Always Friendly, Honest, Generous, Kind, Funny, Loyal, Brave, Pretty, Cute, and a Very Supportness Little girl.

But now, I Need to change my nickname!

Everyone calls me Pink-haired devil!

Milly, I'll help you to change your Nickname!

Hmm, How'bout, Pretty Pink-haired teenager girl?

Yes I Like it!

Well, Pretty Pink-haired-teenager girl, Maybe can we go to celebrate?

Yes, I'll follow you, Lady Whittier!

Milly, Can we go together?

Yes, Actually, Yes!

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