Story Begins

Emily, Is everything okay with you?

Guys, Please Leave me alone, I Don't wanna see you.

Okay, We Will Leave you alone.

Can I Come in?

Is everything okay with me, you can Come in.

Who are you?

I Want to Ask you a question Emily, Do you Remember Sonic the hedgehog?

Sonic, the hedgehog. Why is that name?

And Who Sonic?

Emily, I'll leave. Sweetheart Do you need to remember about me You'll find Answer, On this Question?

Why  Exactly Sonic?

I'll go Take a shower.

I'll go to bed, Goodnight.

It's so hard to sleep without Sonic?

I Wish that Sonic could Sleep with me at night.

Into the Unknown


Ah ah, ah ah

Ah ah, ah ah

Ah ah, ah ah ah ah


I can hear you but I won't

Some look for trouble

While others don't

There's a thousand reasons

I should go about my day

And ignore your whispers

Which I wish would go away, oh oh


Ah ah, ah ah




Ah ah ah ah, ah


You're not a voice

You're just a ringing in my ear

And if I heard you, which I don't

I'm spoken for, I fear

Everyone I've ever loved is here within these walls

I'm sorry, secret siren, but I'm blocking out your calls

I've had my adventure, I don't need something new

I'm afraid of what I'm risking if I follow you

Into the unknown

Into the unknown

Into the unknown


Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah




Ah ah ah ah, ah, ah


What do you want? 'Cause you've been keeping me awake

Are you here to distract me so I make a big mistake?

Or are you someone out there who's a little bit like me?

Who knows deep down I'm not where I'm meant to be?

Every day's a little harder as I feel my power grow

Don't you know there's part of me that longs to go

Into the unknown?

Into the unknown

Into the unknown


Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah


Whoa oh oh

Are you out there?

Do you know me?

Can you feel me?

Can you show me?

Ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah ah


Ah ah ah ah

Emily and Voice:

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Ah ah ah ah

Emily: (Voice):

Where are you going?

Don't leave me alone

How do I follow you (Ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah)

Into the unknown? (Ah, ah, ah!)

Emily goes for searching a Mystery Voice

Emily, What's wrong with you?

Amy, Styx, I Feel Who Calls me?

I'll go alone.

Be careful Emily?


“Of course. Crystals Love are rivers of Love. Island of True Love is unfreezed”

I Hear you, I'm coming.

Show yourself

[Verse 1: Emily]

Every inch of me is trembling

But not from the Frozen heart

Something is unscared

Like a nightmare got into in me but doesn't matter how

I can sense you there

Like a boyfriend I've always Love

I'm arrived

And it feels like I am home with someone

[Pre-Chorus: Emily]

I have always been in Depression

My Depression Is Froze my Heart

You have secrets, too

you Why not go out into the light

[Chorus 1: Emily, Siren]

Show yourself

I'm here to find you

Show yourself

It's your voice

Are you Looking for me, My Dream Will finally Come true?

Show yourself

I'm ready to Find out Who I am!

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah

[Verse 2: Emily]

I've never felt so certain

My heart froze me

But Eggman Froze my Heart

Could it be the reason Eggman's evil plans?

I have always been so different person

Eggman's evil plans Do ot apply

Is this the day?

Are you the way

I finally found out why?

[Chorus 2: Emily]

Show yourself

I'm no longer trembling

Here I am

I've go so far

You are the hero of my dream you've been looking for

My dream will finally come true

Oh, show yourself

Let me see to closer at you!

[Bridge: Emily]

Come out to me

Here I Come

You are my hero of my dreams

you've been Looking for me

Oh, come out to me

Here I Come

You are My Hero of My Dreams

you've been Looking for me

[Verse 3: Choir, Sonic, Emily]

Where are you my darling (Ah-ah, ah-ah)

I Looked for you everywhere (Ah-ah, ah-ah)

My Emily ( Emily, emily)

Emily: Sonic!

Emily. I Can't Find you, I Looked for you Everywhere !

Sonic you Did Find Me!

[Chorus 3: Emily & , Sonic & Choir, Emily, Choir]

Show yourself

Step into the True love

Find out yourself

We'll be Soon Again Together with you

You are the one I've been looking for you everywhere

My Dream Will Finally Come true (Your Dream Will Finally Come true)

Oh, show yourself

[Outro: Emily, Choir]

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah

Ah-ah, ah-ah.

Emily Found Sonic

Excuse me, I'll be looking for Guy named Sonic?

Didn't you See him?

I Don't know any Sonic.

Are you Sonic the hedgehog?

No, I'm not Sonic.

I'm Sonic's Brother.

This voice is very familiar

As New Girl.

Emily, huh? Sorry sir, But you.

Sonic's Brother.

Manic the Hedgehog.

Please Don't leave.

Let me see your face, Sir.

Hey Let me go.

You are the same Hedgehog.

This face is very familiar.

Sonic, Is that you?

I'm so glad that I Found you my love.

But, Why are you leaving the village?

It's all because of Egghead?

Who's Egghead?

It's Dr, Eggman.

Got it.

I Heard that voice, that I Left shack.

Sonic, Why are you trembling?

You Froze?

Here. Sonic, Drink Warm Cocoa.

you will Quickly get Warm

Sonic, It's time to go back home.

Let's go Home Along Sonic!

Emily Why you Brought Back Sonic?

Sonic is my Love

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