Story Begins

Sonic: Emily, are you sleeping yet?

Emily: No, Are you sleeping yet Sonic.

Sonic: How is our Baby girl doing?

Emily: Our Baby girl is doing fine, But She has no name until we will come to Maternity Hospital

Sonic: We need to choose for our Baby girl a name

Emily: You're right Sonic, If our Baby will appear on light?

Sonic: Don't worry about it, Em, Let's choose the Perfectly Name for our Baby girl.

Emily: Maybe you're right Sonic.

Sonic: Let's name our Baby girl, Pollyanna?

Emily: Pollyanna, It's Perfect name ever.

Emily: Sonic look at my Pregnancy Tummy, She Also likes that name.

Sonic: Well, If She likes that name, Then Let's name our Baby girl, baby Pollyanna.

Sonic: We must get back to Bed, Tomorrow we will Arrive at Appleloosa.

Emily: We're so tired!

Rainbow Dash: What they were Talked, Pinkie Pie?

Pinkie Pie: Emily Will Have a Baby, I Can't wait to see my Newborn Niece.

Rainbow Dash: Emily Will have a What?

Pinkie Pie: Emily will have a Baby.

Pinkie Pie: She'll soon be a Mom.

Fluttershy: Motherness, Emily will soon become  a Mother, and Sonic will soon become A Father, They Both will soon become a Parents!

Spike: They Both Soon Become Parents?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Fluttershy did you Prepare a Gift for their Baby?

Fluttershy: Yes, It's in the Present Box.

Twilight Sparkle: And What's inside?

Fluttershy: A Alived puppy Breed of Dalmatian It's a boy, He will Babysit a Newborn Baby, When Her parents will be at work!

Rainbow Dash:  Hey Twilight Sparkle did you prepare a gift for  their Baby?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, It's here.

Rainbow Dash: And What's inside?

Twilight Sparkle: Bedtime Book!

Fluttershy: Pinkie Pie did you prepare a gift for their Baby?

Pinkie Pie: Yes, It's in Present box

Fluttershy: What's Inside?

Pinkie Pie: The Baby Toy!

Emily: We love our Baby, Right, Sonic?

Sonic: Right, Emily, She'll be a Firefighter When she grows up!

Rarity: What are They Talked about?

Fluttershy: Rarity did you prepare a gift for Sonic's & Emily's baby girl?

Rarity: Yes, It's in the Present box!

Fluttershy: And What's Inside?

Rarity: It's Discharge envelope for Newborn girl!

Rarity: Applejack did you prepare a gift for Sonic's & Emily's future newborn baby daughter?

Applejack: Yep, I did Prepare a gift for Sonic's & Emily's future newborn Baby girl!

Rarity: Where is it?

Applejack: In Gift box!

Rarity: And What's inside?

Applejack: Baby Cradle Rocking with Canopy for Newborn.

Applejack: Rainbow Dash did you prepare a gift for  Newborn Baby girl?

Rainbow Dash: Yes, I Did Prepare a Gift for a Newborn Baby girl!

Applejack: And What Inside?

Rainbow Dash: It's Baby stroller for newborns!

Twilight Sparkle: Girls are you All Gift prepared for Future Baby Girl's Parents?

Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie: Yes!

Twilight Sparkle: Then Let's go Girls.

Emily: I Can't Wait to See Our Baby!

Sonic: She hears you too, She can't wait to meet her Parents!

Emily: Sonic, I Think, It's Time!

Sonic: It's Time What?

Emily: The Baby is coming out!

Sonic:  Baby is coming out?

Emily: I'm Giving Birth!

Sonic: Hold on Emily, I'll take you to the Maternity Hospital Now.

Sonic: Wayzz, It's time to Transform,  Lady doggy is giving birth!

Wayzz: Are you sure about That, Sonic?

Sonic: Yes, Don't Doubt me Wayzz, It's no time to Questions, Quick, I Need to Transform!

Sonic: "Wayzz, shell on!"

Carapace: Hold on My Lady.

Emily: Carapace, Where is Sonic?

Sonic: I'm sorry Girls, Emily needs me!

Twilight Sparkle: It's ok! Your new wife needs support!

Sonic: Thanks Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: No Problem, Sonic the hedgehog! Good Luck!

Emily: Sonic, you came.

Sonic: We're finally gonna to meet our Baby!

Doctor Allison: Keep Breath and Push!

Sonic: Come on Come on!

Doctor Allison: Congratulations you gave Birth to a Healthy Baby girl!

Sonic: you did it Emily!

Emily: Oh Sonic, Look, She's Beautiful as ever.

Sonic: Yes, She is!

Emily: Look at those eyes, Sonic, She is the most beautiful baby girl.

Sonic: What's her name anyway?

Emily: Pollyanna, We Chose the name for her at Train carriage.

Sonic: Yes, Pollyanna Is it!

Doctor Allison: Mrs, Pinkie Pie, you can come in, Congratulations, you are becoming an aunt!

Pinkie Pie: Doctor, I am Aunty?

Doctor Allison: Yes.

Pinkie Pie: Oooooh, What a Beautiful Baby!

Pinkie Pie: What's her name anyways?

Sonic: Pollyanna Whittier!

Fluttershy: It's the most Beautiful name ever!

Rarity: I Love that name darling!

Emily: Can you Hold her in your arms, Sonic?

Sonic: Sure.

Sonic: Hi my little sunshine, Welcome to our World!

Fluttershy: Hey little one, We something brought for you, Welcome to our World my little one!

Marshall: Hi little one, I am your Babysitter, My name is Marshall, I'll be Babysitting you!

Emily: Everyponies Look, She Making her First Laugh, It's her first Laughter!

Sonic: Good job, That's my girl!

Emily: Shh, Sleep my darling, Mommy's here!

Doctor Allison: Mrs, Whittier, Are you Ready to Discharge and go home with the Baby?

Emily: Yes, I am ready!

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