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Cesar the Hedgehog

Cesar the Hedgehog (セザールヘッジホッグ Sezāru za hejjihoggu) is a dark blue hedgehog that has mysterious elemental powers. He practices light, fire, water, forest, thunder, earth and air powers thanks to the Cemayas. But he yet doesn't perfect tham all; except his fire and light powers). He is a 15 year old teenage hedgehog that he has a destiny waiting for him. His destiny is becoming the Universe's new savior: according to some Cemayan prophecies. Cesar also has 2 weapons that the Cemayas gave him: one is a sword that can also use elemental powers and a mystic powered stone.

Early life

In period of development...


One day in a summer afternoon, the creator of Cesar the Hedgehog, had a character before this hedgehog. Since he was a Sonic fan, he decided to make a dark blue hedgehog with bangs and black shoes named Cesar the Hedgehog


Cesar Acevedo (the creator) was one day hearing about a new Sonic downloadable game called Sonic 4. He later investigated about this game around the Internet. Later he became a Sonic the Hedgehog fan and in August of 2010, he was a great fan of the Sonic franchise. Until he somehow hatched the idea to fuse his own character Cesar with the fastest thing alive Sonic. The result was an aqua blue hedgehog with bangs.

Son of the fastest thing alive

Cesar makes his first appearence as a leading character in a fan fiction called: Cesar the Hedgehog -Sonic's son-. In this story he learns what his real destiny was when he was born. Also, this story isn't his real story. It is obviously a fan fiction and an alternate story for Cesar.

The true story

Cesar makes his real first appearence in The Ultimate Universe Hero.

Return and with more challenges

Cesar returns on Cesar the Hedgehog 2 -The lost elements-.

Human transformation, one epic adventure

Cesar the Hedgehog appears as a main character in Cesar The Brawler -Cesar the Hedgehog saga-. In this adventure, he got cursed by a mysterious power. He transformed in a Hedgehog and into Human as a random shift.

Now he meets a new history in SNN Generations

Our hero teams up with Hyper the Cat and Sandra the Porcupine along with their pastselves in SNN Generations. In this story, they have to restore all time and friends and save the world. But their not alone.



  • Cesar the Hedgehog (father)
  • Gabriella the Hedgehog (Mother)

Friends and Allies

  • Hyper the Cat (Awesome friend)
  • Sandra the Porcupine (Best friend)
  • Lily the Cat (Great Friend)
  • Shawn the Echidna (Best Friend and partner in combat)
  • Jake the Hedgehog
  • Mikee the Echidna (Great Friend)
  • Alter the Wolf (Good friend)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Vector the Crocodile
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy Bee
  • Blaze the Cat (Good Friend)
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • The 7 Cemayas
  • Lightning the Hedgehog
  • Francisco the Flying Squirrel


  • Metal Cesar


  • Dr Eggman
  • Metal Sonic
  • Eggman Nega
  • Dark Cemaya (Coming soon...)
  • Chroxgamma (Coming soon...)


  • ???



Since he is the chosen one to the Cemayas, he uses the power of Fire Cemaya to produce fire and attack with it. Also he uses it to help people sometimes.


He uses Water Cemaya's power to control the ocean, water, liquids and to generate water. He also uses it for emergencies and economy helping


This power is taken from Forest Cemaya. He can control plants and produce them. Not to mention that he can attack with leaves.


This power is taken from Thunder Cemaya. With this, Cesar can make thunder storms, electrocuit things and generate energy.


Taken from Stone Cemaya (Earth Cemaya). Cesar can throw rocks and many, attack with the ground and many things.


It allows him to float in a short period of time and to create wind.


This power is taken from the Cemayas leader Light Cemaya. This is a very important power. This ability can make him light up everything, revive, and a mysterious power is hidden under it.

Cemayan Collision

Cesar goes Super Cesar and uses the 7 Cemayas to create this move. This attack creates a massive energy that can destroy a god like creature.

Human Transformation:

Well according to several problem that happened in a different dimension, Cesar can also transform into a human.

Relationships (Descripted)

Coming soon...


"I'm Cesar the Hedgehog, the chosen one"

"I'm Cesar. Cesar the Hedgehog"

"All right Human me. It's your turn." (When Cesar the Hedgehog switches to his human form)

"Ooh Yeah. This is Awesomely EPIC!" (When Cesar gets an S-Rank)

"Ooooh Yeah!" (When getting an A-Rank)

"That was fantastic!" (When getting B-Rank)

"It's good enough for me" (When getting a C-Rank)

"I really should be a lil more faster" (When getting D-Rank)

"Let's face it..I'm bad at this" (When getting an E-Rank)

"Let's do this....For the UNIVERSE!" (When Super Cesar is about to battle Chroxgamma)

"Cemayan.....Collision....FINALE" (When finishing Cemayan Collision)

"I don't even know, i don't even wanna guess"

"Where's the stupid EggFace?"

"Hiya people"

"Ah Mission Valley. My birthplace"

"Look at my aid. Stupid Motobug"

"Holy shiny rings"

"Hmmm.....i wonder what happens if i gather all 7 Chaos Emeralds and have another transformation?"

"Shawn my buddy. Long time no see"

"Human Me" (When he reencounters his human self)

"All right Metal Cesar. Prepare to meet the brawling hedgehog"

"The more power I gain from the Cemayan Masters, the more I power up to save the Universe."

"Please; just call me Cesar"

"Why Sezaru-san is a nice name for me Cream"

"Hey there Sam the Hedgehog Girl"


Early Concepts



  • Cesar is bilingual.
  • Cesar's weakness is that he is ticklelish.
  • Cesar has no darkspine transformation. However his dark transformation is a resemble of dark, darkspine and werehog transformations.
  • Unlike others super forms, Super Cesar's fur is covered with fire.
  • Cesar also loves to make art like his real life creator.
  • This character was gonna be a hedgehog with unknown parents, but due to his look a like to Sonic, he later was stated as Sonic and Amy's future son. But now that idea was also scrapped due to originality of this character
  • Cesar can also have a transformation with the Chaos Emeralds but it's very unknown which transformation and power gives him.
  • Cesar is fan of rock and metal music. And also videogame music.
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