Story Begins

Sonic, I Declare you Banished! My Sonic is Banished.

I'm Emotionless, My Emotions are gone! My Emotion Happy, Sad, Mad, Disgusted, Shock, Love, Fear, Curious, Worried, Romance, and Shyness!

I Need to be alone! I'm sorry guys, Tomorrow is not All Lovers day!

All Lovers day is cancelled!

What a Such Sad Emotion and no love, Thorax, Now it's your turn.

Take away from her All Love to eat. Sonic, Anyone not must to see you here, That Mr. Mayor Declared you Banished.

Em, The Princess Cadence, Queen of Love, She said to me: that I Must to be back to you, But, I Need to share with you Love, Changelings Must to share with Girls with Broken Hearts like you.

Actually, I'm not Sonic. What, You are not Sonic? Why are you not my Real Sonic?

Because I'm Changeling, My name is not Sonic. What's your name?

My name is Thorax, Queen chrysalis Sent me to take away from you All Love, That's her evil Plan.

No, Queen chrysalis wants my Love.

This Can't be. Thorax Betrayed me.

My Plan is failed.

How do you feel now?

I Feel bad not a Kiss of my true love.

Emily, Don't worry, huh? Thorax. Starlight Glimmer.

What's wrong with her? She With a Broken Heart.

I'll deal with her. Hi Emily, Starlight Glimmer, What are you doing here?

Emily, Thorax Explained to me everything.

Okay. I'll tell you the truth, Then All Beginned, Sonic and I Telling about Our Happy End, My Happy Moment has come, Sonic Making a Marriage proposal for me, He Asked me: Emily, Will you marry me?

I Was Ready To Answer him, Then I Was Ready to Answer him, But Swifty the Shrew Has Appeared, But in an unhappy moment, Mr, Mayor Declared Sonic Banished. My Heart is broke, Queen chrysalis sudden saw me, in sad emotion, she sent Thorax, to take away from me, Love, Then you appeared in our Village, Hey, Let me go, you muncules.

Ouch, it hurts.

What are you doing?

Present from Sonic.

Dear Emily, I know that you are sad and alone so I decided to surprise you

I give you beautiful things

to make you look beautiful

you just need my love to surprise you

you will be the most beautiful for me

I'll teleport to you and you will be happy again. Don't be sad, I Will Be Still Likes you, We will soon be together again. I Promise, don't cry anytrouble, and I go back to Village. Meet me on Banished place. You have still Chance to bring me back to village.

We will play a Fun and Lush Wedding, We will Live happily ever after until end of our days. Remember I going back now, wait me here, all the while don't be Sad, your Tears is Flame? I Will Be Still Likes You.

For now, We will soon be together again. Trust me. We'll see each other again, I promise.

P.S Your In love Boyfriend Sonic the Hedgehog.

My Tears is Flame, and Flame is Iblis.

I Will Continue my story.

Sonic was my friend, I Need to tell him!

My heart is broke!

No one will Find me here!

And I'm Alone now remained!

I Wish that Sonic could find me!

Poor Emily, She offended by Eggman!

Now, World will be so bored without her!

She need me!

Mr, Mayor, Emily is disappeared!

How She Disappeared?

Let's find her and bring her back, Together!

Emily, Where are you? Emily, Answer us!

Mrs, Emily Please hear up o our voice?

Emily, Where are you?

Where is she could be everywhere?

It's too hard find her!

We couldn't find her!

I Hear Someone's footsteps, Maybe It's People, They Made my life worse!

I Must to go a Hidden Place, That they Couldn't Find me!

She disappeared!

Where She Did disappear from sight!

We can't find her!

Yes, She Disappeared, We Couldn't find her!

How??? We Can't Come in!

I Feel Bad, I Need a Fresh air!

Please Don't touch her?

Hold on Em! Everything soon will be end

I Happy that I Found you!

Fresh air, Wait, Who Saved me?

Let's go Home, my Treasure!

Sonic the Hedgehog, it's you Who Saved me?

Yes, my Honey, I Won't let you die!

I Wanna that you live my Honey!

But, Today, I'm trying to make you a marriage proposal!

But Swifty, Eggman's Robot Stopped me.

Mr Mayor Declared me Banished!

My heart was trying to say to me, That you Left People alone!

And Now, We are Alone, Just you and me!

Sonic, you saved me!

Let's go home, Emily!

Mrs, Emily is been found,

Mrs, Emily, She got back!

She got back!

Emily finally you've been got found.

By Who?

By my Boyfriend, He found me, He saved me, From now on, We'll never apart forever!

Because, We made for each other!

Sonic you are banished!

Never! My Emily, my precious! My precious treasure, Her heart will be broken again!

My precious!

My Expensive treasure!

She will never lose me!

Because, She need me!

And Now, She need me!

We are Couple!

We will get married today!

Sonic, I'm your treasure?


Emily, you have a special magic, you can control your Magic of True love!

That means, that I Very special to you, Sonic?

Yes! I Will love you Just the way you are!

I'll love you no matter what happens!

We will share a True love and events about True Love?


Emily, Will you marry me?

Yes, I Will marry you, Sonic!

Sonic, you restored my heart!

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