Emily & Her family got into Grocery store to Buy a Food

Story begins

Emily: Oh my, I Gave birth to a Triplets, They're so pretty.

Emily: Time to name them.

Tiana: Great Job Mommy.

Pollyanna: Mom Can I Name this one?

Emily: Sure Pollyanna.

Pollyanna: She will be Belle.

Mia: Oh We Love this one with Rare Ears, We'll name her Charlotte.

Pollyanna: Mommy, Look, This one looks Pretty.

Emily: We'll name her Elise.

Pollyanna: Oh my goodness, Mommy, Her eyes just like yours.

Emily: Let me see? It's true, Her eyes just like mine.

Sonic: Hey Don't Throw this Baby!

Emily: Poor Melody, Her Parents Hates her.

Melody's Mom: Monster, Let's Run away.

Melody's new family

Sonic: Melody so beautiful and Charlotte too!

Sonic: Gotcha! A Wolf! She so beautiful!

Emily: Let's name her a Star!

Travel to grocery store

Pollyanna: Mom Where are you going?

Emily: Sweetie Tomorrow we're opening our Restaurant, I'm going to grocery store, to buy some food, My mom will come tomorrow.

Pollyanna: Can I Go with you Mom Please?

Emily: Of course darling, the whole family will go to the grocery store.

at the grocery store

Pollyanna: Belle What's wrong?

Pollyanna: Mommy, Can We Buy Sausages?

Emily: Of course darling, Let's buy some Bread, and Potato Fre!

Pollyanna: Mommy We will Buy a Meat to make a meat-ball?

Emily: sure darling, Also we need a Chicken to make a Barbecue!

Pollyanna: Mommy Can I Buy a Yogurth and Spagetti We will cook a Spagetti?

Emily: Sure darling!

Mia: Come on Tia, Let's buy Some Fruit to make a Fruit salad.

Tia: Mia, Are you that Fruits are Useful for your whole body?

Mia: Yes, Come on.

Sonic: Tails What are you doing here at Grocery store?

Tails: Sonic, I Found the perfect job to work at grocery store, my manager hired me.

Sonic: Who is the Manager?

Amy: is that Sonic?

Amy: Sonic, Long time no see.

Sonic: Amy, What are you doing here at grocery store?

Mia: Mom Can we go and get the Meat & Chicken?

Emily: Sure girls, but be careful.

Tia: Okay Mommy!

Pollyanna: Mommy, Belle Woke up!

Emily: I Know!

Sonic: Maybe you should to marry Jonathan?

Amy: Oh that silly boy who always chasing that Kidnapper?

Mia: Tia, We must go get Meat & Chicken?

Amy: Oh these sillies girls.

Sonic: That's Mia & Tia!

Tia & Mia: Hey Daddy!

Sonic: Hi girls.

Mia: Daddy With Who you talking?

Sonic: I Talking to my Ex-wife & Ex-Girlfriend!

Mia: Why Daddy?

Sonic: Because I Throwed Amy Rose, and Remarried Emily, Because, I Have a feeling to your new Mother.

Tia: Daddy, We understand how much you love our New Mother.

Emily: Sonic, you said that you Throwed Pink Hedgehog and Remarried on me?

Sonic: Yes, That's true, Emily, I Have a Feeling to you, Because you have a Kind Heart has a True Love in you, and you Know how to be Good New Mother for our Kids.

Jonathan: Amy, I Understand, Emily is Throwed me, Because She Love Sonic!

Amy: Jonathan.

Marinette: Emily Where's your Older Daughter?

Emily: She's Right there for me

Emily: Pollyanna.

Emily: Where is my Older Daughter?

Karen: Monster, I'm Outta of here!

Mia: Pollyanna, Big Sis Please Don't Leave us?

Mia: We need you!

Sonic: Pollyanna, Please Wake up?

Pollyanna: Daddy, Mommy, Tia, Mia, Aunt Marinette, Uncle Espio, Aunt Angela, Uncle Tom, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Emma, Uncle Tails, Tiana, Diana, Liana, Briana Misty, Gabriella, Victoria, Carla, Clara, Jane, Anastasia, Stephanie, Sofia, Sophie, Stacy, Summers, Brianna, Laura, Lauren, Lara, Sara, Tara, Nia, Lia, Ria, Belle, Charlotte, Tanya, Aurora, Max, Katya, Elise, Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, Sweetie, Everest, Tracker, Ella, Tuck, Liberty, Hubcap, Gasket, Dwayne, Arrby, Robo-dog, Delores I'm so glad to see you!

Emily: Pollyanna, you're alive!

Marshall: Pollyanna, You're Alive, We So Glad to see you again.

Pollyanna: Marshall, My puppy.

Emily: Here, Drink Fresh Water, and you restore your Strength!

Pollyanna: Thank you Mommy.

Manager: What Happened?

Sonic: Manager, I Decided to Rescue Pollyanna and Bring her In consciousness!

Sonic: First, I Saw How Karen Tried to Kidnapp our Older Baby girl!

Sonic: Second, I Was with Twins, And Buying Meat & Chicken!

Sonic: I am a Waiter, and my new Wife Chefwoman.

Sonic: I did taste her Chillidog, my Favorite Meal, And I Was Liked Emily's Meal!

Emily: Thank god, that you are alive, sweetheart.

Pollyanna: Mommy, I Wanna say to you that, you're the best mother ever.

Mia: Daddy we came here to get Meat & Chicken.

Sonic: Tails, My Two Daughters wants Meat & Chicken.

Tails: So Why do they needed Meat & Chicken?

Sonic: My new Wife Opening Restaurant, I'll be Waiter & my new wife will be a Chefwoman.

Emily: Sonic, Let's go and Buy this!

Sonic: Emily, you're such good mother for our Kids!

In Emily's Mind: I'm a Good Mother, I Wanna say, That Our Future Remains Happily ever after until our days.

Karen: How old are you?

Emily: I'm 25 years old.

Marinette: Emily!

Emily: Marinette!

Pollyanna: Besties!

Marinette: They are so adorable.

Sonic: Yea they are.

Marinette: What's their names?

Emily: Their names is Belle, Charlotte & Elise.

Marinette: Beautiful names!

Emily: I Love you Pollyanna.

Pollyanna: I Love you too, Mommy!

Amy: Again that Emily, She Took away from me my Sonic!

Aurora: Aunty Emily.

Emily: Hi Aurora.

Sonic: Aurora.

Pollyanna: Dad who is she?

Sonic: She's my Ex-wife's daughter, Amy Rose.

Sonic: When I Found your new Mother, and met her, we had a Love story Between of me & your new mother.

Tia: Mia, Look, They're so Beautiful.

Mia: Yes, That's true love.

Aurora: Hi.

Pollyanna: Hi.

Aurora: My name is Aurora the hedgehog.

Pollyanna: My name is Pollyanna Whittier the yezhikha.

Aurora: you Daughter of Aunty Emily & Uncle Sonic?

Pollyanna: Yes, My new Mom is Emily.

Aurora: I Have a Middle Brother & younger sister.

Pollyanna: I Have Two Middle Sisters & Three Younger sisters!

Max: Mommy, When We'll go to Park?

Amy: Sorry Max, I Saw My Ex-crush boyfriend!

Katya: Mom, I Found the Fresh Bread!

Amy: Well done Katya.

Trey: Hey Ames, Don't worry, It's just a Changing, Your Beloved Boyfriend is Broke up with you!

Amy: Trey, Sonic Hates me, That's Why He Broke up with me.

Amy: He Loved The New Yezhikha.

Emily: Okay, Let's Buy food!

Pollyanna: Hi Belle, I am your big sister, and She your older big cousin sister!

Aurora: Who is she?

Pollyanna: It's Belle, She so pretty Isn't?

Aurora: Yeah, She's Pretty.

Sonic: Okay, Time to go Home, And Prepare for Tomorrow Creating our Restaurant!

Emily: Tiana, dearie, can you help mommy to cook a Meals?

Tiana: I Don't know, Mom.

Emily: It's Sake for our Restaurant, you in Truly family who always can trust you Tiana!

Emily: So What do you think?

Tiana: I'd like to help you mum!

Emily: That's my girl!

Tiana: I'll try, Mom!

Emily: Well Are you Ready to go Home?

Pollyanna: Yes, We Ready Mom.

Sonic: So Let's go.

Wayzz: Sonic you're such good father for your kids.

Pollyanna: See you later Aurora, It's was nice to meet you.

Aurora: Bye Pollyanna, It's was nice to meet you too.

Pollyanna: Bye.

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