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This is a story written by SmokythePolicePup and Chaseisonthecase.

AN: This is an original story and therefore will only feature the characters from the show. No OCs make an appearance!

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Chase gets bitten by a wolf while on a walk with Rocky and now has become a wolf. How will he get out of this?

Characters that Appear

  • Chase/Wolf Chase
  • Rocky
  • Ryder
  • Rubble
  • Katie
  • Skye
  • Marshall
  • Zuma
  • Wolf


Chapter One: The Bite

Chase: Hi Rocky.

Rocky: Hey Chase! What are you up to?

Chase: I’m going for a walk in the forest. Want to join?

Rocky: Okay! (wags his tail)

(they both walked to the forest)

Rocky: I love to walk in the woods! It’s so peaceful!

Chase: Hmmm (shushes Rocky)

Rocky: (whispers) What is it Chase?

Chase: A wolf?

Rocky: We better get out of here!

Chase: Let’s back away slowly.

Both pups back up slowly but then, CRACK!! Rocky has stepped on a stick. The wolf looks directly at them and starts to run after them.

Chase: RUN!!

Both pups turn around and bolt it to the Lookout

Rocky arrives and nearly runs over Rubble.

Rubble: What’s the hurry Rocky?

Rocky: *pants* Wolf *pants* chasing us!!!

Rubble: Us? There is no one with you!

Rocky turns around to find that Chase wasn’t there.

Rocky: Chase! Where are you? (searches for him and spots him limping out of the woods)

Chase: I’m…..right…! Oww!

Rocky: We got to get you to Katie’s immediately! Ryder can give you a ride on his ATV!

Rocky and Rubble help Chase walk over to Ryder.

Ryder: What happened?

Rocky: We were walking in the woods and a wolf bit Chase!

Ryder: We got to get him to Katie’s fast!

Ryder puts Chase behind him on his ATV and they ride off to Katie’s followed by Rocky.

At Katie’s:

Katie: Well until his bite heals, he will have to wear a cast! Also, he will need to stay overnight so I can keep an eye on him.

Ryder: That’s a relief!

Rocky walks into the vet’s office where chase was sitting on the checkup table with a cast on his paw.

Chase: Hi Rocky!

Rocky: Hi Chase! I…...I’m sorry that I got you hurt.

Chase: You didn’t cause me to get hurt! It was an accident.

Rocky: No….it IS my fault. If I had not stepped on that stick, the wolf would have never looked over at us and you would have never gotten hurt! I need to lock myself in my pup-house! I have been a bad pup! (He runs out of Katie’s)

Chapter Two: The Transformation

Rocky runs to the Lookout and locks himself in his pup-house.

Rocky: (Says to himself) You are a bad pup! You are a bad pup!

Rubble knocks at his door

Rubble: Are you okay Rocky?

Rocky: No…..I’m not. I hurt Chase!

Rubble: No you didn’t! The wolf bit him! It’s not your fault!

Rocky: Yes it is! I stepped on the stick. I ran ahead of Chase. Because of that, the wolf bit him…..It should have been me!

Rubble: Don’t say that! It’s not your fault! Chase knows it, Ryder knows it, and I know it. The only one doubting it is you! Why don’t you go spend the night at Katie’s to keep him company?

Rocky: I don’t know! I can’t stand to see him hurt and know that I was the reason!

Rubble: Just go Rocky! I bet Chase would like it if you stayed over with him!

Rocky: Okay!......I’ll go! (he runs off towards Katie’s)

At Katie’s:

Chase: Hey Rocky! Thanks for coming back!

Rocky: No problem…...I’m sorry I hurt you!

Chase: For the last time, you didn’t hurt me! It was an accident!

Rocky: I guess…...I’m going to go teach that wolf a lesson tomorrow!

Chase: Don’t!! I don’t want to see you end up like me or worse!

Rocky: I’ve already made up my mind! There’s no way to talk me out of it!

Chase: (yawns) Don’t do (yawns again) anything stupid! (falls asleep).

Rocky falls asleep shortly after.

In the morning:

Rocky wakes up and sees a wolf sleeping where Chase was.


The wolf wakes up and looks at Rocky.

Rocky: You must have eaten Chase! (freaks out and screams) PLEASE DON’T EAT ME!!! I WAS KIDDING WHEN I SAID I WAS GOING TO TEACH YOU A LESSON! I’M BAD FOR YOU ANYWAYS! (he whimpers in a corner)

Katie: What’s going on in here? (sees the wolf) ahhh!!! (shoots the wolf with a tranquilizer and it falls to sleep)

Rocky: He-he ate Chase! I woke up and he was there!

Katie: Let’s check the surveillance videos.

They check the tape and it shows Chase turning into a wolf in the middle of the night.

Katie and Rocky: Chase is the wolf???

They look into the room and see the wolf start to wake up. He is wearing Chase’s pup-collar.

Rocky: It’s him alright! The wolf bite must have turned him into a wolf!

Wolf Chase walks over to them.

Wolf Chase: (howls) (why did you do that for?)

Katie: Do you understand that?

Rocky: No! Maybe Ryder can help! (to Chase) C'mon Wolf Chase! Let’s go find Ryder!

Wolf Chase: (howls) (ok!)

Both pups run to the Lookout

Chapter Three: Captured!

Rocky: Ryder! Chase is a wolf!

Ryder: What?

Rocky: The bite from the wolf turned Chase into a wolf!

Ryder: Is this a prank?

Rocky: No! See....(shows Chase to Ryder)

Ryder: Rocky u can’t bring any wild animals here

Rocky: It's Chase!!!

Wolf Chase: (howls) (I am Chase)

Rocky: It really is him Ryder! See? He is wearing his pup-tag!

Ryder: Chase?

Wolf Chase: (howls) (hi)

Rocky: I think he only howls.

Ryder: But what happened to him?

Rocky: It was the wolf bite he got yesterday!

Rubble: Ahhh! Wolf (runs)

Rocky: Wait Rubble, it's Chase!

Rocky runs after Rubble.

Rubble:(he didn’t hear)

Rocky: (gives up on chasing Rubble) What do we do now?

Wolf Chase:(whimpers)

Rocky: Don't worry Chase! We will think of something!

Wolf Chase:(howls sadly)

Rocky: (sighs) I wish I knew what to do!

All of a sudden, a white van arrives.

Rocky: Who is that?

?: We heard of complaints of a wolf howling here it’s illegal to own one

Rocky: He's my friend Chase! He was a German Shepard until last night! You are not taking him away!

?: (shoots a tranquilizer on rocky and Chase)

Rocky: (dodges the tranquilizer) What are you doing?!?!?! RYDER HELP!!!!!!!

Chase is unable to avoid the tranquilizer and passes out.

?: (grabs chase and puts him in van)

Rocky: (growls and bite the person on the arm)

?: Hehe I came prepared (has a protection) ( throws rocky off and drives off)

Rocky: I gotta follow them! (gets into his recycling truck and rides off chasing the van)......(calling Ryder and the other pups on his pup-tag) Guys! Some men took Chase. I’m following them in my truck now!

Ryder : Don’t! If you do, they might kill him! For right now they’re putting him on a zoo.

Rocky: I....I can’t abandon him!

Ryder : will figure a way to get him back

Rocky: ..................................Okay.. (looks and sounds really depressed) I’m turning around...

Meanwhile the guys who grabbed Chase, put him in Adventure Bay Zoo.

Chapter Four: The Zoo

Rocky arrives at the Lookout looking defeated.

Ryder: Don’t worry Rocky I overheard those guys say that they were going to put him in the zoo!

Rocky: Why did I have to step on that stick? IT'S ALL MY FAULT!!!! (runs into his pup-house and closes the door)

Ryder : Rocky come out. We better check on Chase!

Rocky: I.....I can't....I've ruined his life enough as it is.

Ryder: We better, so we can figure a way to get him back!

Rocky: As long as he's a wolf, they won’t give him back!

Ryder: Not if I get a permit

Rocky: How would he do his PAW Patrol duties as a wolf?

Ryder: Well he will still be able to...

Rocky: How will he use his pup-pack? you need to be able to call out the tool you need. He can’t talk while he’s a wolf!

Ryder: I can change his call commands.

Rocky: (sighs) Okay let's visit him!

Ryder: Okay let's!

The pups and Ryder go visit Chase at the zoo. Chase in a panel of glass with a habitat with another wolf where he just explores.

Rocky: (taps on the glass) Chase!

Wolf Chase: (sees and howls hi)

Rocky: (notices the other wolf) I think that girl wolf likes Chase! Hahaha!

The other wolf just stares at Chase with love in her eyes.

Wolf chase: (growls playfully at Rocky)

Rocky: Hey Chase! How's your date going? (all the pups laugh)

Wolf Chase: (enters cave and stays)

Rocky: I was just joking Chase!

Wolf Chase: (comes out) (howls) (done?)

Rocky: I really wish I could understand you!

Wolf Chase :(sighs) (then the wolf drags chase in cave to sleep since it’s late now)

Rocky: Ryder, What do we do now?

Ryder: Well I’m going to talk to the manager meanwhile stay with Chase

Rocky: Won't they kick me and the other pups out since its closing time?

Wolf Chase: (howling) (help I don’t want to be near her)

Rocky: (Rocky and the other pups watch through the glass as the girl wolf snuggles with Chase) I hope we will be able to bring him home soon!

Wolf: (snuggles with chase more)

Wolf Chase: (sighs)

Skye: Ohhh that's sooo cute!

Wolf Chase: (blushes)(as Skye says it)

Rocky: Chase must be embarrassed having us watch him snuggle with his new girlfriend

Wolf Chase:(blushes) (howls) (she is not my girlfriend)

Rocky: Let’s leave these two lovebirds alone and go get some souvenirs!

The pups leave the exhibit heading to the gift shop

Wolf Chase:(sighs)

Rubble: hey they have chase already in these with that wolf in the souvenirs

Rocky: Cool! Let’s buy t-shirts with them on it!

Rubble: I bought two!

Rocky: I wonder how Chase is doing in the exhibit. It's probably his dinner time soon.

Wolf Chase :(brings him a dead deer which the zoo gave) (in sick look)

Wolf Chase:(howls)

The pups run back to the exhibit covered head to paw in wolf souvenirs.

Wolf chase:(facepaws)

Rocky: Look Chase! You are already on the t-shirts!

The girl wolf eats some deer and leaves some for Chase, but he gets far away from her.

Wolf Chase: (howls)(I hope I get out soon)

Rocky: They are eating a deer?!? (all the pups feel sick)

Wolf Chase:(nods) (I haven’t eaten the deer)

Rocky: I don’t think he ate it but that’s soooo gross

Ryder: Back!

Rocky: You missed the souvenirs and something gross!

Ryder: Well I got news! Chase is ours but we have to pick him up tomorrow.

Wolf Chase: (stomach growls)

Rocky: Chase refuses to eat because the zoo is trying to feed him a deer!

Wolf Chase:(he gets more hungry getting close to eating just about anything)

Rocky: What is he going to do Ryder? He looks very hungry!

Ryder: Well we can’t feed him he has to eat what they gave them

Rocky: But deer? What happens if he likes it, and tries to eat us when he gets home

Ryder: I don’t know! it won’t.

Rocky: C'mon Ryder...Can’t we give him some pup-treats?

Ryder: No, it will be breaking the rules here!

Rocky: But he will feel better about himself for not eating deer!

Ryder: If I do, I can’t take Chase back.

Rocky: There's no way of sneaking it?

Ryder: No.

Wolf Chase: (hesitates a bit until his hunger grew and he eats the rest of deer)

All the dogs feel sick again.

Rocky: I guess we should be going home and grab some food before bed!

Wolf Chase:(thinking) wow who knew deer tastes like chicken and beef and kibble!

The pups go home, eat some dinner and go to bed.

The next morning, they arrived to the zoo.

Rocky: Finally we get to bring him home!

Skye: Aww he's cuddling with his girlfriend!

Chase lays there sleeping.

Rubble: Should we wake him?

Rocky: Not until it’s time for Ryder to get him.

Ryder: Okay, I got the paperwork done! We’re going to get Chase from the back of the zoo.

Rocky: I'll wake him up! WAKE UP CHASE!!!

Wolf Chase: (wakes up) (stretches)

Rocky: It's time to go home Chase!

Ryder: Let’s go pick him up in the back of the zoo, Rocky!

Rocky: Okay!

They go to the back of the zoo where the employees have Chase in a wagon asleep. The employees have tranquilized him.

Rocky: Why did you tranquilize him? He wants to come with us!

Employee: It’s just cautionary procedures (hands the wagon to Ryder)

Ryder: (grabs it) let’s go everypup!

Chapter Five: Welcome Home!

They all arrive at the lookout when Chase slowly wakes up.

Rocky: Welcome home Chase!

Wolf Chase: (goes back to sleep since it hasn’t worn off yet)

Rocky: Ryder! How will he turn back to a German Shepard?

Ryder: (puts him down in the floor so he may rest) I don’t know... I need to check online (leaves)

Rubble: (opens Chase’s muzzle and puts his head in) Hey look! Someone take a picture!

Rocky: Okay! (Takes a camera out of his truck and takes the photo)

Rubble: Your turn Rocky! Act scared, like if you were going to be eaten!

Rocky: What happens if he wakes up and bites me?

Rubble: He won’t! Besides, it’s Chase! He wouldn’t eat you. If he wanted to eat you, he would have done it when you brought him here the first time as a wolf.

Rocky: Okay fine, but if I get bitten, you will be in such big trouble! (Gets into position) Make it quick!

Rubble: Okay! (Takes a picture)

Rocky quickly gets away from Chase.

Rubble: Are you afraid of Chase?

Rocky: Yeah! I'm not risking being bitten!

Rubble: He is not going to bite you! (Says jokingly) Do you think Skye can fit all the way in his muzzle?

Rocky: Don't even joke about that! (Gives Rubble a serious look)

Rubble: Sorry!

Wolf Chase wakes up and tackles Rocky.

Rocky: Stop Chase!!! HELP!!

Wolf Chase: (licks him as he was glad to see him)

Rocky: Ohh.... I’m happy to see you too! Look at these pictures! (Shows him the pictures he and Rubble took)

Wolf Chase: (chuckles) (continues licking Rocky)

Rocky: Okay! That's enough!

Wolf Chase: (stops)

Rocky: Let’s go get you some kibble!

Wolf Chase: (nods as his hunger grew)

Rocky and Wolf Chase walk over and they pour a big bowl of kibble for Chase.

Wolf Chase: (He immediately finishes)

Rocky: Wow! That was fast!  

Wolf Chase: (howls) (Yeah! I’m having a weird craving)  

Rocky: Here! Have another bowl!

Wolf Chase: (finishes the bowl) (then sees a bunny and he starts chasing it)

Rocky: Why are you chasing that bunny?

Wolf Chase: (he stops realizing of what he almost did)

Rocky: What's wrong with you?

Wolf Chase: (howls) (It’s not me! It’s the wolf part making me…. Instincts!)

Rocky: We better go see Ryder!

They go and find Ryder.

Rocky: Ryder! Chase almost ate a bunny!

Ryder: Hmm…. We better watch him! Until he gets his hunger under control, Rocky, I’ll put you with Chase.

Rocky: Okay…Did you find out any way to change him back?

Ryder: So far, it’s irreversible!

Rocky: (ears droop in sadness)

Wolf Chase: (whimpers a bit)

Rocky: That means he will never be able to talk to us again!

Ryder: There is a way to make him talk by helping him learn to speak.

Rocky: That reminds me....How come only pups can talk? Why can't Cali, Chickaleta, or Wally talk? (Looks at Ryder curiously)

Ryder: Because, they don’t have the same vocals as yours or the rest of the pups.

Rocky: Okay....I guess (still looks confused).....I'm going to teach him how to talk again!

Ryder: Okay! Rocky, stick with him, he is going to sleep with you so you can make sure he won’t….you know.

Rocky: (looks nervous) C-Can't he sleep in the cage? I don't want to risk getting eaten!

Wolf Chase gets upset about what he heard and starts walks away down stairs.

Rocky: Ryder....I'm sorry! I just don't want to be the next "bunny"!

Ryder: You should be careful what you say Rocky.  Go with Chase! (Says sternly)

Rocky: Okay, but if I'm eaten! You will be sorry! (Tries to act dramatic but fails) (Walks downstairs behind Chase)

Wolf Chase: (howls) (What do you want? I thought you didn’t want to be eaten (acting sarcastically)

Rocky: Hey buddy! I'm sorry!......I....I got scared when I saw you chasing the bunny and I saw how hungry you looked...I was just afraid that if you got hungry in the middle of the night that you would try to eat me as a midnight snack!

Wolf Chase thinks about it for a moment and then accepts his apology and hugs him.

Rocky: (hugs him back) Thanks Chase! So, do you want to learn some words?

Chase nods in agreement.

The pups go out onto the grass in the front of the Lookout. Rocky sits in front of Chase.

Rocky: Ready to learn how to speak?

Wolf Chase (howls) (yes)

Rocky: Okay! Say Hi (moves his mouth showing Chase how to pronounce the word)

Wolf Chase: p... p...h.....p....h...ieeei?

Rocky: Say it over and over again!

Wolf Chase: p.....h...I...h.I?

Rocky: Now you’re getting it!

Wolf Chase: hi....hi .hi !

Rocky: Great, now try saying your name! Say Chase like this, Ch-Ace!

Wolf Chase:

Wolf Chase: c....h...race?

Rocky: Close!

Wolf Chase: c....chrase?

Rocky: now drop the R sound

Wolf Chase:!

Rocky: try saying the words "I am"

Wolf Chase:

Rocky: Great....Now say "Hi, I am Chase!"

Wolf Chase: I am Rocky! (He said on purpose)

Rocky: Very funny! At least you know how to say my name!

Chapter Six: Fear

An hour later, Chase has learned several words.

Rocky: Great job Chase! That's enough for today.

Wolf Chase: Tuanks Rocky!

Rocky: Close enough hahaha. Your welcome! (pats him on the back)

Wolf Chase: w....what now?

Zuma: Dudes, it's time to go to Katie's fow gwooming!

Rocky: Awww man! She is going to give me a bath! I Hate water!

Wolf Chase: hi zwouma (copies his accent a bit)

Zuma: Hey! Copycat! hahaha

Wolf Chase: twechinaly .....w....w...olf

Zuma: Hahaha should I start calling you Wolfie? (both Zuma and Rocky start laughing)

Chase growls playfully at Zuma and Rocky.

Zuma: C'mon Wolfie! Lets go to Katie's.

Wolf Chase: h...hop ...on

Zuma: Really?

Chase nods.

Rocky: Me too?

Wolf Chase: (sarcastically) Naahh!

Rocky: (jumps on chase's back) Too bad! hahaha

Wolf Chase: (starts walking then picks up speed)

Rocky: How can you carry both of us?

Wolf Chase: s....s....s..trength

Rocky: Wow! ....Do you miss being a German Shepard?

Wolf Chase: (howls) (maybe i dont know)

Zuma: You look totally awesome as a wolf dude!

Chase smiles and runs faster. The pups arrive at Katie's and walk inside.

Zuma: We are here for our gwooming Katie!

Wolf Chase: Hi!

Katie: Oh hi, just sit down there and we can begin!

The pups go over and get ready

Rocky: Do I really need to take a bath?

Katie: Yes Rocky! And I.might need help on Chase since well, you know (she grooms and bathes Rocky and Zuma)

Rocky: Ughh I HATE water! I wouldn't mind the bath if it wasn't soo wet!

Katie : (finishes) Now for Chase! Can you help me Zuma and Rocky?

Both pups: Sure!

Katie : she puts chase in the tub* He is heavy!

Both pups help lift Chase into the tub.

Zuma: Dude, you need to go on a diet!

Wolf Chase: (growls at Zuma a bit)

Zuma: Dude, I was kidding!

Katie: Thanks!

Both pups: No problem!

She bathes Chase, cleans and scrubs him, and then dries him.

Rocky: Boy was he dirty! (he says jokingly)

Wolf Chase: At least me cleaner than you take less baths!

Rocky: So? I hate water!

Chase then pounces on him and licks him.

Rocky: Hahaha! (playfully starts wrestling with Chase)

Chase playfully attacks and playfully bites him, but not hard.

Rocky: Haha, don't bite me too hard! I don't want to be a wolf!

Wolf Chase: I....wont (keeps playing and biting playfully and then does the same to Zuma)

Zuma: Hahaha! Dude, I just got groomed! haha

Chase then puts them on his back and they head back to the Lookout.

Rocky and Zuma: WEEEEEE!!!

Wolf Chase: (chuckles and goes inside the lookout)

Rocky: Well dinner time! Lets eat!

Zuma: Wight behind you dude!

Wolf Chase: (his stomach growls loud)

Rocky: I can hear that from way over here! (chuckles)

Wolf Chase: (he fake hungers and stares at rocky)

Rocky: (starts looking nervous not realizing that Chase was pretending) I...I better go get my bowl. (leaves the room)

Wolf Chase: (chuckles)

Zuma: I think he is still a little bit afraid of you.

Wolf Chase: Yeah....

Zuma: So are you going to eat him? (he says jokingly)

Wolf Chase: (not noticing that Rocky was listening) maybe at midnight (sarcastically jokes)

Rocky: (says to himself) I knew it! (gulps nervously and walks to his pup-house)

Wolf Chase: (after dinner he goes to rocky)  Hi!

Rocky: (jumps in the air) Ahhh....h-hi Chase!

Wolf Chase: You ok?

Rocky: Y-yeah, I'm fine! Why wouldn't I be fine? Did someone tell you I wasn't fine?

Wolf Chase: (yawns as it gets late)

Rocky: (sees his teeth and gets even more nervous) (thinks to himself) I can't let him eat me! I gotta stay up all night to watch him!

Wolf Chase: (he then goes in Rocky’s pup house and sleeps with his teeth showing)

Rocky: (Says to himself) Yikes! Those teeth are sharp! I bet they hurt if they bite you!

Wolf Chase: (stretches his paw with claws, still asleep)

Rocky: (jumps back a little)

Rocky: He almost scratched me!

After hours Chase showed not a lot of movement:

Rocky: (Yawns) Getting....sleepy.....must....stay awake! (starts falling asleep)

Wolf Chase: (hugs Rocky in his sleep)

Rocky: (to himself) Oh great....he's....waiting for me to....fall he me! (still drowsy)

Wolf Chase: (still hugging him and its near morning)

Rocky: (yawns) Almost.....morning!

Wolf Chase: (yawns again his muzzle lands on top of rocks paw)

Rocky: (to himself) Don't scream....Don't scream!

Wolf Chase: (drools)

Rocky: Yuck!

Then Chase wakes up yawning at Rocky looking like he was going to eat him

Rocky: Ahhh!!!!

Wolf Chase: Morning Rocky!

Rocky: h-h-hi Chase! (yawns)

Wolf Chase: You tired?

Rocky: (yawns) a.....(yawns again)...little!

Wolf Chase: (he then puts the dozed rocky on his back so he can sleep while him still beside him)

Rocky: I' fine! (eyes droop a little)

Wolf Chase: You need rest (he rocks his back back and forth to relax Rocky)

Rocky: No.....What if.....Ryder....needs me? (tries to resist the rocking)

Wolf Chase: I’ll cover. Besides, it will be like if you weren’t there!

Rocky: (yawns) Can't I get.......some kibble first? (yawns as his stomach growls)

Wolf Chase: (hands him kibble and hands him till he is full and then rocks back and forth)

Rocky: What.....about....morning....yog......(falls asleep)

Wolf Chase: Don’t worry Rocky! Relax! You need sleep.

Rocky: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wolf Chase carried Rocky around with him while he did his job.

Zuma: Why is Rocky sleeping still and why is he on your back?

Wolf Chase: I think he was up all night! I don’t know why and so I can watch him to see if he is okay.  

Zuma: Okay! Careful though, he likes to roll over in his...(Rocky rolls off Chase's back, opens his eyes a little but immediately closes them and stays asleep)....sleep

Chase puts Rocky on his back again with a rope tied to him like a seatbelt.

Rocky: mhmmm...No!.....Don't eat me Chase...(says in his sleep)

Wolf Chase: Oh I think that’s why he stayed up all night .......(whimpers)

Marshall: Hey Chase! Why are you whimpering?

Wolf Chase: Rocky still thinks I’m going to eat him! Just listen…

Rocky: mmhmm please!.....I...don't taste good! (in his sleep)

Marshall: Are you sure it's not just a bad dream?

Wolf Chase: Just listen!

Rocky: No Chase!.....Don't eat me! (snores)

Chase sighs.

Marshall: I'm sure it’s just a bad dream. Don't worry about it! Why don't you drop him off at his pup-house and come and play with my tug toy?

Wolf Chase: Well I have to be with Rocky! Ryder told him.

Marshall: He will be okay! Trust me! Ryder doesn't have to know!

Wolf Chase: I just can’t, sorry! Plus I’m worried he has been begging me not to eat him for the last two hours.

Marshall: Okay, but if you change your mind, you know where to find me! (he leaves)

Rocky: (Wakes up) Hi Chase! Have you been carrying me all this time?

Wolf Chase: Yep!

Rocky: Wow! Did I snore?

Wolf Chase: Yes, but it was fun caring you!

Rocky: hahaha...Thank you! I hope I didn't annoy you because I sometimes talk in my sleep.

Wolf Chase: No, not at all! (he lied)

Rocky: Good! I was afraid I might have said something...(notices he's tied to Chase's back) Why am I tied to you?

Wolf Chase: You fell over.

Rocky: Ohh...I like to roll in my sleep!

Wolf Chase: hehe (yawns)

Rocky: Why don't you let me down and you can take a nap?

Wolf Chase: Aww! Then when will someone wearing green recycling uniform sleep here again?

Rocky: Maybe the next time I need a nap. hahaha

Wolf Chase: Okay! (unties him)

Rocky: Night Chase! I'll go collect some recycling. See you at dinner! (he leaves)

Wolf Chase: Thanks! (falls asleep)

Chapter Seven: Bitten!

At dinner:

Rubble: Where is Chase?

Rocky: Taking a nap.

Rubble: Lets measure his tooth length!

Rocky: Okay!

Rubble: (opens Chase’s muzzle) Okay measure it!

Rocky: (sticks his paw in and measures it) Wow! That's big teeth!

Rubble: Check how sharp they are by touching one!

Rocky: I...I really don't want to touch them!

Rubble: Just check! It’s only touching one of them with your paw!

Rocky: O-Okay! (touches his tooth)

A small cut appeared on Rocky's paw.

Rocky: Oww! (jumps back and holds his paw. it starts bleeding) That hurt!!!

Wolf Chase: (wakes up) Why does my muzzle have a tasty taste?

Rocky: (gets upset about his cut and gingerly walks away)

Rubble: He cut his paw on your tooth!

Wolf Chase: (looks concerned) Rocky? Are you okay?

Rocky: (to himself) I knew this would happen..(struggles to make it to his pup-house and falls down. his cut scrapes on the cement and gets bigger)

Wolf Chase: (follows) Rocky!? Are you okay?

Rocky: (whimpers)

Wolf Chase: Let’s get you to Katie! Get on my back Rocky!

Rocky: (Struggles to get on his back but gets up there. Rocky's paw is covered in blood from the cut)

Wolf Chase: (runs towards Katie’s) Katie!

Rocky: (passes out)

Katie: What happened?

Katie grabs Rocky and checks his paw.

Wolf Chase: Will he be okay?

Katie: He will be (bandages Rocky’s paw) but he shouldn’t do too much activity on his paw!

Rocky: (wakes up) Ugggh...What happened?

Wolf Chase: You got a cut on your paw.

Rocky: (looks at paw) Ouch!

Ryder: (over pup-tag) PAW Patrol! To the Lookout!

Wolf Chase: Ryder needs us!

Rocky: Ryder needs us! (tries to walk out but falls down)

Wolf Chase: Hop on my back and you’re not going to do anything today Rocky your hurt

Rocky: But Ryder needs US!

Wolf Chase: You'll get hurt more if you do. I’ll cover for you! I just hope people don't scream wolf if I do go.

Rocky: But I wanna help! First, it was because I was too tired. Now it’s because I got hurt. (gets mad) This is Rubble's fault!!

Wolf Chase: (puts Rocky on his back) Hold on!

Rocky: What? It was his idea for me to touch your tooth while you were sleeping. I didn't want to!

Wolf Chase: Well you tasted a bit dirty.. (he says joking) (runs back to the Lookout)

Rocky: I am not dirty! I just hate baths!

Chapter Eight: The Accident

Wolf Chase: (he arrives at the Lookout and places rocky in his pup house) Stay!

Rocky: No I must help! (tries to stand on the paw but falls and he starts whimpering)

Wolf Chase: Stay rocky! Don’t make me tie you to your pup-house .

Rocky: I'm too old for a leash!

Wolf Chase: Just stay! (leaves)

Rocky: (When Chase gets into the elevator) I can’t sit here doing nothing! (crawls out of his pup-house) Ruff!! (the pup-house turns into his recycling truck. he struggles to get in but does and tries to drive into town)

CRASH!!! Due to his injury, he crashed his truck into a tree.

Wolf Chase: Ready for action, Ryder sir!

Zuma: (hears the crash) What was that?

Wolf Chase: (sniffs) Rocky?!

Rocky: (lies barely conscious on the ground next to his truck)

Wolf Chase: Marshall follow me ! In case there is a fire!

The front of the truck was on fire and the fire was spreading to the tree.

Marshall: Okay.

They both quickly get to Rocky.

Rocky: S-sorry Chase! (blacks out)

Skye: He looks bad! Get him to Katie's fast!

Wolf Chase picks up and ties Rocky to his back and runs to Katie’s.

Rocky: (lays on Chase unconscious)

They arrive at Katie's.

Wolf Chase: Katie!

Katie : Yes?....(looks shockingly at Rocky) What happened!?

Wolf Chase: I don’t really know… I think Rocky crashed his truck.

Rocky: (wakes up but can't move because of his injuries) OWWWW!!!!

Katie : (examines him) Well, he needs to be in a cast in his left front paw and his back right paw.

Rocky: (whimpers) How's my truck?

Wolf Chase: Let’s say you’re going to sleep in my pup house for a while.

Rocky: (has a shocked look on his face) WHAT?!? (whimpers) My truck!....

Wolf Chase: I told you to rest Rocky! I feel like it’s my fault.

Rocky: I...wanted to help!

Wolf Chase: But you shouldn’t have risked it while injured! ....

Rocky: I....could have ridden in your truck with you!

Wolf Chase: That is what I was going to talk to Ryder about. So you wouldn’t be bored.

Rocky: I want my pup-house!

Wolf Chase: It needs repair, Rocky! So, you’re going to sleep with me until it’s done.

Rocky: But....but

Wolf Chase: Sorry Rocky, but if you prefer me not sleeping with you,  I can sleep in the forest alone.

Rocky: No, it's just that I've only slept in my pup-house or tent before. it wouldn't feel right taking someone's pup-house

Wolf Chase: It’s okay Rocky! It will be fine.

Rocky: No, it's your pup-house. I'd feel guilty.

Marshall: (enters Katie's) Chase, Ryder still needs us!

Wolf Chase: It’s okay! Bye Rocky! (leaves)

Rocky: But...How will I get back to the Lookout?

Rubble: Hi... Ryder told me to take you back ....

Rocky: You can't carry me? Besides, it is your fault I got hurt the first time!

Rubble: Yeah.... and I’m sorry Rocky...

Rocky: Now I can't go on missions! Who is going to fix things? Who is going to be the eco-pup. I bet Ryder will adopt a new healthier pup and send me away. (looks depressed)

Rubble: You’re overreacting Rocky! (sarcastically) He would probably adopt a better looking pup that likes water.

Rocky: (tears form in his eyes)

Rubble: (he shuts up) (tears) Okay! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It was dumb of me to say that.

Rocky: No, your right! He could do better than me! I was a mistake adoption! (cries)

Rubble: You’re not a mistake Rocky! You do things that you love to do and also have fun.

Rocky: The only cool thing I've done is win the Pup-tacular for best mixed-breed.

Rubble: You helped Chase! If you didn’t, he would still be at the zoo.

Rocky: I guess...There is still no way to change him back though!

Rubble: Yeah..... but that didn’t stop him doing what he does.  He just accepts it and pushed forward.

Rocky: We have to find a way to change him back!

Katie: I did make a special wheel chair for you to use to go back to the lookout

Rocky: Thanks Katie!

Chapter Nine: Confrontation

She puts Rocky in it and Rubble pushes him towards the Lookout.

Rubble: We’re almost there!

Rocky: That's good!

Rubble: Okay, we’re here Rocky and I do wish there was a way to turn Chase back but it’s not like we can confront it.

Rocky: I want to confront it but.....I feel so helpless in this Wheelchair! I can't even push myself with this cast on my paw…

Rubble: Maybe I can push you there! (joking)

Rocky: By the way, Rubble, how will I be able to go to the bathroom without being able to stand? (looks at Rubble)

Rubble:Ha ha ha! (sarcastic)

Rocky: hahaha...Oww! (accidently moved his broken paw)

Rubble: Now let’s take you to Chase’s pup house then!

They go to Chase's pup-house and Rubble helps Rocky out of his wheelchair and laid him on the ground

Rubble: (puts Rocky slowly and carefully in Chase’s pup-house)

Rocky: Thanks Rubble! (falls asleep)

Rubble: Sleep tight! (he goes inside the lookout)

Zuma: Is he okay?

Rubble: Yes, he was just injured by a crash!

Zuma: I heard! Why did he try to drive hurt?

Rubble: I think he just wanted to help…

Zuma: He should've never done that!

Rubble: Yeah... Oh hi Chase!

Zuma: Hey dude!

Wolf Chase: Hi.... I was helping save Chickeletta until she panic thinking that I was going to eat her. Also, Mayor Goodway fainted.

Zuma: That's so funny!

Wolf Chase: Well, it was a bit funny (serious) but Marshall had to do it instead of me.

Zuma: That’s too bad.

Wolf Chase: I’m going to take a nap! Chickeleta can really peck a lot out of you

Zuma: You can't, Wocky is in youw pup-house sleeping.

Wolf Chase: Oh okay then I’ll sleep outside my pup-house instead.

Zuma: Careful not to wake him. He had a wough day!

Wolf Chase: I won’t! (walks outside and sleeps outside of his pup house)

Rocky: (lies in the pup-house sleeping peacefully)

Wolf Chase: (falls asleep outside his pup-house)

Rocky: (wakes up from the pain) Oww! I guess that's all the sleep im getting!

Marshall: (whispers) Oh.. Hi Rocky..

Rocky: Hi Marshall! (he says quietly)

Marshall: Have you heard that a wolf was spotted in the forest not chase just a wolf

Rocky: Yeah! Oww! Marshall, can you pass me my medicine for the pain?

Marshall: Sure! (he retrives it but trips on chase and catches it back) whoa....

Rocky: Don't drop those! I need them to avoid the pain i feel now! Ouch!

Marshall: Sorry! (hands then to him)

Rocky: Thanks Marshall! (takes the medicine with his water)

Marshall: Hmmm ( sees something off the distance)

Rocky: What do you see?

Marshall: Either a big dog or a wolf…

Rocky: That looks like that wolf that bit Chase!

Marshall: W...w..what?

Rocky: It's him!

Marshall: Should we wake Chase up?

Rocky: No! It's my fight! He did this to him! I won't let him hurt anyone else. Help me into my wheelchair! I need to teach this wolf a lesson!

Marshall: Okay! As long if it not a swimming lesson! You failed it 12 times!

Rocky: (facepaws) I meant, we are going to fight!

Marshall : (he helps him into his wheel chair and pushes him towards the wolf)

Rocky: (to the wolf) What is your problem? Why did you bite my friend?

Wolf: (growls at him fiercely as he was eating a deer)

Rocky: You don't scare me! (growls back)

Marshall : I....I’m scared!!!

Rocky: I can deal with this bully!

Wolf: hehe I did bite your friend for a reason!

Rocky: He did nothing wrong! We were just on a walk! You had no right trying to attack us! You made Chase a wolf! (Chase wakes up)

Wolf Chase:  What is going on? (starts walking)

Rocky: (to the wolf) Everything that has gone wrong these past few days is YOUR fault!

Wolf: Has he tried wearing the crystal ?

Rocky: What are you talking about?

Wolf: For a couple of pups, you’re clueless! I put a crystal necklace on one of his pockets of his uniform that temporally makes him what he is for six hours then after that, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to be fully charged (snickers)

Rocky: The necklace makes him a wolf for six hours?

Wolf: No. It makes him what he was before a german shepherd for six hours each day

Rocky: Ohh. but why did you bite him in the first place?

Wolf: Well it’s a tradition to pass it to the next animal my friend did it to me a long while back but then something snapped inside of him and bit me then gave me the necklace the now I did same as for him and passed it down easy target I wouldn’t have notice him if one of you didn’t snapped the twig

Rocky: (to himself) I knew it was my fault!

Wolf: Just remember what I said of what my friend did when I was an ordinary pup like you! (he leaves)

Rocky: (to himself)’s my fault! If i never stepped on that twig, Chase would've never gotten bitten, I would never have cut my paw, and I would never have broken two paws when my truck crashed! (whimpers)

Wolf Chase: Rocky? Marshall?

Rocky: Hey Chase.....(looks depressed)

Wolf Chase: What’s wrong?

Rocky: It was my fault everything happened...The wolf told me so!

Wolf Chase: What? What were you doing with the wolf Rocky?! He could of bitten you or hurt you!

Rocky: I needed to stand up to him, so I had Marshall roll me up to the wolf. He called you easy prey and that he passed on his curse to you! In your pup-pack is a necklace that lets you become a German shepherd for six hours a day...

Wolf Chase: Oh....

Rocky: But you will never permanently change back......(looks at Chase with tears in his eyes)

Wolf Chase: It’s ok Rocky! Everything happens for a reason! ( he licks rock's tears)

Rocky: It's no fair though!

Wolf Chase: I’d rather this happening to me than you Rocky!

Rocky: Why? It should've been me bitten! Not you!

Wolf Chase: Because I couldn’t see you suffer besides I’m getting used to it but I would like it if you didn’t blame yourself!

Rocky: I'll try not to blame myself! It just stinks that because of all this, I'm in a wheelchair for a few weeks!

Marshall: Actually 3.221 weeks.

Rocky: Geez, Thanks for reminding me Marshall! (Sarcastically)

Wolf Chase: Let’s go back Rocky!

Rocky: Okay! I hope these three weeks go by fast! It’s hard letting others help me do regular things.