Story Begins

Marinette, What Happened to you? Lila Made my friends against me.

Lila will pay for this that She Stole your friends

Open up already, Marinette, Let me help you open the School closet?

Sure Emily, Where's my School Key for School Closet?

Thank you Barkk. You're welcome Emily.

Emily, Can you give me my Phone Please

Yes, Sure Marinette.

Espio, Watch out, What's going on, Marinette?

Oh no, Espio are you okay?

Marinette, I am coming for you.

Espio What are you doing?

Oh Geez, Again this Little sparkle.

Oh Jeez, This little sparkle spread on whole school!

I Can't take under control, my own Magic!

This will not going happen again?

Emily Wear up these Gloves, Gloves will help you to Keep your Magic?

Thank you Barkk, you saved my life.

I Will not have a Biggest Problem.

Espio, This isn't you, This is Emily's Magic Power, She Unleashed the Her Magic power from her hands, She can't control her Magic.

Barkk, I Can't Control my Magic Power anymore.

Emily, Barkk, I'm so glad that you Flew to me, I Can't Throw my new Owner here, just like you, Barkk, What  I Gonna Do?

Emily you can Overcome your fear, I Know you can do it, Pull yourself Together, and take everything under Control your magic, just Embrace your Magic, and everything's going be fine, just trust yourself, me and in your Power? Embrace your Magic.

Barkk, I Understood, I Need to Embrace the Magic, And Everything's going be back to normal.

I Need to Embrace my Magic.

Magic I'll Embrace you you now Part of me.

Please Come back to me, Magic

Thank you, I Can Calmly Control my magic.

Hi Mia, Hi Emily, What's wrong with you? Where's your Magic power?

Mia, I Let it go. I Must give up, Maybe my Destiny is wrong, I Not Suit for  this role.

My light is gone! Simo, Maybe, My Destiny is wrong, Destiny chose me for that to I Hurt everyone's feeling!

Onchao, What do you holding?

Onchao, I Was wrong, Centopia Will have a new Sorceress Of True love!  

It's just a paint! I'll wash away it!

What I Gonna to do?

Unicorn of Water, What do you mean?

Is in there here, Having another Unicorn Of Elements?

It's Unicorn of True love!

She is My Destiny!

I Understood, What did you tried to tell me that I am Created for Spread True love, And I Destined to be a Sorceress Of True love!

Rixel Lied to Centopia?

Unicorn of True love, you tells me that, Can you be My Own Unicorn?

Sure thing.

Unicorn of True love, what do you want to show me?

It's Onchao! He tried to tell me, That I am Destined to be Sorceress Of True love!

Look at up sky? Who is this?

Perfect Winged Unicorn! Unicorn of True love, you tells me that I can begin to spread My Magic of True love into the whole Centopia?

Okay, As you say!

Water Unicorn.

Fire Unicorn.

Wind Unicorn.

Earth Unicorn.

Star Unicorn.

Stone Unicorn.

Crystal Unicorn.

Ice Unicorn.

Fog Unicorn.

Moon Unicorn.

Sun Unicorn.

Heart Unicorn.

Swamp Unicorn.

Nature Unicorns.

Rainbow Unicorns.

Luminous Unicorns.

Winged Unicorns.

Wow, All Elemental Unicorns!

I've never met All Elemental Unicorns.

Legend Doesn't Lie!

Rixel, Enough to Lie, My Magic is very true!

Who are these Unicorns?

They are Elemental Unicorns!

These Unicorns Believes me, They are Protects me!

I Met these Unicorns Who can Understand me!

Onchao, You was right, I Have a That Magic of True love!

I Have All Unicorns who can Understand me!

I Will use them for greater Good!

Ono, What a Many Hugs Of my Unicorns!

I Believe in you Unicorns!

And Now, Let's go to Beautiful Place!

Poor Emily, She Was a Sad!

Wait a minute, Who is that Elv with So many Magic?

It's the Emily, She Has a Many Help of Her Friends Unicorns!

Onchao Also Helps Emily? Yes, She not Surrender!

She Believed in herself, in her Power, and in her True Power!

Dragons, Oh my goodness.  many all Pans also here to Support Emily!

Elves Also Hurries to Support Emily!


Supporting makes her Magic of True love Very Powerful!

She Defeats Rixel, and Centopia is safe!

In her Mind She has a Support of her Best friends!

Yay, Now, We Got ready for final Battle with Rixel!

Polytheus, Also Wants to support her!

Let's Support her and we wish her Good luck!

Emily, Good luck, We love your Magic!

Mia, Yuko, Mo, and Phuddle you can also Come with us!

Gurga, She wants to support me!

Yes! Okay, I'll accept her!

She on Kind Side!

Thank you Gurga!

Let's End with Rixel for once and for all!

Let's have a plan!

It's time to end you Rixel!

Queen Panthea, We need to end you for once and for all!

Munculuses Take her!

Emily, Trumptus.

Emily, Now, Use your Magic of True Love!

Woah, What the fuck?

Now, Let's end Villains For once and for all!

Nooooo! Thank you my besties!

What I Would to do without you my besties!

I Always Dreamed to have a Friends Like you!

Magical Creatures!

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