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Emily is Sonic's New Girlfriend. But Sonic made Marriage proposal for Emily. She Agreed to be his new Wife Forever.

Emily Gave birth to a Baby daughter They Named their Baby Daughter Daughter named Pollyanna



Marinette Dupain-Cheng (BFF)

Lyla Rossi (BFF)


Emily The Seedrian Was Just 18 When Sonic Found Her Emily Has Sonic's love And Affection Back Personality She loves Sonic Personality Love


In TailsKid26's Fanfics She Is Depicted As 18 Years Old And Still Mantains Her Passive Personality


TailsKid26 Has 100 Fanfics Starring Both Emily And Sonic the hedgehog Which Details How They First Met And Ultimately Fall For Each Other

Family And Relatives

Lucy the Seedrian-Mother

Sonic the hedgehog Love-Interest

Pollyanna (Daughter)

Angela The Hedgehog-Younger Sister


Emily Is A Sweet, Caring Hedgehog Who Will Make Sonic the hedgehog Happy By Making Him Things When Sonic the hedgehog's In Danger Emily Comes To His Rescue When He Needs Her

Relationship (Sonemily)

Emily Is Romantically Involved With Sonic the hedgehog

Emily And Video Games

Emily Likes All Kinds Of Video Games Her Favorite Is Mario & Sonic at the rio 2016 Olympic games And My little pony Gameloft Loaded For Sega and Nitendo Emily Knows That MLP Gameloft Loaded Can Be Played On The 2016

TV Series

The Sonic, Emily The Hedgehog And Amy rose Show Is Confirmed

Other Family (The Republic Of Future City

Members: Lisa Simpson , Maggie Simpson, Veronica Simpson, Angela Simpson, Natalie Simpson, Julie Simpson, Melissa Simpson,Elaine Simpson,Rachael Simpson, Amber Simpson,Samantha Simpson, Zia Simpson, Amy Simpson, Future Lisa Simpson, Future Maggie Simpson, Future Veronica Simpson, Future Angela Simpson, Future Natalie Simpson, Future Julie Simpson, Future Melissa Simpson, Future Elaine Simpson, Future Rachael Simpson, Future Amber Simpson, Future Samantha Simpson, Future Zia Simpson And Future Amy Simpson, Michelle Simpson And Future Michelle Simpson, Holly Simpson And Future Holly Simpson Sandra Simpson, Marianna Simpson, Trish Simpson, Future Sandra Simpson, Future Marianna Simpson And Future Trish Simpson, Nega Kyla Simpson (Currently),Nega Marianna Simpson,Nega Megan Simpson,Nega Nikki Simpson,Nega Kirsten Simpson,Nega Anastacia Simpson,Nega Molly Simpson,Nega Alyssa Simpson,Nega Lacey Simpson,Nega Tiffany Simpson She Is Also An Member Of The Republic Of Future City But In Her Simpson Form Named Emily Simpson

Allies: Republic Of Mercia= Jessica Rose, Venus The Hedgehog, Lilly The Hedgehog And Sonica The Hedgehog And Kathleen The Hedgehog, Melissa The Hedgehog, Advangelique The Hedgehog, Frenchie The Hedgehog, Melanie The Hedgehog And Roxanne The Hedgehog

Republic Of Mobius= Sheena The Hedgehog, Jessica The Hedgehog, Tiffany The Hedgehog, Ashley The Hedgehog, Molly The Hedgehog, Elizabeth The Hedgehog And Emily The Hedgehog, Merlina The Hedgehog, Holly The Hedgehog, Sophie The Hedgehog (Sonic Gender Swap)

Republic Of Chibi Zone= Sally Moon, Chibi Rose, Chibi Amy Rose, Chibi Tanya The Hedgehog, Chibi Emily The Hedgehog, Chibi Susanna The Hedgehog, Chibi Katelyn The Hedgehog, Chibi Lixes The Hedgehog, Lixes The Hedgehog, Speedla The Hedgehog, Michelle The Hedgehog, Michelle The Wolf, Chibi Amahra The Hedgehog, Amahra The Hedgehog, Chibi Tahra The Hedgehog And Tahra The Hedgehog, Chibi Becky The Hedgehog And Becky The Hedgehog, Tanya The Hedgehog, Chibi Michelle The Hedgehog/Wolf, Ember The Hedgehog, Chibi Ember The Hedgehog

Republic Of Galactic Mobius= Amy Rose, Shade The Hedgehog, Kirsten The Hedgehog, Julie The Hedgehog , Joanna The Hedgehog, Bethany The Hedgehog, Shima The Hedgehog, Kellie The Hedgehog And Tahra The Hedgehog Amy Says She And The Other Republics Are The Allies To The Resistance Force

TV Series

Emily Simpson Adventures Will Follow Emily, The Republic Of Future City And The Other Republics As They Tackle Evil Fiends And Fight Off Evil

Magic Object

Magic Amulet of Love


Sonic and Emily get Married

Emily chatting with Sonic

Emily seed

Emily seedrian

Sonic with Emily

Emily Found chaos emerald

Emily in Sonic x

Emily in 3d