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Animal Whispering: The first power the Amulet has given Emily is the ability to converse with animals. She gained this ability in when she helped a baby bird reunite with its mother. This is Emily's most used ability, as it cannot be "turned off." It is the only ability that Emily did not use in her quest to free Elena, as the jaquins could already speak.

Emily the Seedrian Wearer Magic Amulet of Love from Sonic

Power Granting: When the one wearing the Amulet does a very good deed, the Amulet will bless its wearer with a magical ability as a reward. After the power is unlocked, the wearer can use it anytime they want as long as they wear the Amulet. In "Cedric Be Good", it is shown that the powers can also be unlocked by magical means such as the Power Plucking potion, but when the powers are unlocked that way, they aren't permanent, since the power isn't truly earned that way. So far, Sofia has unlocked five of the powers it can grant its wearer:

She can Transform into Hedgehog or Seedrian all the time

Princess Companion Summoning: When the one wearing the amulet needs help, but the Amulet can't summon Princesses, the Amulet will summon one of their companions instead. Unlike the Princesses, the companions normally help out directly. This ability was activated only once so far.

Sonic and Emily getting married

Emily Said Thanks for Sonic

Emily Hug Sonic

Emily is ready for wedding ceremony

Emily in 3d

Emily dressed up her Magic amulet of love

Emily Found a Chaos Emerald

Sonic and Emily