(Melody plays)

Daisy: (clapping) Absolutely wonderful, Jake! Your voice is just as beautiful as I remember!

Jake: Oh! T-thanks Daisy! I'm glad y-you're here! I mean t-that you enjoyed..!

Daisy: You all must be so excited for the band competition! You're all so talented!

Hailey: Aww, thanks Daisy!

Zander: What can I say? It comes naturally to some of us~

Millie: Woah! I think I just saw your head grow even bigger just now!

Zander: You're one to talk.

Daisy: (giggles) Well, thank you for letting me listen! I won't interrupt you guys any longer, my parents are waiting to take me to dance rehearsals.

Sean: You dance?Wow, You really got your plate full, huh?

Daisy: Indeed... well, good luck guys! I'm sorry for interrupting your rehearsal time.

Jake: N-not at all! C-come back anytime!

Hailey: That girl really is the epitome of cute.

Jake & Sean: Yeah...

Milly: (giggle) I bet you're pleased, Jake! Singing a love song to the girl you're head over heels in love with~

Jake: (covers milly's mouth) Gaaahh, you traitor! You promised you wouldn't say anything!

Zander: Ohohoho, is someone in love?~

Jake: Ahh n-no!-

Milly: Yes!!!

Sean: You're...in love with Daisy?

Jake: I-I wouldn't say in LOVE, but... I have liked her for a long time now.

Milly: Aww, you're blushing!

Hailey: That's very cute... just... don't get too distracted, Jake. I don't want a girl to be the reason you're not performing your best on the day of the competition.

Jake: That's not gonna happen!

Jake's POV: Daisy's the real reason I joined the club to begin with.

Hailey: Alright then... well, good work today everyone! We'll have rehearsals again at lunchtime tomorrow. And remember Jake, 12:30 on the dot.

Luke: (sigh)

Jake: Hey, uh, Luke. Are you ok?

Luke: Oh yeah, I'm fine... thanks...

Jake's POV: It doesn't seem like it...

Jake: Is something bothering you?

Luke: Heh, I guess you could say that. You know what, Jake? I'm kind of jealous of you.

Jake: Huh? Really? Why?

Luke: I mean, don't get me wrong, I couldn't be apart from my baby!~ (Luke's drums) But... I wish I could sing like you. Maybe then, I'd find it easier to convey my feelings to the one I love.

Jake's POV: Is... Luke is love with someone? Huh...

Jake: Oh... Well, I'm not sure if it makes it easier in my experience, heh... but, hey! You shouldn't give up hope! Why don't you just tell them how you feel instead?

Luke: (sigh) I'm not sure if that's such a good idea...

Zander: Luke! Hailey's staying behind with Sean to work on technical stuff. I'm going home. You coming with me?

Luke: O-oh, yes! I'm coming! Ah... well, see you tomorrow, Jake.

Jake: See ya...

Jake's POV: Well, that was surprising. I wonder who Luke could be secretly pining over...

Zander: So then suddenly, this huge debate erupts about whether I'm gay or European! Just because of my coiffed, crispy locks and my immaculate fashion sense. They made an absolute fool of themselves!

Luke: Heh... sounds like it.

Zander: You should have seen the look on their faces when they found out I was both! ...Are... you ok Luke? You've been very quiet..

Luke: Huh? Oh! Yeah! I'm fine. Just... thinking.

Zander: About what?

Luke: Ohh, uhh, you know! The competition and stuff!

Zander: It is getting close now, isn't it? I just hope everything goes well. I still have nightmares of Jake messing the whole day up.

Luke: Really?...You know that's not gonna happen. He wants the competition to go smoothly just as much as all of us.

Zander: I know.

Luke: Hey, I'm glad that you gave him a second chance. I think it was really mature of you.

Zander: (flustered) W-well, he has proved that he can be a bit more serious than what I thought. And I couldn't say no to him when he was practically begging for forgiveness like a kicked puppy!

Luke: Well, you do have a weakness for puppies.

Zander: I guess this is where we go our separate ways now.

Luke: T-the trees! Uh- they look pretty, don't they?

Zander: Huh? Oh, yeah...

Luke: It looks like autumn has arrived... we should take more hikes in the woods sometime, or even go camping like we used to!

Zander: Ugh, you know I hate camping. Might I remind you of the time that gigantic spider found its way into our tent?

Luke: It was not giant, Zander. And how could I forget, I'm pretty sure you woke up the entire neighborhood with your screams.

Zander: You know I have arachnophobia!

Luke: Oh, you have a leaf in your hair. Let me get it for you.

Zander: D-don't get so close! I can get it out myself.

Luke: Oh, s-sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable!

Zander: It's fine. Well, I'm going this way now, see ya.

Luke: See you tomorrow, then...

Luke: (sigh) No matter what I do, I just seem to keep pushing him away somehow...

(Seasons GLMV is played)

Luke: (sigh)

Drew: What's Luke sighing about? Had a falling out with his freak friends?

Jake: No, I think he's just having some issues in the love department.

Drew: Oof, that's tough. Shame I can't relate.

Henry: I feel for him. Lia still hasn't texted me back since yesterday... I can't seem to catch a break!

Liam: I keep telling you, stop sending her My Hero Academia memes!

Jake's POV: This crush of his must be really getting him down... maybe Hailey could clue me in.

Jake: Psst! Hailey!

Hailey: Yes?

Jake: I can't help but notice that Luke is looking pretty upset today. He told me something about a crush. You don't happen to know who it is, do you?

Hailey: Why? Are you interested?~

Jake: Hahaha, very funny. I just thought that maybe I could give him some advice, help him out a little! I am a charmer with the ladies after all.

Hailey: Riiiiight, but I don't think that'll come handy in Luke's case.

Jake: Oh? And why's that?

Hailey: Because it's Zander.

Jake: (yelling) DID YOU SAY ZANDER?!

Science Teacher: Is there a problem at the back Jake?

Jake: Ahh! N-no, sorry miss.

Hailey: Do you have to make a spectacle everywhere you go?

Jake: I-I didn't mean to... It's just that... I had no idea!

Hailey: I thought it would've been obvious by now. Then again, it is you we're talking about.

Jake: Look, all I know is that they're close childhood friends. I wasn't told they were any more than that!

Jake's POV: Then again, he was pretty protective of Zander that one time.


Luke: I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. But I'll warn you now... if you ever hurt Zander, then you'll be dealing with me after.

(End Flashback)

Jake's POV: Maybe, I have been oblivious...

Hailey: Luke has been pining over Zander for nearly as long as I've known him for... I guess he just doesn't want to ruin their friendship in case Zander doesn't feel the same way.

Drew: Are you gonna continue talking to your music girlfriend? Or are you gonna actually help me out here?

Jake & Hailey: Don't call me/her that!

Drew: I wouldn't have partnered up with you if I knew you'd just talk to her for the whole lesson. Help out, would you?

Jake: Sorry Drew, I'll help.

(Jake pours in mixture and causes a small explosion)

Science Teacher: Jake!

Jake's POV: Ughhhh, great, detention... This is what I get for trying to help. (notices an upset looking Luke) Zander's really got him down, huh? Well, I've been there before.


Zander: I'm on the scene and I'm inside your bed.

(End Flashback)

Jake's POV: Maybe there's some way I could help.

Luke: (sigh)

Jake: Hey, Luke!

Luke: Oh, hey Jake.

Jake: Yeah, hey! I couldn't help but notice that you're looking pretty down in the dumps today. I'm guessing it has something to do with ZA-AAAHHHHH, that person you like huh!

Luke: ...How did you guess?

Jake: Well, I know you mentioned something about singing yesterday. I know you may not be able to sing, but you could always just write them a love song. Hey, I could even perform it for you, if you like!

Luke: You'd really do that?

Jake: Of course! I'm sure Hailey could sacrifice a few minutes for us during rehearsals.

Jake's POV: And Zander will be right there to watch. I'm a genius. Sometimes I even impress myself~

Luke: T-that would be great! I'll write one tonight. So, you'll sing it tomorrow during lunchtime rehearsals?

Jake: Uh, yeah, sure, but... you don't have to rush-

Luke: Thank you, Jake! I really appreciate it! I'm gonna go work on it now! I'll see you tomorrow!

Jake: Uh... okay then...

Jake's POV: Well, I'm glad that cheered him up. Well, I hope things work out between Zander and Luke... or things might get pretty awkward tomorrow...

(In the Music Club Room)

Hailey: Alright, today we should practice our performance skills. We don't want to just sound good on stage, but also look good! (sighs) Does anyone know where Luke and Jake are?

Luke: I'm here! Sorry I'm late, I needed to get something from my locker. Where's Jake?

Hailey: He hasn't turned up yet. Typical.

Luke: Oh...

Milly: What's that you got there?

Luke: Oh, t-this is-

(Milly snatches the paper from Luke's hand)

Luke: Jake proposed that I try writing my own song yesterday so-

Milly: You wrote a love song?!

Hailey: Wait, what? Really Luke? That's so unlike you!

Zander: I didn't know you were interested in songwriting.

Luke: Uh, w-well, not really, but I wanted to try it out. Jake even said he'd sing it before we started rehearsals, but I guess we can't do that today.

Sean: I mean, it's not like Jake is the only one here who can sing, though. Why don't you give it a go, Hailey?

Hailey: Sean! I can't believe what you're suggesting!

Sean: Don't be silly, you know your voice is amazing!

Milly: Aw, please Hailey? We haven't heard you sing in ages!

Hailey: Uh, but, honestly guys I'm really out of practice, so maybe we should just wait for Jake to-

Zander: Oh please, stop with the modesty Hailey, you know you're good. Besides, we could be waiting all day for that oaf to turn up.

Luke: I don't want to force you or anything, Hailey, but I'd really appreciate if you do this for me. We're your family, remember? You don't need to be anxious in front of us.

Hailey: Alright, you win...


Sean: That's more like it!

Luke: Aha! Oh, thank you so much Hailey! Here, I-I really hope you like the song. I'm not really a writer, so...

Hailey: That's ok Luke, there's a first time for everything!

Luke: I actually wrote this with a track I found online. Maybe I could send it to your laptop, Sean?

Sean: That would be great!

Milly: I'm so excited! It feels like FOREVER since we heard Hailey sing!

Zander: Alright, calm down Millie. She won't do it if you make her nervous!

Sean: Alright, I've got it! Are you ready to sing, Hailey?

Hailey: Ready as I'll ever be...

Sean: No pressure.

Milly: You got this, girl!

(Hailey sings Meant to Be)

Milly: (clapping) You rock, Hailey!

Luke: Aha! That was amazing Hailey! You sang it so beautifully!

Sean: See, you were great! You should have more confidence in yourself...

Jake's POV: What!? Hailey can sing!?

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