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(The episode starts on a sunny morning. Cut to the Lookout, all the pups are asleep in their pup houses. Then, dissolve to Marshall who is still asleep in his pup house. Then, the sun brightens in his face making him slowly wake up. The dalmatian yawns)

Marshall: (yawns) What a good morning it is, isn't it? The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the newsboy is happily cycling down the road delivering the newspapers! Morning, Mr. Newsboy!

(Cut to him riding his bicycle down the road)

Newsboy: Morning, Marshall!

(Without looking, he accidentally trips on a rock and crashes into a truck, screaming)

Marshall: I'm gonna go out

(He walks all the way to the Pup Park. Dissolve to later, he is playing on the swings when Pollyanna Came)

Marshall: Morning, Pollyanna! How you doing today?

Pollyanna: Hi Marshall! Very Fine!

Marshall: That's good. (he grabs Pollyanna and hugs her, Brings to her a water) Oh, sorry about that

Pollyanna: That's Okay Marshall.

Marshall: Huh, Pollyanna, Maybe she's not Mad at me!

(Cut back to the Lookout. All the pups with the exception of Rocky have woken up. Cut to Rubble who is about to eat his breakfast which is pup food. He is about to take a bite when Marshall excitedly runs up to him, not pushing his face into his bowl of pup food)

Marshall: Hey, Rubble! Doing good today?

Rubble: Hi Marshall, Yes I'm doing good Today!

Marshall: Huh? Why's that?

(The Smile bulldog puts his face up which has pup food all cleaned up with Dalmatian )

Rubble:It's Okay, I'll Clean up, If you want to help me!

Marshall: Oh, sorry Rubble.

Rubble: Apology accepted, It's Okay!

(He walks to Marshall in smile face. Marshall stares at him with a smile face)

Marshall: Huh, that be the first time I've ever been called that. Oh well, I wonder how Rocky is doing this fine morning

(He walks over to Rocky. Cut to Rocky who is sleeping in his pup house. In no seconds flat, the excited dalmatian runs up to him and Gentle waking him up)

Marshall: (gentle) hey Rocky!

Rocky: Marshall!

Marshall: Wanna play?

Rocky: Sorry Marshall, but Thanks Wake me up Just in time! I woke up, I'll help Misty to Clean up Beach From Garbage, See you later Marshall, Have a Good Day.

(he Start to play as Marshall stares at him in shock)

Marshall: Hm, that's the second time I've been called that today. Oh well, I'm go see how Chase is doing

(He walks to Chase who is inside the Lookout playing "Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea's" on the Play-station 2. Marshall excitedly runs up to him)

Marshall: Hey, Chase!

Chase: (sighs) What do you want, Marshall?!

Marshall: What's up?

(Cut to Chase's player being Fixed on the TV screen. Chase is Smile by this)

Chase: Do you wanna play with me?

Marshall: I'm sorry, I didn't mean it...

Chase: It's Okay!

Marshall: That quote again...huh

(Cut to the soccer field where Skye, Everest and Tracker are playing soccer. Skye is winning and is really close to getting a goal when Marshall suddenly interrupts the game)

Marshall: Hey, guys!

(Unknown to him, Everest catches the soccer ball. Everyone is Smiled at him)

Marshall: Why are you upset, guys?

Skye: Oh, We found out that Emily got into Maternity Hospital, She'll have a Baby girl, She'll be Zuma's pet-mistress.

Everest: Yeah, We Can't wait when Baby girl will be born.

Skye: Come with us, Marshall?

Tracker: Si, Amigo,

Marshall: (suddenly offended) Ugh, why is this quote going everywhere? Oh well, I'm go check on Zuma

(Cut to said pup at the beach. He is riding on his orange surfboard at the beach on a wave. Marshall wearing a swim mask and snorkel suddenly pokes his head out from the wave)

Marshall: (spits snorkel out) Hey, Zuma!

Zuma: (Suprised) Dolphin.

(This makes him not fall off the surfboard. The Smile pup was happy)

Marshall: I'm not no Dolphin it's me your friend Marshall

Zuma: You mean my Friend. Phew...(Smile pup) My Best friend, Marshall!

(Marshall is shocked, offended and alarmed from hearing this. Then, tears fill the dalmatian's eyes)

Marshall: Well, since all the pups are calling me "Idiot pup", I guess there's one thing that must be done!

(Sad, the offended dalmatian starts bawling his eyes out. Then, he runs away home crying. Cut to later, he arrives at the Lookout and goes inside his pup house. Then he takes out his red suitcase with a picture of his badge on it. He opens the suitcase up and starts packing up his stuff into his suitcase. His stuff contains his clothes, his blanket, his pillow, his teddy bear and his "Young Rich Homie Thuggin" by Rich Homie Quan album)

Marshall: Well, it turns out that I somehow managed to make everyone mad at me

(Then, an Pollyanna came onto his pup house. Marshall looks up at her)

Marshall: At least you still like me, right, Pollyanna?

Pollyanna: Of course Marshall, Do you wanna to come and live with me?

Marshall: (sighs sadly) Well do you not angry at me. (The sad dalmatian closes his suitcase and jumps into his firetruck. He stares up at the Lookout) Goodbye, PAW Patrol

(And with that being said, the sad dalmatian drives away. Dissolve to later, the sad dalmatian arrives at the edge of town. He turns around to the city as he wishes it goodbye. During this scene, "Song Cry" by Jay-Z plays)

Marshall: Goodbye, Adventure Bay. Goodbye, life as I know it. (Then, he turns around to see the town's sign) and reads it) Adventure Bay, Population: 100,000. (he crosses the number out with some chalk and writes down "99,999" next to it) Minus 1. (The sad dalmatian drives away from the town)

To be continued... Marshall's New Life Part 2