Lady Mildred (レディーミルドレッド, or Señora Mildred) is the alternate reality doppelgänger of Marsha from the world of Camelot who appears in Sonic and the Black Knight 2. She is a secretmember of the Knights of the Round Table, a group of knights in the service of King Arthur. She later becomes princess of camelot once King Arthur is defeated.


Mildrid came from the kingdom Nightosphereta, a small kingdom in a huge region known as Oooarragmen. She left her kingdom with a small cart and her dog to find a different kingdom to live in. They spent many springs, summers, falls and winters until she reached Camelot. After a couple days, she was founded out and King Arthur threw her in the dungeon. While in the dungeon, she made friends with Sir Lancelot, the second friend she made in Camelot. She then secretly became a member of the kights of the Round Table and became Sonic's ally when he entered their world.

She is the first one to try to attack King Arthur on her own but is beaten too easily. In the end, Sonic takes her word and defeats King Arthur once again. At the end, Sonic decides to crown Marsha princess instead of him being the real King Arthur. Before Sonic leaves, she thanks him.

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