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Marshall is a Dalmatian puppy and is one of the main protagonists in the TV series PAW Patrol. He is the 3rd member of the PAW Patrol and is the team's fire pup, as well as the medic pup (as of "Pups Save Jake"). His primary purpose is to check for fires and extinguish them, and to use his ladder to rescue animals from high places. His secondary purpose, as a medic, is to use his X-Ray screen to check people for any broken bones or injuries, and to attend to them if needed (even though he tends to go overboard with bandages).


Marshall is a Dalmatian pup who is silly and clumsy. Despite his silliness, he helps Ryder countless times during missions. His main color is red, given that it's the color of his uniform (which normally features a fire helmet on duty), and pup-pack.

Nick Jr. Description

"From the firehouse to his fire truck, Marshall is a dalmatian who is all action, easily excited, and the clumsy one of the group. The pups will always hear Marshall say; 'I'm okay!'"


In the PAW Patrol, Marshall is usually the comic relief of the group, as he tends to be goofy and clumsy. He is quite accident-prone and gets a lot of slapstick injuries, crashing into things such as the pups at the Lookout elevator, falling off his ladder and getting his head stuck in things. He is very excitable, a bit air-headed, and not particularly well-coordinated. He can be immature sometimes. When he is excited, he usually howls. However, when it comes to doing Pup-Fu, he is quite agile. He tends to make jokes (most often puns) when he collides into the other pups in the elevator, with mixed reception.

Despite his clumsiness, Marshall is a loyal, competent and brave member of the PAW Patrol and has helped Ryder and the other pups in several missions. Marshall is also very friendly and sweet, especially to birds (e.g. Fuzzy). He and Chase are best friends and can be playfully competitive with each other. He may unintentionally spray Rocky with his water cannons, but he always apologizes for it afterwards. He's very earnest in helping people, though he can be awkward. He is good with animals. Aside from the aforementioned birds, he tends to get along with monkeys and cows. He has a big heart and is determined to never let his friends down.

He can feel insecure on occasion, fearing that he may mess things up. In "Pups Save a Friend", he felt ashamed after unintentionally making Mr. Porter spill his produce and causing Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta to crash their scooter. He then thought that he was ruining his friends' fun with his clumsiness and temporarily took a break from the PAW Patrol. They later reassured him that that's not the case, and he was quite relieved, proving that he cares about them and is sensitive to their opinions. In spite of his insecurities, though, he always pulls through in the end, showing his determination.


Marshall has spotted white fur covering his body and bright blue eyes. During missions, Marshall typically wears a firefighter helmet and a red vest. He also wears a red pup-pack, which features a water cannon (acting as a fire hose). When his medical skills are put to practice, Marshall wears a red cap with a yellow trim (replacing his firefighter helmet), and his pup-pack contains medical supplies such as bandages and a thermometer (in place of the water cannon). This is his EMT uniform.


Here is a gallery of Marshall's attires throughout the series.

Standard outfit

Standard outfit with no pup tag

Cowboy outfit

Standard outfit with cowboy hat

Collar only

Collarless and without outfit

Pumpkin costume (Halloween only)

Clown outfit

EMT uniform

King costume (for a play)

Astronaut outfit

Adventure Bay All-Stars basketball uniform

EMT uniform with baseball cap

Knight costume (with helmet)

Uniform top only

Snowboarding gear

With Santa hat

Uniform top and pup-pack only

With Rubble's pup-pack and helmet

With Zuma's pup-pack and helmet

With Skye's pup-pack and goggles

With Chase's pup-pack and hat

With winter hat

Martial arts uniform (with pup-pack)

Air rescue uniform

Superhero outfit

Mission PAW uniform

Safari outfit

Sea Patrol uniform

Sea Patrol scuba suit

Pirate outfit

Pup-afly (from "Pups Save the Butterflies")

Ultimate Rescue police uniform

Ultimate Rescue aviator suit

Ultimate Rescue firefighter uniform

Ultimate Rescue fix-it outfit

Ultimate Rescue construction uniform

Marshall PNG.png

Ultimate Rescue swamp uniform

Mighty Pups outfit


Sea Patrol scuba gear without helmet

Ice uniform

Clown nose


Super Paws outfit

Sports uniform

Scarecrow costume

Racing uniform

Racing uniform with The Whoosh helmet

Racing uniform with no helmet

"Lucky" collar

Charged Up outfit

Tikki Spots on

Dino Rescue outfit

Sheep costume

Chinese new year outfit

Scuba mask and floaty

Jet rescue suit

Jet rescue suit without helmet

Moto Pups outfit

The great pirate adventure outfit

Bat outfit

With bandanna

Mission paw Air rescue outfit

With a lot of sunglasses


With red sunglasses

Ultimate Police uniform with helmet ADD A PHOTO TO THIS GALLERY

Equipment and Gadgets


Like all of the PAW Patrol pups, Marshall has his own personalized pup-tag which he uses to communicate with Ryder and the other PAW Patrol pups. His is customized with a red background and a fire symbol to represent his job of taking out fires. When in use, the pup-tag flashes its light. The pup-tag also has a special mechanism, which allows the PAW Patrol pups to make video calls to Ryder's pup-pad. His mighty pups one is similar to his original except the tips of the flames are longer.

Fire Truck

The fire truck is Marshall's vehicle. It is one of the many high-tech vehicles Ryder had built for each pup. Like all of the pup's vehicles, Marshall's truck can transform from a doghouse to a vehicle and vice versa. Marshall's fire truck is equipped with firefighting equipment such as a tall ladder and an attached fire hose. The vehicle number is 03. During later missions in the jungle, Marshall's fire truck is repainted in camouflage colors and sports a much different look to fit in with the jungle surroundings.

Since "Pups Save Jake", Marshall's fire truck can be transformed into an ambulance and used on medic missions. In said episode, he uses it to transport Jake home, revealing that the inside is big enough to accommodate someone as tall as Jake. In "Pups Save a Show," Marshall uses a stretcher, a thermometer, and a stethoscope when caring for Cap'n Turbot and Chase, all of which he likely retrieved from his ambulance or his pup-pack.

Marshall's EMT vehicle

Chase and Marshall's vehicles in jungle conversion

Marshall's Ultimate Rescue vehicle

Fire Boat

With the opening of Adventure Beach, Marshall was given a new all-terrain fire boat for his Sea Patrol duties, equipped with red emergency lights and cannons for dealing with problems, such as when dealing with the Kitten Catastrophe Crew's mechanical shark in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Shark". It is designed in the shape of a speedboat.

Ultimate Fire Truck

After Mayor Humdinger takes control of the giant robot meant for a movie the PAW Patrol were helping out in, because of the danger the robot's fire posed to the city, Marshall is assigned leadership of the team, and his fire truck is upgraded to a much larger version of itself, sporting a larger all-red light bar similar to on Chase's Ultimate Police Truck, a robotic claw on one side of the truck, a reel line on the other, a much larger ladder for aerial firefighting with an extra monitor at the end of the ladder, located beneath the cab of the Ultimate Fire Truck, and a smaller, deployable rescue cart, complete with lights and siren like the Ultimate Fire Truck.

Marshall's truck undergoing its upgrade to the Ultimate Fire Truck

Skye riding in the back of the Ultimate Fire Truck

Marshall driving the Ultimate Fire Truck

Marshall spotting his next fire to put out

Ultimate Fire Truck on scene of the blaze

Checking the scene to ensure the fire does not restart

Chase and Marshall in the cab of the Ultimate Fire Truck

On scene of their next fire

Marshall deploys his Rescue Cart

Marshall in his Rescue Cart

Rocky riding on the side of the Ultimate Fire Truck

Marshall manning the controls for the reel line

Ryder firing the reel line while aided by Rubble and Chase

Rocky and Zuma use the monitor for another angle at the robot to stop it from firing

Marshall watching the team fight the fire

Skye coming in for an attack with her water bomb launcher

Hitting the fire from three angles

Mission accomplished

Firefighter Pup-Pack

Marshall has his own high-tech pup-pack which he uses during missions. Marshall's pup-pack can transform into a water cannon, which Marshall primarily uses to fight fires. The source of water that the cannon uses comes from the tanks that are installed on the sides of the pup-pack. Marshall's firefighter's hat also has a retractable visor capability.

Medical Pup-Pack

When performing his duties as a medic pup, his medical pup-pack carries an X-ray screen, a thermometer, and compartments that may deploy a roll of bandages or a crutch - depending on Marshall's diagnosis of the illness or injury. He is equipped to treat the pups, as well as people.

Air Rescue Gear

In "Air Pups", Marshall was given a jet pack with water hoses attached.

Mission PAW Pup-Pack

Marshall's Mission PAW pup-pack contains a "hydro-launcher" that can shoot water at a rapid pace to knock down walls and other objects if necessary. It shoots water with enough pressure to slice through wood, as shown in "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown".

Sea Patrol Pup-Pack

Marshall's Sea Patrol pup-pack carries a rescue buoy similar to the other pups' pup-packs, along with his trusty water/paint cannons. When underwater in his scuba gear, his pup-pack carries an air hose and claw, which he used to re-float The Flounder and retrieve the baby octopus' rattle in "Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus".

Skills and Abilites

Marshall is really fast at running. In "Pups Fight Fire", if there weren't any interruptions during the race, it is possible that Marshall could have been the "fastest fire pup in the world".

As a dog, Marshall has a sharp sense of smell. Although it is not as sensitive as Chase's, Marshall is able to smell and detect gas leaks and smoke.

While in his Mighty Pup mode, he can generate heat, and when he puts his paws on the ground, it can melt the surface, making him a literal "fire dog". When he's charged-up, he can jump very high.

He can also speak cow, squirrel, and beaver, as shown in "Pups Save a Cow" and "Pups Save Uncle Otis from His Cabin".


  • "I'm fired up!"
  • "I'm super fired up!"
  • "Ready or not, I'm coming in hot!" ("Mighty Pups")
  • "Made it."
  • "I'm good."
  • "Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!"
  • "Woah-woahhhhhhh!"
  • "Ahh! Ooh! Eee! Ahh! Oh! Ooh! Eee! Ooh! Ahh! I'm good!" (when falling down his firetruck ladder)
  • "I'm okay!"
  • "Let's go, go, go!"
  • "Wait for me!"
  • "My highly-trained paws are at your service!" ("Pup-Fu!")
  • "I've got this!"
  • "I'm ready for a red hot rescue!"
  • "I'm ready for a high flying rescue!" ("Jet to the Rescue")
  • "I'm ultimately fired up!" "(Ultimate Rescues)"