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Story Begins

Em? Excuse me Sir, Do you not know Where I am?

Wait? Sir Please? This Little Girly she Trying to kill us.

Sonic, Why do you so sad?

Emily.  I Want to have a baby?

What  is Do you want to have a baby?

Excuse me Ma'am Do you not know Where I am?

Sonic, You, have a baby?


Where Did You Come From?

I Don't know?


My name is Pollyanna and My last name is Whittier.

Wait a minute?

You're Pollyanna?

What happened Pollyanna?

This Villain Appeared To my world?

And he Create Weirds Robots?


Eggman He Got into in your world?


But My parents is in heaven?

My mom Jennie?

Like Fish From Movie In search Dory?

And my dad Jon?

I Have my aunt Polly?

I Have not parents.

Come here To me

My name is Sonic Whittier the hedgehog?

And this my new wife Emily Whittier the hedgehog?

You can call us Mom and dad?

We will take care of you Pollyanna?

Ohhh thank you, Mom and dad? You're welcome Pollyanna?

We Will be your adoptive parents?

And you Pollyanna You will be our adoptive Daughter?

Welcome to family, Pollyanna?

Thanks for your  invitation?

You will be sleep with us Pollyanna?

In Shack.

Then? We'll move on To another country?

And we will live in big City

we will live in city home On Third floor

Like in Story, About Romeo and juliet

We will Growing you Pollyanna,

Okay Mom?

Let Us, Put You In Order Pollyanna?

Well, Do you Like New style?

Of course, mom?

I Like it?

Hey Peoples Look at her She Beautiful?

Beautiful girl?

Who Beauty girl?


A Monster?

Eggman, We are to her adoptive parents?

We've, adopted her And She  now our adopted daughter


Come here to me My little sunshine?

Mr. Mayor We got have a baby?

What a baby?

It's she Pollyanna wheeler. She from Pollyanna's world

Bots,  in Attack, No, Let her go, Eggman

Gotcha? I Caught you my little sunshine?

Pollyanna, You can't leave your Adoptive Parents?

We love you.

My magic amulet is glow?

Sonic I'll be right back.

Rapunzel How did you got into here, Your magic amulet sent me to help?

What's wrong Emily?

Rapunzel, We Adopted Baby girl?

You can heal My Adopted daughter.

Of course I Can heal Your adopted Daughter.

This, For sake Little girl.

Dad, I Can't leave you,

Pollyanna you have Salvation your Life,

Pollyanna, Hold on,


Flower, gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt

Change the fates' design

Save what has been lost

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine.

Pollyanna, How do you feel, Sweetie,

Dad, I Feel Much better,

Here, I Have a surprise,

A New dress.

How Such Beautiful, Wear on yourself dress, Pollyanna,

Hey Teylz?

Hi Sonic.

Buddy Do you need to See someone?

Look at her she beautiful?

Monster, Hello,

Hi the ,Little Baby Girl.

So that you mean you are? The same Pollyanna?

Right? Yep?

I am Pollyanna?

We Preparing to Festival Of friendship.

Hey peoples Look at her She kind of Lovely?

Pollyanna, Little Baby. Why to throw this Alien.

She is defenseless.

I Won?

She's not a Alien. Her name was Pollyanna, This was her home and My Baby girl.

Pollyanna, My Baby girl. Daddy.

Hey Monster, You must be to go Home?

This will be my new home?

Right, Daddy.

Right, Pollyanna.

Say Pollyanna, What is your dream is?

My dream is To be yours Native Daughter.

This Very Lovely Dream to be For Your Parents, The their Own little daughter, I Wish to be To my parents Their Own Little baby daughter