Story Begins

Emily, Come to us to Pool, Water so Cool?

No, Guys I Will not Join you.

Rouge: Whisper* Guys Let's get pouring water on Emily's head, let  She's get Cool. This will be Prank Ever.

Let's Prank her, She's Afraid of Spiders.

Hey, That's no fun, I'm All wet Girl.

Oh Sweetheart, you have something on your head?

Spider, I Afraid Spiders.

That's it. I'm outta of here.

Enough Pranking me.

We Pranked Her.

Emily, Wait?

What the? huh? Emily, Master fu, My Depression getting worse.

Master fu, Barkk, you Levitate after Emily.

Yes. I Trying to catch up with her up.

Emily feeded me, with Cookies in form Bones.

Emily, Are you okay?

Barkk, I'm not okay.

I Scared of Spiders.

This was a fake Spider not Real Spider.

Barkk yours Gender is Female.

Barkk yours Official pronoun: Female, She/ Her.

I Know that you my Best Kwami If you become a human.

Barkk you will have Beautiful Dress. and bezel like yours ears Of Doggy.

I Won't be alone.

I Need to be Alone.

If you need Help Just Say to me?


Emily, Maybe you need my Advices?

Barkk, you're right.

Emily, If Sonic your Friend, Maybe Wayzz, can Explain to you?

Kwami Of Karapasa.

Don't cry, I'm here. Barkk, There you are! We Everywhere Looking for You, All Kwamis Must Have Fun. huh Plagg, Tikki, I Can't fly with you, I Need to stay By Side with my owner, She's in Depression.

I Hope Wayzz Will come. and I Will Explain everything to Wayzz,

Barkk Wait a minute, are you Staying with your owner?

Yes. Sorry Guys. Everything will be fine, I Promise?

Barkk, huh Wayzz, Finally you here. Barkk What's going on?

I Will Explain everything to you Wayzz, Emily in Depression.

We can't to Tell Names our Owners. Karapas is Gone away, Lady doggy in Depression.

Sass, She is (Barkk) Told us that She can't fly with us, She Need to stay By Side With Her Owner.

It's Her Work,  Let's Have fun with Barkk.

I Understand Barkk, She's all alone.

Emily, Are you crying?

When somebody loved me

Everything was beautiful

Every hour spent together

Lives within my heart

And when he was sad

I was there to dry his tears

And when was happy so was I

When He Loves me now.

Through the summer and the Spring

We had each other that was all

Just he and I together

Like it was meant to be

And when he was lonely

I was there to comfort him

And I knew that he Loves me now.

So the years went by

I stayed the same

But he began to drift away

For him, Came His Parents

on Next Summer, He'll came

Sonic's Parents, Took Him to Town

I was left alone

Still I waited for the day

When he'd say I will always love you

And we'll meet again.

Lonely and forgotten

Never thought he'd look my way

He Saw me In Window, He  held out his hand to me.

He Took me In His City, He Understood me.

That I am Not, Stranger girl He Know My name And Who I am Stranger. He Wants to be My First Friend And Boyfriend.

Just like he use to do

Like he Loves me.

When He's Loves me now

When somebody loved me

Everything was beautiful

Every hour spent together

Lives within my heart

He Didn't Know What's wrong with me.

He came to me here, very close.

He gave me, A blanket, When he went to Bed.

He was So Friendly, Friend. That, He wants to Change my image.

And I am Becoming Such Another Girl. I Look like, New Girl.

He gave me, Bracelet, And We Became Friends.

I First time Felt, Love, And Affection.

He Promised, That He will spend time with me All the time And Every time And Every day.

He will Make My Dream come true.

He Kissed me For The First time.

When He Loves me now.

Well. That was a very Sadly, Story.

Blaze are you ready, Sil'ver I am Ready.

On start Attention Marsh.

Come on Emily, Let's get fun.

Get up Emily.

Let's go to the pool.


Leave the Pool

Amy look out.

Shedou, Be careful with Young Lady!

Help me, I can't swim?

This Shark, Can't swim.

No, It's not Shark, It's Blue Hedgehog.

He's can't swim.

Guys, Don't worry, I Will handle this.

You need to run and Hide.

Barkk, My Depression, is going to get worse.

Emily, It's time to transform?

It's time to try Master fu's Magic Bones

Barkk Power up.

Aqua Barkk.

Aqua Barkk, fetch!

Lady doggy.

Barkk, c'mere!

It's Sonic, He's Called you for help.

That's why He's was in Trouble in the Water.

That's why too easy was  to cheer you up.

I Understood everything. Wayzz was here with me. Thank you so much.

You're welcome Emily! I Can Always to easier cheer you up.

He regains consciousness, Sonic my brave hero you are Regained consciousness.

Emily. What is this thing?

Sonic, Wayzz. Hello, my name is Wayzz. [...] I am a kwami. I can't grant wishes, but I can give you superpowers. [...] Then all you have to say is: "Wayzz, shell on!"

It's Flow. Kwami It's Flow.

We need to keep saving our lives.

Fluff Calm down.

Tikki, Plagg.

Marinette, Espio.

Hold on Tight, Guys.

Sonic, Wayzz It's time to transform now, Sure Sonic. "Wayzz, shell on!"

"Shelter!" He's Really Protecting Us.

His power Protection.

Yes, We In Safe.

Wayzz, shell off!"

We Saved.

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