Audience: (applaud)

Jake: Thank you everyone! Now, this next song goes out to someone very special to me.

(Alarm rings)

Jake's POV: Ugh, another school day.

(Intro Plays)

Henry: You're out of your mind Liam. Get your head out of your ass for once in your life!

Jake: 'Sup guys?

Henry: Jake, back me up here. Tell Liam that Stacy is way hotter than her mom!

Jake: Uh, what?

Liam: You have to admit that Stacy's mom has it going on.

Henry: You're messed up, dude.

Drew: Hey Jake, you know how I told you about asking my parents for the new LuniBox console for my birthday?

Jake: Oh yeah, did they say yes?

Drew: Well, they bought it for me last night. Now I can play the new Gacha Warfare on my new 8K ultra wide monitors.

Jake: (mumbles) Must be nice having rich parents...

Drew: Hey, look who's about to walk past.

Daisy: Good morning Jake. (Jake... Jake... Jake...)

Jake: Ahh! M-Morning Daisy!

Jake POV: Ugh, that was smooth.

Liam: (laughs) Bro, you are so obvious. Just ask her out already, before I get there first.

Jake: Ha, fat chance. And I will! I'm just... waiting for the right moment.

Drew: You've been waiting for the right moment for years.

Henry: Just admit it, you're a chicken! (weird chicken noises)

Liam and Drew: (laughs)

Jake: Oh, shut up!

Drew: Oh look, it's the music freak duo.

Henry: What a bunch of nerds! (laughs)

Hailey: Oh look, it's the monkeys who have nothing better to do than to look down on others because it's the only way they deal with their daddy issues.

Drew, Henry and Liam: Oooh~!

Jake: Someone's feisty this morning.

Zander: Come on Hailey, we have more important things to do than engage with these imbeciles.

Hailey: For your record, it was your buffoons that started on us first. Keep them under control.

Jake: I can't promise that, princess~ Anyway, don't you have more important things to do than engage with this imbecile? Or do you just like my company?

Hailey: Get real. And we do have more important things to do than loiter around and pick on people.

Jake: And what's that? Write cute little love songs with your boyfriend? Really, it's cute.

Drew, Henry and Liam: (quiet laughing)

Hailey: Why don't you just admit that deep down, you're just a very jealous little boy who wishes he had half of our music talent. Have fun achieving nothing with your life.

Jake: Whatever, music freak!

Drew: No wonder she has barely any friends. What a cow!

Jake POV: Little does she know that I probably have more singing ability than she does.

Students: (chatter)

Hailey: God, why can't those jerks just leave us alone!

Zander: It's as you said, they're a walking reflection of their insecurities that wish they had half the talent we have. There's no point giving them the satisfaction of a reaction.

Hailey: You're right...

Zander: Well, we've finished putting up the advertisements at least. Not that I think it was necessary in the first place...

Hailey: Zander, we've talked about this. It'll be good for us to have more members in the music club. You don't know who might be a great asset to us for the competition!

Zander: We're fine, just the five of us. Looking for other members is only going to add more stress on top of all our priorities right now.

Bell: (rings)

Hailey: I'm the club president, and everyone else agreed that opening up our club to more people is a good idea, and that's final Zander.

Zander: Whatever you say, club president.

Hailey: That's what I like to hear.

(In class)

Students: (chatter)

Miss Jones: Everyone, please settle down! Aaaaahh!! Stop throwing things around! (shivers) S-Sadie, would you mind?

Sadie: Everyone, please be quiet... (intense stare)

Students: (stop in terror)

Miss Jones: Heh, t-thank you Sadie. Okay class, before we begin our history lesson this morning, I have an announcement from the music club! Next month they will be taking part in a school band competition and are looking for new members to join them! They are looking for anyone, drummers, guitarists, or singers!

Drew: This is almost as boring as watching paint dry!

Jake, Drew, Henry and Liam: (laugh)

Miss Jones: Boys, stop now! Otherwise, oh, I'll have to give you detention!

Drew: Sorry, Miss J, it just slipped out. (turns to Jake) Who the hell would want to embarrass themselves on stage with those music freaks?

Jake: (fake laughter) Yeah, that would be embarrassing...

(On the school roof, Jake sings My Gaming Life)

Daisy: (claps)

Jake: D-Daisy?!

Daisy: Wow Jake, you're an amazing singer! Why did I not know that before?

Jake: I-I don't really sing. I mean, I can sing, but it's not really a big deal.

Daisy: No big deal? You sing like an angel!

Jake POV: She... thinks I'm an angel?!

Daisy: Hey, you should join the music club! They're looking for new talent right now. You'd be perfect!

Jake: I.. don't really know about that.

Daisy: But Jake, it would be such a shame for your talent to go to waste! I would love to see you perform on stage for the competition! (blink, blink)

Jake: I-I'll join!

Daisy: That's great! They're practicing after school today. Here, have a spare leaflet.

Jake: Thanks Daisy. A-Are you thinking of joining too?

Jake POV: Please say yes, please say yes!

Daisy: Oh no, I'm very busy with head girl duties. And I don't have any musical abilities anyway. But I'll probably come and swing by every now and then!

Jake: Y-yeah, I would love that! I mean, that would be great.

Daisy: I look forward to hearing you sing some more! Well, I have to go, head girl duties and all. See you around, Jake!

Jake: See you around, Daisy!

Jake POV: Aw, she's so cute. Wait, did I just agree to join the music club?! I can't do that, my friends would tease me relentlessly. Agh, what should I do?


Daisy: But Jake, it would be such a shame for your talent to go to waste. I would love to see you perform on stage for the competition!


Hailey: Why don't you just admit that deep down, you're just a very jealous little boy who wishes he had half of our music talent. Have fun achieving nothing with your life.

(End Flashback)

Jake's POV: Maybe this competition could be my chance to get closer to Daisy and ask her out... I'll perform for Daisy! And prove to Hailey that I have way more talent than her! Ooh, I can't wait to see the look on her face.

Bell: (rings)

Zoey: You'll take me shopping on the weekend, right Drewy-bear?

Drew: Whatever you want, sweetheart.

Zoey: Yay! (kiss)

Lia: If you two are going shopping, then maybe we could make it a double date? How about it, Jake?~

Jake: Uh... I'm busy this weekend!

Lia: Ugh, you're always busy!

Henry: I'm not busy Lia, I'm sure I could make this double date happen~

Lia: Ew, no way in hell, Henry. I've told you that I don't date dwarves.

(Sad violin music)

Lia: Come on Zoey, let's go already.

Zoey: Okay!~ Bye-bye sugar-cube!~ (blows kiss)

Henry: Aghhh... M-my masculinity....

Drew: You gonna come over to watch me play on my new console, Jake?

Jake: As fun as that sounds, I'm going to skip today. I uh... have to stay behind today. Miss Jones said she wanted to see me, so... I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Liam: I think I understand. He must have a thing for teachers.

Henry: Dude, seriously?! What is wrong with you today?

Liam: What? It's normal for a teenage boy.

(In the Music Room)

Zander: It should be more acoustic!

Luke: Zander...

Milly: How is that fair?! Just because Sean and I don't like your boring, classical music Zander! God, you're a buzzkill!

Hailey: I've already said that we can have elements of both.

Jake: Ahem, is this the music club? It just seems that I've stumbled upon the debate club instead.

Hailey: What the heck do you want? Are you lost or something?

Jake: Actually, I came to audition.

Sean: Oh, finally! We've been waiting for someone to audition-

Hailey: Is that supposed to be a joke? Are you and your friends just trying to waste our time because you have nothing better to do with your lives?

Jake: No, it isn't a joke! I'm uh, here to sing! Alone.

Hailey: ...Sing?

Millicent: Uh, is this a classmate of yours or something?

Zander: Yeah, he's a classmate, and he's also a massive douchebag. Get. Out.

Jake: Look, I'm sorry for being a jerk, but won't you just hear me first? I swear I'm good.

Zander: Well, if you think you have what it takes, then step right up.

Hailey: Zander, are you serious? But he-

Zander: (Whispers) If he's here to trick us, he'll only make a fool out of himself when he tries to sing. I'd quite like to watch that.

Hailey: (sighs) This is a waste of our time. Zander, Sean, could you play us something?

Sean: Sure thing!

Hailey: This better be good.

(Jake sings Just Breathe)

Sean: Damn dude.

Milly: Woah, you're amazing! He has to sing for us!

Luke: Yeah, you're really good! You'd be great to sing for us in the band competition!

Jake: Thanks!

Zander: No way! He is not joining our group, let alone singing for us in the competition. Hailey, don't tell me you're considering this!

Luke: Hey, come on. Shouldn't we give him a chance, Zander? He's a great singer, and he seems like he's really passionate about singing.

Zander: (looks around the room) I'm going to the bathroom.

Luke: Zander, wait!

Milly: Ugh, he's so dramatic! I don't get why he's so upset!

Hailey: Look, I don't know what you're intentions are, but I can't deny that you're good.

Jake: I'm not so talentless after all, am I?

Hailey: (sighs) I'll let you join. But only because we could really use you. However, if you're ever rude, or step out of line with any one of us, then you're out. This is my family, and I'm not having you trying to tear that down. Got it?

Jake: I understand. I'll be on my best behavior, ma'am.

Hailey: Sean, can you introduce Jake to each of the members and their roles? I'm gonna go and find Zander.

Sean: Sure thing Hailey. Well, welcome to the club! Uh...

Jake: Jake.

Sean: Nice to meet you, Jake! I'm Sean! I dabble in pretty much anything music related, but I love producing music. And this is-

Milly: Millicent! But you can call me Milly. I'm the main guitarist, and probably the best one out of everyone in this club, to be honest.

Sean: Heh, thank you Milly. As she said, she mainly plays the electric guitar. Word of warning, she might be a year younger and smaller, but try not to get on her bad side. She'll kick your ass.

Milly: (air punch) (air kick)

Jake: Uh... noted.

Sean: Then we have Zander and Luke. Zander plays piano, and Luke is on the drums. They've both been playing since they were kids, so they're pretty good. They're also very close childhood friends. And then there's Hailey, the club president. She can do pretty much anything when it comes to music. I suppose you know enough about her though.

Jake: Yeah, but I wouldn't say we're close...

Sean: I figured. Well, you'll have plenty of time to get to know us all! We look forward to having you!

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