Story Begins

Hello Students, My name is Doctor Ovi Kintobor, My mission is get clean Planet from Evil Forever.

Students, Follow me, I Will Show How get clean Planet from evil Forever.

It's Real Adventure.

I Love it.

My evil Version is Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

He's trying to Create EggmanLand, I Invented my Helper Robots.

They Can to get clean Planet from Evil.

Sonic, Ovi Kintobor is so kind person, Mr Mayor, Will Reward Ovi kintobor for Got cleaned planet from evil forever.

I Agree with you Emily.

He's Kind, I Love his style.

He's The Best, He's Lovely.

I Created him in Sims, freeplay.

He's not Villain, He's a Hero of the world.

We want him again.

in His Lab, so pretty.

I Love it.

I Added him in Sims Mobile.

I Love this person like him.

We must make to him a big surprise party.

He's The most best Person ever.

Sonic. Laila Rossi, What happened?

Emily Punched me.

Emily would never do that.

I Have proof.

Emily, What happened?

Cruel Rude Selfish Laila Rossi Offended me.

She Would do that?

Yes. That was a real.

She's Lied.

Laila Rossi, and I Anymore not friends.

Do you want take a sit with Sonic Again?


Emily, you are not my new Girl friend.

Sonic, I Sudden Saw How Emily crying in Last that chair.

I Asked her, What happened?

She's Answered me, Laila Rossi Offended her.

She's Telled me Truth, What Happened.

Laila Rossi Lied.

I Asked her, Do you want take a sit with Sonic again?

She's Answered me, Yes.

Emily, I'm sorry, That I Believed in Laila Rossi

Emily, Do you want be my new Girl friend again?

Yes, I Will.

Emily, Let's Take a photo on memory.

Yes, I Will.

Emily, Smile?

And Say, Love is Forever.

"Love is Forever"!

Nice Smile, Emily.

Laila Rossi, Why are you Offended Emily?

She's Lied. This is not blood, It's Paint.

I Want to make you happy Savannah.

I Hate you Laila Rossi

Savanna, are you hate me?

Yes, I  Hate you.

Savanna, I'm sorry, That I Lied to you, and Offended Emily.

Just Edrian, Will have a Girl friend from Nursery Book.

Two Pigtails. Face in Freckles. Blue

eyes.  Dress in Red Check.

and the Straw Hat.

She little brat.

I Don't want to read this Stupid book.

Stupid Laila Rossi, How dare you Talk about this Book, This book Teaches us Rejoice and Don't be discouraged.

This Little girl so pretty, and nice.

Edrian, huh? Savannah, What are you doing here?

Edrian, I Came here to Giving  you this book, you will have a Little girl soon.

Wow, This Little girl so pretty. Sonic, I Can't believe that Little girl so Adorable, I Will Rejoice you.

Emily, Pollyanna is really Adorable little girl.

We must Rejoice life.

Emily, Look? This Cloud Look like Pollyanna.

This Baby Girl, so Adorable, Look at her Face, She's Smile.

She's look so happier Baby girl.

Her eyes so pretty.

With her, we will Rejoice and Don't be discouraged.

Sonic, do you want to check my channel, on my youtube?

Sure. That's interesting.

Hello guys, today, I Will editing. Pollyanna is special Baby.

With her, we can Rejoice, and keep a smile.

Don't be discouraged Guys, Pollyanna is special, We can Trust Pollyanna.

Ohhh, Look at her face, She's such Adorable Baby.

Emily, you tell the truth.

That's Lovely.

Sonic, That means you love my video?

Emily, are you kidding me? This most Awesome video ever.

Oh my god, How pretty.

Espio, Look. Awesome.

Emily, Do you Love me? Sure.

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