Dusk is a dog owned by Marsha. She measures as tall as Cheese. Despite being a ghost dog in Adventure Time, she is a mortal dog in Sonic X. She is a one year old brown mutt who is very loyal to
Dusk Sonic X
Marsha. In Sonic X, she has blue eyes. Also, unlike the Adventure Time series, Dusk has an ability to walks on her hind legs.



Marsha is Dusk's best friend and owner. Dusk appears to have followed Marsha into Sonic X and now lives there with her.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In Sonic Generations 2, when Sonic rescues Tails (once again), he also rescues Marsha alongside Dusk.

Sonic X

Dusk is a main character in Sonic X who appears along side Marsha.

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