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Story Begins

Sonic: My name is Sonic the Hedgehog, Emily's new husband, we have a 59 kids.

Sonic: My new wife is a Cheffress!

Sonic: So, I Bringed  the Zakaz to the couple!

Sonic: I met Her, the Cheffress, She was beautiful cooking!

Sonic: She cooking Delicious Dinner!

Sonic:  I can't take my eyes off her!

Sonic: She has a Beautiful heart!

Sonic: I Can't take my eyes off this  Beautiful Cheffress!

Sonic: She Closed the Cafe on Night, I Was Waiter!

Sonic: But One day, She Looked into my eyes, I Was fall in love into her!

Sonic: I Asked her, What's her name?

Sonic: She Answered me with gentle voice, Her name is Emily!

Sonic: I Felt in love with Emily, She cooking Delicious Meals!

Sonic: I Love my life, we have a 59 daughters!

Sonic: We Live at Big Apartment with 59 floors for our Daughters, with 59 bedrooms for our Daughters, 59 Bathrooms for our Daughters, We have a pool, under our floor!

Sonic: 59 room is the Baby Room for our Baby girl, Because, Emily Gave birth to her, we named her Elise.

Sonic: We have a Dinner room, Kitchen, Living room, Backyard, Wardrobe, & Ice Rink.

Sonic: So, Our Kids loves that we moved into this Big Apartment with 59 Etazhami!

Sonic: My Emily Opened the Restaurant!

Sonic: Our Daughters's name is 1. Pollyanna. 2. Diana.  3. Mia.  4. Tara!

5. Belle!

6. Misty!

7. Victoria!

8. Gabriella!

9. Karla!

10. Clara!

11. Liana!

12. Tiana!

13. Ria!

14. Lia!

15. Stephanie!

16. Jane!

17. Anastasia!

18. Jade!

19. Sophia!

20. Sophie!

21. Stacy!

22. Summers!

23. Troya!

24. Chelsea!

25. Stella!

26. Charlotte!

27. Sara!

28. Valya!

29. Laura!

30. Lauren!

31. Dina!

32. Tina!

33. Elis!

34. Sabrina!

35. Cassandra!

36. Viki!

37. Wendy!

38. Polina!

39. Sonya!

40. Mandy!

41. Camila!

42. Nastya!

43. Ksyusha!

44. Sveta!

45. Alice!

46. Polen!

47. ​​Sasha!

48. Sparkey!

49. Sima!

50. Hazel!

51. Dana!

52. Milada!

53. Tanya!

54. Katrina!

55. Sema!

56. Kat!

57. Rosetta!

58. Amber Whittier!

Sonic: And, 59. Baby Elise.

Sonic: Even our own Bedroom.

Sonic: I Always wanna to have a Daughters.

Sonic: We are big family.

Sonic: Pollyanna & Marshall!

Sonic: Diana & Zuma!

Sonic: Tara & Everest!

Sonic: Belle & Chase!

Sonic: Misty & Rocky!

Sonic: Victoria, Rubble & Rubble-Double!

Sonic: Gabriella & Skye!

Sonic: Carla & Tracker!

Sonic: Clara & Rex!

Sonic: Chelsea & Wild Cat!

Sonic: Stacy & Dwayne!

Sonic: Summers & Gasket!

Sonic: Troya & Hubcap!

Sonic: Jane & Ella!

Sonic: Jade & Tuck!

Sonic: Katrina and Liberty!

Sonic: Anastasia & Delores!

Sonic: Charlotte & Arrby!

Sonic: Hazel & Barney!

Sonic: Stella & Harris!

Sonic: Sabrina & Sylvia!

Sonic: Sara and Apollo the Super-Pup!

Sonic: Cassandra and Mama mer-pup!

Sonic: Lauren and Unamned Dog!

Sonic: Laura and Jim Gaffigan!

Sonic: Sparkey and Robo-dog!

Sonic: Sveta and Captain Blackfur!

Sonic: Nastya and Pupaletta!

Sonic: Sophia & Switti!

Sonic: Sophie & Paddington, He's actually Bear from Peru, I Know.

Sonic: Stephanie & Ferdinand, He's the actually Bull, But, He lives at Farmer Yumi's Farm!

Sonic: So, Let me tell you story!

Emily: Sonic, Are you sure that our Children will like our New Home?

Sonic: Don't worry Em, We'll Live in our New Home!

Pollyanna: We are not going to Live with My Aunt Polly's Mansion?

Sonic: Don't worry Pollyanna, we'll never live with your Aunty Polly's Mansion!

Marshall: I'm little bit nervous!

Emily: Don't nervous Marshall, We are almost there!

Sonic: Emily, Give me your hand?

Emily: Sure Sonic!

Sonic: Kids, come out from the car, in the line!

Emily: Wow, This house looks Bigger.

Mia: Awesome!

Mia: Hey Diana, Do you want to come inside?

Diana: Of course Mia, I'm on it!

Amber: Dad, Why we came to this New Home?

Sonic: Amber Whittier Because, This New Home looks Fantastic!

Amber Whittier: Well, if you thinks so dad, I Have to go to Shopping, to buy a Prom Dress.

Polen: Dad, I'll go with Amber, I Need to buy Christmas Dress from Christmas Collection!

Sonic: Ok Girls, Be careful!

Charlotte: Um, Daddy?

Sonic: What do you want sweetie?

Charlotte: Dad, Please buy to me Roses?

Sonic: Sure sweetie, you want to be Gardenerss when you'll grow up, Charlotte?

Marinette: Emily, Long time no see BFF!

Emily: Nice to see you, Super Marinette!

Emily: Hi Guys, Today, I Cooked something tasty that I Was Taught by my mom As a Child!

Emily: When I Was small, My mom Teaches me How to cook Tasty Meals, on Breakfast, Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Blueberries, Fried eggs with Bacon & Sausages!, Toast, Omelette, Or Yogurth with Fruits or Berries or Cereal in the form of pillows!

Chloe: Eww, your Meals is so Ridiculous!

Marinette: Chloe, Enough!

Marinette: Emily, Can We Taste your Omelette?

Emily: Sure Marinette.

Marinette: Mmm, So yummy, I'll put 10 scores/10!

Ivan: I've never taste this yummy Meal yet, I'll put to Emily, 10 scores/10!

Kim: Wow, So It's true so yummy!

Mrs, Bustier: Students, How do you like Emily's Meal on Breakfast?

Alya: Mrs, Bustier, Emily's meal on breakfast so yummy!

Sabrina: yummy, Thank you Emily, We love your meals!

Max: I Want to Help you to cook more Yummy meals in you Restaurant!

Emily: Thank you so much.

Marinette: Emily we wanna help you to cook more yummy to get more Clients!

Mylene: We'll agree to help!

Nathaniel: We'll repair Restaurant!

Rose: We wanna help you Emily!

Nino: I'll take a Music!

Marinette: Ok.

Adrien: Marinette, Amy and I Will bring wooden boards and Nails for Lyla For fixing up Scene, We'll have a Big Celebration.

Marinette: Thank you Adrien.

Emily: What are we waiting for, Let's get to work guys, I Remember!

Emily's Restaurant Repair begins

Marinette: Emily and I'll begin to Cook!

Emily: Now, Let's get to work!

(at home)

Emily: Sonic, Kids, I Have a great news!

Sonic: What's up Em?

Emily's 59 kids: What's wrong Mother? There's Shows up a Akuma in Beldingsville? Where's Lady bug & Cat Noir?

Emily: Kids Calm down, I Have a Great news, My Friends decided to help me to Repair my Restaurant, to cook more delicious meals to get more Clients!

Sonic: Are you serious Emily?

Emily: Don't worry about it!

Tiana: Mom, I Wanna help!

Emily: That's was very helpful, Tiana!

Lyla Rossi: Hi Emily, I'm so glad to see you.

Tiana: Aunty Lyla!

Lyla Rossi: Tiana, My Niece!

Flora: Aunt Emily, I Knew, My mom will would to help too, I'm so lucky to have Good mom just like her!

Kagami: Lyla, Emily, I Wanna help too!

Mulan: Mama, Are you sure that We need use our Powers to help Aunt Emily?

Kagami: Sure Mulan, If we'll work together in team, then We'll repair Restaurant!

Emily: This is so dusty in here.

Marinette: So many Webs!

Nino: Spider!

Thomas Astruc: Wow, This Building soon be a Restaurant, Right Jeremy Zak?

Jeremy Zak: Right, Thomas, We'll film A Movie, About Emily's Restaurant!

Lyla Rossi: I Need more Wooden Boards and Nails!

Flora: Here you go, Mom!

Lyla Rossi: Thank you Flora.

Flora: You are welcome, mom.

Angela: Mom, Look at them, They Repair Restaurant!

Claire: I Can't reach to Up!

Ivan: I'll help you Claire!

Claire: Thank you Daddy.

Lily: Here's the More Fruit, Mom.

Marinette: Thank you Lily!

Lily: You are welcome, mom.

(Marinette hugs Lily)

Lily: Mom, Are you ok?

Marinette: I'm fine, Just, I Love Everyone makes something good!

Max: Samantha, Which Design of Restaurant will be?

Tiana: M-mom, little help!

Emily: Sure Tiana, We'll get to work!

Zoe: Oh my, Linda, Look, All Family Came to Repair Restaurant!

Linda: I Wanna help them, Can I Can I, Please Mom?

Zoe: Of course Linda! Why not!

Linda: Hooray, Let's begin the work, Let's go mom!

Zoe: Ok, Let's go Linda!

Nino: This Scene needs to be Repair!

Zoe: Needs more Help guys?

Lyla Rossi: Zoe, Of course, We agree, Together as a team, We'll Quickly Repair Emily's Restaurant!

Alya: Jack, I Need Wallpaper, Please bring wallpaper to me?

Jack: Sure mommy.

Piper: I'm too small, I Need to hang Curtains!

Sonic: Emily, I'm the Best Waiter, Can I Help you something?

Emily: Of course Sonic, for you is have a Mission too!

Tiana: I'll make Menu all of Food, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner!

Tiana: Day of Opening My mom's Restaurant is on a nose!

Nathaniel: Um, Jackie, Can you please Choose a Tablecloth!

Savanna: Jackie: I'll help you to Choose a Light!

Jackie: We have so many The hassle before Opening Pollyanna's Mother's Restaurant!

Nino: Jack, Which Background of Scene do you choose?

Jack: Dad, I Choose with Cruise Liner!

Lola: Only The Remain, It's frog's pond!

Juleka: Of course Lola!

Emily: My Soup Marinette Almost Done!

Marinette: That's Great, Emily!

Emily: Thank you Marinette!

Marinette: You are welcome, Emily.

Sonic: Emily, We'll almost Done, Only, We need decorate your Restaurant, Celebration soon be begin!

Sonic: We need to decorate your Restaurant, Emily, If you don't mind?

Emily: Of course Sonic, We need add Decoration to my Restaurant!

Sonic: Ok, If you say so, Emily!

Emily: Chloe Didn't taste my omelette.

Emily: Chloe must to will taste my Soup Marinette.

Marinette: Don't worry Emily, Chloe will taste your Soup Marinette.

Emily: I Can't let my mom down, I Won't Disappoint mom!

Marinette: Emily, you'll make your mom proud!

Chloe: I Was so rude to Emily.

Angela: Mom, if you want to Apologize to my Aunt Emily, Then you must to taste My Aunt Emily's Soup Marinette.

Chloe: you're right Angela!

Angela: Some Things Change, Please, Take off your Makeup!

Chloe: Ok, I'll Take off my Makeup, I Want to wear something appropriate, Maybe, T-Shirt with Long Skirt, & with Sneakers!

Chloe: What about Hairstyle, I'll make a One Pigtail!

Angela: Mom, you looks, Appropriate, Let's go to the Aunt Emily's Restaurant!

Emily: Everything's Ready?

Sonic: Yeah, The Opening of your Restaurant is begins!

Emily: Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to my Restaurant the Emily's Restaurant, now, I Declare My Restaurant Emily's Restaurant. The open!

Everyone: (cheers)

Emily: you can Make order everything you love, We have a Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, you can All Choose from Menu made by my Daughter, Tiana.

Emily: We have a New Meal, Soup Marinette made by me!

Sonic: Emily, We have did it!

Emily: I Know!

Emily: Thanks to you Sonic!

Chloe: Wow, Restaurant looks Fantastic!

Sonic: Hi Our Clients, What do you want taste from Menu?

Angela: Hi Sir, I Want to taste a Soup Marinette.

Chloe: I Want to taste A  Soup Marinette, too!

Sonic: Emily, Our first Clients wants a Soup Marinette.

Marinette: Ok.

Sonic: Here's the Soup Marinette, Enjoy your meal.

Angela: Thank you Sir.

Angela: Yummy, This Soup Marinette so yummy, I Can't wait to get home & a Sing a song about Soup!

Angela: taste Soup Marinette, Mom, This is so Yummy, So yummy.

Chloe: Okay.

Chloe: Yummy, This is true so Yummy.

Chloe: This is so yummy.