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(The episode continues from the last one. It is now nighttime and Marshall is driving in his firetruck through the dark night. He is still offended from what happened earlier. He is sadly muttering what all the pups called him today)

Marshall: (sadly) Idiot pup....idiot pup....idiot pup....oh well, maybe I'll find some better friends wherever I'm moving to....

(All of a sudden, his firetruck runs out of gasoline)

Marshall: Aw, crap. I've ran out of gas! Well, no matter. Maybe I can find a gas station here...(frightened) In t-the d-dark s-spooky n-night...

(The terrified dalmatian fearfully crawls out of his firetruck and walks slowly through the dark area to find a gas station. On the way, he sees some really strange and creepy looking people. This terrifies him even more and he starts running for his life. But unexpectedly, the clumsy pup trips over a rock and falls down a cliff. As he is falling, he hits every edge of the rocky surface. His pup tag even gets caught on a branch. Then, the dalmatian lands down to the ground, hitting his head hard. Then, Marshall passes out on the ground with a big lump on top of his head from the impact. The camera slowly zooms away from the hurt pup)

Marshall: (groans)

Pollyanna: Marshall, Are you ok?

Marshall: (faints)

Pollyanna: Hold on Marshall, Everything's going be ok, Over here.

Sonic: Pollyanna, What happened?

Pollyanna: Dad, Marshall fainted, Let's carry him to Vet Clinic.

Emily: Oh poor thing.

Sonic: Let's carry him to Vet Clinic.

(Meanwhile back at the Lookout, the pups are inside the Lookout watching "Apollo the Super Pup". All the pups are laughing hysterically at the episode, when Skye realizes that Marshall is not there)

Skye: Hey, where's Marshall? He usually loves Apollo the Super Pup

Rubble: Yeah

Zuma: I actually haven't seen him at all today since he made me not fall off my surfboard earlier at the beach this morning

Chase: Same here!

Everest: And me!

Rocky: Same

Tracker: Same

Skye: Maybe, he's sleeping in his pup house

Chase: Could be

Skye: C'mon, guys. Let's go investigate

(And with that, the seven pups head outside to investigate. When they go outside, they are in shock from seeing Marshall's truck gone)

Everest: His truck is gone!

Rubble: And all his stuff!

(Then, the pups see a note lying on the ground where Marshall's truck was)

Skye: Hey, there's a note on the ground

Chase: Should we read it?

Skye: Yes. (she picks the note up and starts reading) "Dear, PAW Patrol. If you're reading this, I just wanted to tell you that after what happened today, I have left Adventure Bay since y'all hate me so much. Hopefully, I'll find some better friends that'll treat me better. Goodbye. Sincerely, Marshall (aka Idiot Pup". Oh no! You don't think we made Marshall feel like he's not our friend anymore, did we?

Chase: I think we did!

Tracker: Si

Zuma: What have we done?!

Rubble: Great, now I have guilt!

Rocky: (Sadly) He my friend. I Love Marshall He's not Deserves to leave.

Chase: (Hugs Rocky) Rocky, We'll miss Marshall! I Know, you love him.

Other Pups: Yeah!

Rocky: (Sadly) He Woke me up just in time, I Must to help Misty Clean up Beach From Trash! I'm gonna to Help Misty to Clean up Beach From Trash!

Chase: Poor Rocky!

Rubble: He does even care about Marshall. Marshall needs us

Skye: Guys, I think we should tell Ryder about this

Other Pups: Yeah

Chase: We'll all go

(And with that, Skye took Marshall's note with her and led the posse to Ryder who was at Reece's house. At Reece's house, Ryder was in the living room watching "Tosh.0" with Reece, Homer Simpson and Buttercup. The pups head into the room)

Pups: Ryder! Ryder! Ryder!

Ryder: What? What? What?

Skye: Horrible news!

Ryder: What is it? And where's Marshall?

Chase: That's the bad news. Marshall ran away from home because he thought we didn't like him anymore

Ryder: What?!

Buttercup: Oh, great...

Homer: What the hay?!

Reece: No way, Marshall reckons y'all hate him?!

Rubble: Yeah, even if he not did splatter me with his pup food....

Chase: Or not distract me during my game....

Skye: Or ruin our soccer game....

Zuma: Or make me not fall off of my surfboard....

Chase: He'll always be our friend

Skye: (handing Ryder the note) And he wrote this too

Ryder: Lemme check dat out fo' a sec. (he takes the note, reads it and is in shock after reading it) Oh no, it is Marshall! We must've really upset him

Chase: Yeah

Ryder: This calls for a big emergency. No job is too big, no pup is too small. (He takes out his Pup Pad and contacts the pups) PAW Patrol, to the Lookout!

Pups: Ryder needs us!

(The pups head to the Lookout)

Reece: Aye, Ryder. Can we come as well?

Ryder: Sure, we'll all go. Come on!

(The four head to the Lookout. Meanwhile, with the pups they head to the Lookout. Once the pups get onto the elevator, Rubble starts to feel sad)

Everest: What's wrong, Rubble?

Rubble: You know, it's not the same without Marshall. Especially when he's not here to crash us into the elevator

Everest: I agree

(The pups go up the elevator and change into their uniforms. Then, they jump off the elevator and stand into their positions)

Chase: PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: Okay, pups. Bad news. Marshall thought we didn't like him anymore and he decided to run away from Adventure Bay

Rubble: I know! It's so depressing! What are we gonna without our favorite pup firefighter?

Chase: (tearing up) I should've ever be proud of my best friend! (cries out)

Skye: (crying) I should've ever called him to see Emily's Newborn Baby Girl! (bawls out)

Everest: (sobbing) He was the only pup I ever loved!

(All the pups start crying and howling with the Especially Rocky who always loves Marshall)

Rocky: It's Okay, I Feel How Marshall is Dear for us! We must to bring Marshall Back!

Ryder: That's Great Idea, Rocky. Anyways, Chase, Rubble, Rocky and Skye you can check the town, Everest you can check the snowy area, Zuma you can check the Bay and Tracker, you can check the jungle

Chase/Rubble/Zuma/Skye/Everest/Tracker: On it!

Rocky: Of course! I'll Help you Find, Dalmatian Pup, Misty & I Will Find at the Beach!

Ryder: Yes, you will, Rocky you will find Marshall at the Beach!

Rocky: I Still Love about Marshall!

Ryder: Okay Let's Find Marshall.

Rocky: I Know, Where is Misty? She at the Beach!

(Calls Misty)

Misty: Hi Ryder, Hi Rocky.

Ryder: Misty, you will help us to find Marshall.

Misty: Tundra, Remedi, and I Are on a way.

Rocky: Tundra, Remedi, Is Marshall Ok?

Misty: I Got call from Pollyanna, She said to me that, Marshall pained himself, Him carried to Vet Clinic, We will hope that Marshall will be Ok.

Chase: Oh my god, Belle And Gabriella are Fine?

Chase: When I'll see her again?

Misty: Very soon, Chase, Very soon.

Misty: Belle is at School, Pollyanna's pet is very pain, Let's hope on better.

Rocky: Marshall is hurt, Where is He?

Misty: Rocky, He at Vet Clinic, I Hope that Veterinarians will rescue Pollyanna's pet.

Rocky: Misty, I'll Help you to find Marshall.

Misty: Really? Oh Thanks Rocky!

(Rocky blushing)

Ryder: Rocky, Are you ok?

Rocky: I'm fine Ryder, Just, I Got blushing, Misty is my pet-mistress, She very helpful, I've never felt love of Misty.

Ryder: PAW Patrol is on a roll!

To be continued...