Abby the HedgehogAmber the HedgehogAmy Rose
Anul the HedgehogArnzarel the RevoltingBaila, Goddess of Weather
Black DoomBlaze the CatCammie Stewart
Cammie x SammyCesar the HedgehogChaos Emeralds
Charles the SquirrelCici the HedgehogCream the Rabbit
Crystal the OttselCyanTHDana Solo
Dark Ratatosk SonicDr. EggPlanktonDusk
Emily the SeedrianEmma the HedgehogEthan the Hedgehog
Finn the WolfFly the HedgehogGemidi the Hedgehog
Grace the HedgehogHelga the JotunnHell Shadow
Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)Jared the UnknownJealousy the Ghosthog
Jenna the HedgehogJill RobertsJosh the Hedgehog (JTH)
Jur the HedgehogKai the HedgehogKing Erican the Hedgehog
KloIzzyKlonoa the HedgehogKnuckles the Echidna
Kratos the HedgehogLady MildredLanna the Hedgehog
LarraceLayla the FoxSkunkLewbert the Echidna
LiandyLillian the HedgehogList of Cami's Video Games
List of Characters from Cami's ListList of Characters from Josh the HedgehogList of Characters from Sega
List of Characters from Spongebob100List of SB100's RoleplaysLizzy the Hedgehog
Lou the HedgehogLucas the HedgehogLumina the Hedgehog
Luna the HedgehogMailsMaria Robotnik
Marsha.EXEMarsha and SonicMarsha the Hedgefox Series
Marvin the HedgehogMary the HorseMelinda Kimocomi
Miles "Tails" ProwerMiles Prower Jr.Monstrous Ogre Jack
Mortal Kombat (Sonic Edition) *Free Join*NIGHTSNew Freedom Fighters
Nikki RobertsOgre JackOliver the Fox
Patricia the SkunkPiperPrincess Marshalia
Private Rolplay:(Darkest and Cameron only) Lost Boys: the InvasionQueen Samantha the HedgehogRamona Lovely
Rashid the RatRaymond the HedgehogRoleplay:(Free Join) Gone a Fowl
Roleplay:(Free Join) Lizzy and Jur UnleashedRoleplay:(Free Join) Luna the HedgehogRoleplay:(Free Join) Marsha the Hedgefox
Roleplay:(Free Join) Shadow the Hedgehog 2Roleplay:(Free Join) Sonic Generations 2Roleplay:(Free Join) Sonic Unleashed 2
Roleplay:(Free Join) Sonic Unleashed 3: Werehogs against VampiresRoleplay:(Free Join) Sonic the Hedgehog: Dawn of the New WorldRoleplay:(Free Join) Wubble in Paradise
Roleplay:ANGEL (Free Join)Roleplay:SHADOW (Free Join)Roleplay:SONIC (Free Join)
Roleplay:Sonic the Hedgehog: Spirit Tracks (Free Join)Roleplay: 30 Years AgoRoleplay: Sonic Adventures 2 (Fanon) (Darkstorm and Cameron only)
Roleplay: War of the Sacred inferno children (Darkest, Cameron and Spongebob only)Roleplay (Free-Join): Jack GenerationsRoleplay (Free Join!) Zeti Troubles
Roleplays:(Free Join) Sonic and the Revenge of King ArthurRolplay: The Bloody Trials (Cameron and Darkest only)SB100 vs Cami Universe
SB100 vs Cami Universe/CutscenesSandy the HedgehogSarah the Hedgehog
ShabbyShadow the HedgehogSilver the Hedgehog
Sonic Riders: 3-D DriveSonic The QuizhogSonic X: New Adventure (Uncancelled for now)
Sonic X New Adventure Episode 10: Big Dating DealSonic X New Adventure Episode 11: Chicken JopSonic X New Adventure Episode 12: Bad Karma
Sonic X New Adventure Episode 13: Werellama?Sonic X New Adventure Episode 1: Nikki RescueSonic X New Adventure Episode 2: Craziness
Sonic X New Adventure Episode 3: Meeting Courtney and SueSonic X New Adventure Episode 4: The Werehog's Broken HeartSonic X New Adventure Episode 5: Oprea Jur
Sonic X New Adventure Episode 6: A Chaos MadnessSonic X New Adventure Episode 7: Sonic vs. ShadowSonic X New Adventure Episode 8: Pump It Up
Sonic X New Adventure Episode 9: Ant AttackSonic exe (Darkest)Sonic the Hedgehog (Cami)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Live Action Film)Sonic the Hedgehog (SB100)Sonic the Hedgehog Fanon Wiki
Sonic the Hedgehog Jr.SonkkiSuper Emeralds
Tabitha the CatTeam SonicTenel Tah the Human
Thrash the HedgehogTimothy the SharkWade, God of Sea and Ocean.
We Meet Again, SonicZane the GorillaZephyr the coyote
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