Story Begins

What a letter.

This is a new baby pony.

Emily Is Gave birth to a Baby pony Girl.

She's so Adorable Baby.

I Made For Adorable Baby Pony Girl, a special present.

Here. This is a Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle

I Long time no see my husband.

Dusk Shine, He's my new Husband.

I Need to tell him about Our Baby ponies.

Flare, Aurora, Magic shield, Twilight Moon, Twidusk Shine, And Leo .

Sonic the hedgehog!?


Do you have a new wife?

Of course and her name is Emily.

Wow, You have a such new wife Sonic?

I Slept,

Then Emily Gave birth to a Little One Baby Girl

She's a new wife?

I'm became a Daddy.

The Baby Pony, she Still a baby?

Don't worry Sonic, Is everything fine?

Emily, Hello Fluttershy, Well, Do you want to See The Little one?

Yes I Do. Oh my god.

Little one Pony Pegasus.

Of course.

She's can a fly.

She's Looks beautiful.

Wow She's so pretty

I Can't believe it, Little one pegasus?

Wow, She's Pretty, Flying.

Fluttershy, Stop her.

I Can't She's a Pretty.


Come on Little one? You can Fly, I Know

you can fly. Come here to Nanny Fluttershy.

Wow, You became for Little one. a Foal sitter, Of course.

How could this possible.

I Need give to  Little one baby pony girl  Love And Kindness.

Come on, Let's play Joy.

Do you want a Pony figure.

Well, My mom says That I Have Joy Like you

I Was Such a filly. I Got my cutie mark.

Chrysalis, Change please You must be change, Friendship and Friendliness, Are special feelings.

I Need to change myself but, I Love to be For Little one, Aunt.

Chrysalis, I am Changed?

I Changed, My niece.

I'm not a Evil Queen Of changelings?

I am Your aunty Chrysalis, And your Lovely Friend.

I Want to be Your Lovely Friend?

I Want Have a Friendship.

Cozy Glow will be also Change.

Cozy Glow will be Your Grandmother, and Good Friend?

Reformed Cozy Glow.

I'm Very Sorry Fluttershy, I Wanted  have a change myself.

You're For her Babysitter.

I am Just a Reformed,  Chrysalis, Queen of Reformed Changelings.

But I Want to have a friends.

Wow, That's Lovely Drawing.

Thank you Little one?

This is for me Memories?

What are you doing with  Baby pony girl?

I  am Reformed, Chrysalis.

And My new Home Will  be Mobius.

Reformed Chrysalis, Simple Citizen Of Mobius.

Well, Welcome To Mobius Reformed, Chrysalis Simple Citizen Of mobius.

You want to stay here?

Yes, I Have a Reformed Cozy Glow She's a Simple Citizen Of mobius.

We here Friends In Mobius.

I'm Very Sorry Little one?

Just I Wanted to Find Friends.

Mom dad, Look at her.

She's a Baby Pegasus She's so adorable.

I Will have a Happily Future.

Chrysalis, Let's attack her.

She's Took The Baby Pony Girl Pegasus.

Sombra, My friend.


I Had Changed.

I'm now Uncle, Sombra for this Little Baby Pony Girl?

You need to have a name?

Baby You need a lucky name

What, A New Citizen.

Hello My name is Chrysalis, I am The Baby girl 's aunty

Hello My name is Sonata Dusk, I am Here to Live in New Home?

Let's be Friends, Sonata.

Sonata There you are?

Where are you Have Been, All the time Gone?

I Gone To Mobius to Live with my First Friend?

I Wanted to Have A Friend?

And, I Want to Stay here?

Oh my God, She's so Adorable Baby Pegasus?

Hello, My name is Sonata I Will be your Second Aunt And Second Friend?

She Having not a name?


That's Adorable Name?

That's for me?

Oh my god The New Amulet?

I Will Use for the, Good Goals?

It's true Power of Friendship?

Come here to Aunty Sonata, I Brought To you Present?

Wow, That's adorable?

Hello, Sonata?

Hello, Sonic.

Long time no See?

Welcome to New Home Sonata.

Thanks Sonic.

Queen Chrysalis Just nickname.

I'm Starshine. We love you Starshine.

My full name is Starshine Sparkle.

you can call me just a, Starshine.

Sonic. did you heard that Sound?

She Having a Friends,

Her real name Starshine Sparkle.

That's Beautiful.

Her Parents Will Come up with for her name?

Something a lucky.

Something makes her Happy.

Sonic Your Cutiemark.

Emily, I Can't do my Chaos To this Perfect World.

Discord I Know this is not your fault.

Lord Tirek, I Knew it.

He Took Sonic's power.

That He Need to take Whole World.

Lord Tirek too Taking it All Magic.

Vindigos, And Lord Tirek, I'm Villain Too.

What are you Talking About?

Scrooge Fiona, Rosie Eggman and Miles Prauer.

I'm feel sorry, But, I am Too, Villain.

Emily Alone.

She's a alone.

We must to talk to her?

I , Follow after Her?

I'm Sorry, Family.

Why are you Here?

Emily We want to talk to you?

We love You Like Kind Mother for Baby pony girl?

And Kind Wife for Husband.

We Uniting All World.

Emily ,Do you not have to apologize to us?

Let's Stop Them?

By the way, Let's name Our Daughter, Pollyanna?

The Baby Pony Pollyanna, That's Beautiful Name.

Everyone, meet Baby Pollyanna.

Mom dad, That's was Lovely.

Well, Baby Pony Pollyanna is Grown up,

Her parents So Proud of her.

That's is her Baby Pony Pollyanna.

But, I Can't live alone without my parents?

My mom and dad, Heroes, Come on Pollyanna, You can fly.

Poor, Pollyanna, She, Missing her Parents, Mom dad, Pollyanna.

Our Daughter,  Pollyanna We must to show you something?

I've got a baby

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