Story Begins

Mom, Dad, Where are my Parents? I Lost them forever.

I Hear Someone's crying!

This is Seven- years Old girl With Her Freckles, With Same Eye Color, and Same Hair Color!

Hi Seven- years old girl, What are you doing here, And Where's your Parents?

Don't be Afraid, I'm not gonna hurt you, Just tell me, Where's your Parents?

Who are you? I'm a Pup, Breed of Dalmatian! My name is Marshall, And What's your name is?

This Stranger Grabbed me and Throwed me here Under tree!

My name is Pollyanna Whittier!

I Know, Where's your Parents Lives.

Really? It's very Nice to meet you Pollyanna.

It's very Nice to meet you too, Marshall.

I'm never will pain you!

Oh my, I can't Get up myself, My leg is hurt very much!

Don't Worry Pollyanna, I Will Help you!

I Will make your Life Better and Full of Memory, Pollyanna!

I Will Remember your name, Marshall!

Woof! X-Ray!

Hmm, your Leg is Broke, But Don't Worry, I Will Bandage your Leg Bandage!

Now, I'll Take you to home, Pollyanna!

Mom and Dad Get Worries about me.

Where's Our Little girl? Where is She?

Eggman Grabbed her.

It's Eggman's Fault.

A Pup! What is he Doing here?

A Pup Took her to home.

Mom, Dad, Pollyanna, Sweetheart, I Worried about you!

And Now, You're safe Sweetheart!

Thanks to Marshall, It's he Took me to home, He Bandaged my Leg Bandage.

Pollyanna, Can I Stay with you?

Of course Marshall. I've Dreamed to have a Lifeguard just like you Marshall!

Woof! Booth

It's Marshall, And Who is with him?

It's Villain!

No, It's not Villain, It's a Seven-year old girl!

She Broke her Leg!

I Will help you to get up, Pollyanna!

Thank you Marshall!

Oh Marshall, I Met a Real Pup, It's you, My Dream Finally Come true!

I Love you Marshall!

I Love you too, Pollyanna.

Eggman, It's Him Again!

He Came with Metal Marshall!

He's Gonna to Grab our Daughter.

Pups want to Introduce with you, Pollyanna!



Marshall and Pollyanna!

We came!

Pups, Meet this is Pollyanna, Pollyanna, It's Chase, Rubble, Skye, Zuma and Rocky!

Hi Pollyanna, It's Nice to meet you!

Me too!

Pollyanna Was Grabbed by, Eggman and Throwed her Under tree!

She My Friend!

Oh Marshall!

She Love Hugs!

I Love Hugs!

I Have no Friends, Truth is I Have no Friends?

I Living alone in Home with My Parents!

She Has no Friends!

Um, What are we gonna do?

I Know! We can become her Friends!

And Her Parents will not Worries about her!

We will Protect her!

Hello Pathetic Dangerous Cat Patrol!

Ouch, My Leg!


Oh no, I Will Help Her to get up!

Pollyanna, O Sweetheart! Please, Wake up Sweetheart?

The Adventure Bay Need you, Pollyanna!

Rocky:um Marshall

(sad music)

Eggman:i don't need to be indelicate here how bout some coffee to keep the body pressure,she's just a silly. little girl she didn't belong here!!!

Marshall: that little girl knew more about being pup than you ever will,her name was Pollyanna,this was her home!!!!,and she was my friend

Mom, Dad, Chase, Rubble, Zuma, Marshall, Rocky, and Skye!

Pollyanna, Sweetheart!

It's Not Axel City, It's Adventure Bay!

Mommy, Can I Play with my friends?

Of course Sweetheart! I Always be proud of you!

Oh Look at This, It's a Boy, They having a Son!

No, It's a girl! and she seven years old

to her appeared her friends!

The Paw Patrol!

Ryder, Thank you For that your brave pup, Saved our Dearest Daughter!

You're welcome. "Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp (or whatever is substituted) for help!"

Let's go to Playground!

I'm Sure that He A Boy!

Look, Her hair just like her Mother!

Pollyanna, I'm Ryder, Thank you Ryder.

I Love Spend time with best friends!

Emily, Eggman Will never bother us, Because, Pollyanna has a Friends, And She having fun with them!

Thank you Ryder so much, Wait, I Hear Something!

It's a Monster Machine, Thanks, Hi, I'm AJ, And this is Blaze.

Hi AJ, I'm Pollyanna, And this is Paw Patrol!

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