Drew: Would you give it a rest already!?

Henry: I'm not joking around here! Ever since last night, I can't stop craving it! Just thinking about it's crunchy leaves makes my mouth drool... (drools)

Liam: Lettuce, of all things? Are you turning into a rabbit or something!?

Henry: Hey-! Huh, maybe...


Drew: Can we talk about something normal for once? I don't want to listen to your disturbing lettuce fantasies.

Henry: Well I'm sorry your majesty, what would you like to talk about?

Drew: Well, getting back to what I was talking about, Zoey's been acting really suspicious lately. Usually she's always asking me for clothes, bags, food. I took her out last weekend and she asked for nothing!

Liam: Isn't that a good thing? Maybe she's finally giving up on her gold diggin- I MEAN-

Henry: What he means is that she probably just feels bad for always making you spend money or something! (laughs nervously)

Drew: Nah, she's not the type to care about that, it's pretty suspicious to me. What do you think, Jake? Jake. Jake!

Jake: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah! I agree! You're totally right Drew!

Drew: ...You haven't been listening to a word I've said, have you?

Jake: Yeah, sorry, I just zoned out for a second.

Drew: What's wrong? You miss your freak friends or something?

Jake: (sigh) Don't call them that...

Drew: Heh, which part, 'freak' or 'friends'? Y'know, I'm starting to wonder whether you actually prefer their company over ours.

Henry: When you put it like that, it makes you sound jealous (laughs)

Drew: Shut up. I'm just saying, you used to care to listen to me...

Jake: Aww, don't be like that, Drew. You guys are my homies! Of course I prefer you guys. I was just uh... thinking about how good the cheese sandwiches for lunch were, (laughs nervously)

Drew: Right... Well, I suppose you won't be hanging out with those nerds once the competition is over. I mean, you're only doing this for Daisy, and then you'll leave the club, right?

Jake: Y-yeah, that's right. I'm just doing it for Daisy...

Liam: Um, I don't want to be that guy, but... What if she rejects you?

Jake: Well, then at least I know that I gave it my best shot. But at least have some faith in me, guys! I mean, who would say no to someone with such an angelic voice as mine?

Liam: Jeez, with all that confidence, you think you'd be able to just ask her out, y'know, normally...


Jake: Shoot! Uh, I forgot the time! Uh, sorry guys, gotta go to rehearsals! (leaves)

Henry: Don't look so blue, Drew. I know it must be sad to see your boy running off to the music freaks, instead of into your arms (laughs)

Drew: Ugh, does he have to leave me with you idiots?

Henry: Aw, c'mon, you know you love us~

(Meant To Be playing)

Jake's POV: Huh? Is that... singing?


Milly: You rock, Hailey!

Luke: That was amazing, Hailey! You sang it so beautifully!

Sean: See, you were great! You should have more confidence in yourself!

Hailey: Thanks guys...

Jake: Y-you can sing!? Since when!?

Hailey: Uh...

Zander: What kind of stupid question is that? She's always been able to sing.

Sean: I did tell you, Jake. Hailey can do anything when it comes to music. Pretty impressive, right?

Hailey: (embarrassed and blushing) Guys, stop... I'm really not that great...

Jake: No, you are! I-I had no idea you could sing like that! You're... amazing!

Hailey: Thanks...

Milly: You didn't think you were the only one who could sing, did you Jake?

Jake: N-no!

Jake's POV: Yes...

Milly: Mhm... Well, I don't blame you, we barely get to hear Hailey sing ourselves?

Sean: That aside though, Luke, I can't believe you wrote that! You should write more songs!

Luke: Oh, thank you Sean! I'm pretty proud of it myself...

Jake: Sorry I wasn't here to sing it for you...

Luke: That's alright, it's a good thing we have two amazing singers in the club, ey?

Jake: Yeah...

Hailey: Speaking of which, where were you exactly? I believe this is the fourth time in a row you've arrived late, Jake...

Jake: Uhh, yeah... (muffled) about that...

Luke: S-so Zander, what did you think?

Zander: U-uh yeah, it was pretty impressive. But why didn't you tell me you wanted to try out songwriting?

Luke: Well that's because I didn't really, until yesterday that is. Hearing Jake sing made me want to put my own feelings into a song.

Zander: Your... own feelings?

Luke: Uh, yeah...

Luke: Zander the truth is!-

(bell rings)

Hailey: Guess we'll be practicing our performance skills another day, then.

Milly: Ugh... Math. Anyone feel like skipping?

Sean: Don't even think about it, miss.

Zander: What were you about to say?

Luke: Oh, n-nothing. I'll tell you after school. Come on, we don't want to be late!

Zander: O...kay, then...

Hailey: Hey dork. What 'cha reading?

Zander: A book.

Hailey: Ha-ha, very funny. (sits down next to him)

(Multiple girls): Woo hoo! Go Jake! (Yeah!) Kick their ass! (You got this Jake!) Go Drewy-bear! Go Jake! Woo! Go Jake!

(Jake smiles and waves at the camera)

(Zander rolls his eyes)

Zoey: (muffled) You got this Drew!

Stacy: Woo! Go Luke!

Hailey: Ugh, would you look at him?

Zander: Huh?

Hailey: Jake, acting so cocky from all the attention he gets. I can't stand watching!

Zander: You say that, but you don't seem to be able to keep your eyes off of him either~

Hailey: S-Shut up Zander! At least Luke doesn't let the attention go straight to his head.

Zander: L-Luke? W-What do you mean?

Hailey: Well, even Luke is quite popular with the girls! I've overheard a few of them in class talk about how charming or good looking he is.

(Zander looks over at Stacy)

Hailey: So... are we going to talk about it?

Zander: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Hailey: You know... that love song? The one that Luke wanted me to sing today?

Zander: And what of it?

Hailey: Zander, quit the act already. I know you care the most out of everyone.

Zander: (Closes Book) Well, if you're asking who it's about, then I don't know! I didn't even know he was writing a song. He doesn't tell me anything anymore.

Hailey: (Sigh), Have you stopped to consider why he might have not told you?

Zander: Hailey, if you're implying what I think you're implying, then stop. It's understandable why he wouldn't tell me anyway.

(Hailey opens her mouth to say something)

Teacher: Alright girls, I found the spare bats! Come back over!

Hailey: Zander, I think you should talk to him, and be honest about how you feel. He's your best friend, remember..?

(Hailey leaves)

Zander: (Sigh), That's exactly why I can't tell him...

Sadie: Hey...

Zander: WHA!?

Sadie: ...I just wanted to let you know... that I'm cheering you on..


Jake's Mind: Ugh, I don't get it! If Hailey can sing, why did she even let me in the band? Do they even need me...?

Liam: Jake, the ball!

Jake: Whoops! Uhh Sorry Liam, my bad!

Drew: What's up with you today? We're losing because of you!

Jake: Alright! I'm sorry, I just have... things on my mind.

Drew: (looks over at Hailey) Oh, I get it. You move on fast, huh?

Jake: Wh-what are you talking about?

Drew: You know exactly what I mean. You like Hailey.

Jake: What!? No I don't!

Drew: Ah, okay. So It's just a coincidence that you were staring right at her just now. Not to mention you were talking to her all through science class yesterday.

Liam: Well, that explains why you have your head up in the clouds all day!

Jake: S-seriously, it-it's not like that, it's just rehearsal stuff.

Liam: Oh, sure, "rehearsal stuff", whatever you say.

Milly: (slams locker door) Thank god the day is over!

Sean: (laughs) Math was a drag, huh?

Milly: Ugh, it always is.

Hailey: Oh! by the way, I was thinking of having band rehearsals at my place next weekend. Would you guys be down?

Sean: I certainly would be!

Milly: Sounds good!

Luke: Uh, yeah, I should be free.

Sean: Hey, uhm, did those two get in a fight or something?

Hailey: Not exactly, let's just say they have 'tension' they need to resolve.

Sean & Milly: Ahhhhhhh.

Luke: Uhh, hey Zander-

Stacy: (trips and falls) whaAaAAAAH! Ughh...

Luke: Woah, Stacy... are you okay?

Stacy: I-I'm sorry... gosh, I'm so clumsy!

Luke: (Chuckles), that's alright. Here.

Stacy: I-I'm sorry for being such a bother... uhm, do you think you could help me carry these to the English classroom?

Luke: Oh, of course! Would you guys mind waiting for a sec?

Sean: Uh... Sure.

(Luke grab's Stacy's hand and walks her to the english classroom)

(Meanwhile, Jake and his friends are casually walking down the hallway when they spot the rest of the music club)

Drew: Hey look, it's your little freak friends. Let's go say hi.

Jake: Uhh- We really don't need to-

Drew: Hey, dorks. How's life in freak town?

Hailey: Pretty swell without you ass-hats, actually.

Henry: Oooh, your girlfriend still has quite the attitude, huh Jakey?

Jake: I told you, stop calling her that!

Milly: Didn't you learn your lesson the last time I beat you to a pulp you STUPID lettuce brain?!

(Henry backs away in terror)

Drew: Hey, slow down, little lady. We're not here to fight. I just wanted to know if you're looking after our Jakey boy. It seems he's become quite attached to you. Maybe we should hang out more together, so I- know what kind of freaks he likes-

(Locker door slams shut)

Zander: Actually Drew, no one asked, and no one cares! I'm really not in the mood for your bull-crap today! Why don't you run along, and get yourself a little cute outfit with daddy's credit card, hmm?

(Drew responds with an angry glare)

Liam: Woahhh, do you always get this cranky without your boyfriend?

(Drew and Henry start laughing)


Drew: Ohhh, touchy subject I see~

Sean: Why don't you boys run along, before somebody gets hurt.

(Milly clenches her fists together)

Jake: Hey guys, uhh let's just go. You wanted to show us that new drone you bought, right Drew?

Drew: Ahh... alright. Well, have fun... freaks. (walks away)

Jake: I'm really sorry about them... I'll see you guys tomorrow. (walks with them)

Milly: Ck, assholes. (looks over at Zander) Hey, you okay Zander?

Zander: Yeah, just great.

Hailey: Zander, don't listen to what those idiots have to say-

Zander: I'm not. I couldn't give a damn!

Sean: Hey man, if you need time alone, then we understand, but remember we're here if you wanna talk about it.

Hailey: Is... this about Luke?

Zander: WHAT DO YOU THINK? (Sigh), I'm such an awful friend. Luke is so kind, he never puts himself first, he's always looking out for others, and I just end up pushing him away, thinking selfish things... he probably hates me.

Hailey: He does not hate you and you know that. He adores you, Zander. He's just worried about you.

Milly: Hehe, it's practically impossible for him to hate you, he's so obviously in love with you.

Zander: Don't be ridiculous, there's no way he could like someone like me.

Milly: (laughs) Oh my god, just looking at his face everyday when he's around you is enough proof! He's like a lovesick puppy!

Hailey: Zander, you should tell him how you really feel. He needs to hear it if things are ever going to be better between you both.

Zander: I-I can't. I can't risk our friendship.

Sean: Zander, you should know him better then that. Do you think he would really let go of this relationship?

Zander: Oh... DAMN IT ALL I'LL DO IT!

Hailey: Yes!

Milly: Ayee! Hahhaha!

(Zander runs off to the English classroom)

Hailey: Wait, NOW!?

Zander: (muffled) IT'S NOW OR NEVER!


(Holding You GCMV)

(Zander opens the door to the english classroom with all his confidence, only to find Stacy and Luke kissing.)

Stacy: Luke, the truth is I've liked you for a really long time now! I don't know if you've ever seen me that way, but I think you could come to like me!

Luke: Uh, Stacy I- (looks back and sees Zander)

(Zander runs away with tears in his eyes)

Luke: Wait, Zander!

Stacy: (grabs his arm) Luke! I haven't heard your reply!

Jake's POV: What's Zander running for?

(the rest of the Music Club running after him)

Milly: Jake, come on! (grabs his arm)

Jake: Wait w-wait wHaaaaaaat!?

Luke: Z-zander, stop running!

(both panting)

Luke: (laughs slightly) You're fast...

Zander: (more tears form in his eyes) Why are you running after me!? Weren't you just about to accept that girl's feelings!?

Luke: W-what!? No-

Zander: You should go back to her. Don't let me get in your way. (sheds a tear)

Luke: Zander...

Zander's POV: Why isn't he leaving!? I can't stand this... it's too painful...

Zander: JUST LEAVE ALREADY! (crying heavily)

Luke: I don't like that girl Zander, I LIKE YOU!

Zander: (whisper) what?

Luke: Z-Zander... I'm in love with you! I have been... for a really long time. That song Hailey sang for me, I wrote that about you!

Zander: I-I thought you only saw me as a childhood friend!

Luke: You've always been more than that! I wanted to tell you for so long. But recently, it seems like all I do is make you uncomfortable! I could never seem to find the right time, or the right way to tell you. And, I'm probably making you uncomfortable now-

Zander: You're wrong! You've never made me feel uncomfortable! When you would get close, I was scared because I didn't want you to notice how I really felt about you! So I... pushed you away... I just wanted to protect our friendship. I... (sheds another tear) didn't want to lose you...

Luke: (smiles softly) Zander... you'll never lose me.

(Wind Blowing)

(Luke walks closer)

Zander: I-I'm not like Stacy, y'know. I-I'm uptight, and I'd probably call you names a lot.

Luke: (laughs) I know.

Zander: I'm stubborn, a little selfish at times, and I get jealous easily-

(Lander kiss scene)

(Soft piano music)

Luke: You're also charming, witty, and extremely handsome. On top of that, you have a beautiful smile.

Zander: L-Luke, don't say such embarrassing things!

(Luke smiles softly)

Luke: I love you, Zander.

Zander: I love you too! (hugs)

(The rest of the club hiding behind a bush)

Sean (whispers): Ow! That was my foot!

Jake (whispers): Sorry! It's Milly, she keeps shoving me!

Milly (whispers): It's not my fault your butt is so big!

Hailey (whispers): Would you three shut up!?

Jake (whispers): Is the coast clear?

Sean: Ladies and gentlemen, the ship has officially set sail!

Milly: WOOHOO! Ha ha haaa ha!!!

Hailey: About time! (wipes away a tear)

Jake: A-are you crying!?

Hailey: (sniff) I'm just really happy for them. It took them so long to realize their feelings for each other, the idiots.

Milly: Maybe we can get through rehearsals without Zander being grouchy all the time, now that he's got himself a boyfriend~

Jake: Heh, yeah, I can only hope so...

Hailey: Oh, that reminds me! Would you be free to come over my place next week for band rehearsal?

Jake: Oh, uh, yeah, I can make it!

Hailey: Great! With all these recent disturbances, we really need to take rehearsals more seriously.

Milly: Aye aye captain!

Sean: So Milly, when should we expect to see your confession to Elliot, hmmmmmmm?

(Milly's face turns red)

Milly: Shut up, Sean! C'mere!

Sean: (laughs) Hailey! Save meeee!

Hailey: Hey! Come back here, you lil' devil!

Jake: (chuckles and chases after them)

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