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Chase was Remain Wolf but Belle Knows How to Help him.

Story Begins

Cheyz: Belle Goes to Adventure for Search The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes.

Belle: Wolf Chase, What are you doing here at Full Moon?

Belle: Chase, I Need to Learn How to Able Understand you with  language  And I Could Translate your Howl. What are you trying to tell me, Chase?

Belle: Thank you Chase, What I Would to do Without you!

Belle: What a Warm Hugs.

Belle: Well, Let's go to Bed.

Belle: I'm so Tired!

Belle: Good Night Wolf Cheyz!

Belle: Wolf Chase Thank you so much, I'll love you No matter what!

Emily: Belle, dearie, What Happened?

Belle: Mom, My Wolf Cheyz is Disappeared.

Emily: Oh my Poor Baby, Come here to Mommy's arms!

Emily: Wolf Chase will miss you!

Emily: 1. Pollyanna. 2. Diana.  3. Mia.  4. Tara!

5. Belle!

6. Misty!

7. Victoria!

8. Gabriella!

9. Karla!

10. Clara!

11. Liana!

12. Tiana!

13. Ria!

14. Lia!

15. Stephanie!

16. Jane!

17. Anastasia!

18. Jade!

19. Sophia!

20. Sophie!

21. Stacy!

22. Summers!

23. Troya!

24. Chelsea!

25. Stella!

26. Charlotte!

27. Sara!

28. Lara!

29. Laura!

30. Lauren!

31. Dina!

32. Tina!

33. Lina!

34. Sabrina!

35. Cassandra!

36. Lola!

37. Wendy!

38. Landy!

39. Sandy!

40. Mandy!

41. Camila!

42. Nastya!

43. Ksyusha!

44. Sveta!

45. Alice!

46. Chloe!

47. ​​Flauren!

48. Sparkey!

49. Gina!

50. Hazel!

51. Dana!

52. Lana!

53. Tanya!

54. Amelia!

55. Katya!

56. Kat!

57. Rosetta!

58. Amber Whittier!

Sonic: And, 59. Baby Elise, you have a 58 Sisters, your Big Sister, Pollyanna sleeping with her Pet.

Belle: Mommy, Cheyz he German Shepherd!

Emily: I Know dearie!

Marshall: Pollyanna! Pollyanna: Yes Marshall? Marshall: Pollyanna Can I Get Some  Sleep with you at Night Please?

Pollyanna: Of course Marshall.

Marshall: Thanks Pollyanna, you're the best Eleven-year-old-girl Ever!

Pollyanna: You're welcome, Marshall.

Pollyanna: Anything for my Best Pup!

Belle: Mom, I Can't Get Enough Sleep Without Cheyz!

Emily: Belle, When I Was little as you, I Always Can't Get Enough Sleep without Sonic, He's My Friend, Then, I Found Him, I Was Happy that I Can Get Enough Sleep with Sonic!

Belle: So, Our Dad is for you Friend?

Emily: Yes.

Belle: and Now, We Started to have a Pet?

Emily: Of course, Belle, we are your Family.

Belle: Thanks Mommy, What I Would To do Without you.

Emily: You're welcome, Belle.

Sonic: Emily, What's wrong?

Emily: Sonic, Chase is missing!

Emily: Belle, Lay down in Bed, Wolf Chase will be Right back to you!

Belle: Good Night, Mother, Good Night Father.

Sonic & Emily: Good Night Belle!

Belle: Wolf Chase, you're Back!

Belle: I'm so Glad to see you again!

Belle: I Found How To Transform you back into Cute Little Puppy?

Belle: Don't Worry, I Have a Better Idea!

Belle: Wolf Cheyz Follow me?

Belle: Cheyz Let's go to my Library?

Belle: Where is that Book with Answer on Question?

Belle: Cheyz you did find the Answer on Question How to Transform you back into Cute little puppy, buddy?

Belle: How did this Book With Legends into my Library?

Belle: buddy this might help how to transform you back into normally little puppy breed of German Shepherd.

Belle: Let's Read this Book, Maybe we can find answer on this question about Transformation Wolfs back into  to all Breeds of pups!

Belle: Legend about Magical Source can Fulfill all Wishes come true, The Queen of Magical Source was Kind and Sweet, She was Ruler of the Magical World, The Portals was United with World of Humans and World of Fairy tales.

Belle: But one Day Kids tried to Find the Magical Waterfall Source all their Wishes come true the Wishes, one little princess named Dawn wanted the little unicorn, she went to Magical Place, But One Day, All Colors Of Rainbow Disappeared, Queen Colorless, Stole all Colors Of Rainbow, Only one very smart girl can bring all Bright Colors of Rainbow Legend Says the one Smart Ten-years-old-girl can bring in Magical world The Bright Colors of Rainbow.

Belle: The Magical Waterfall of Wishes, I Must to bring in Magical world the All Bright Colors of Rainbow!

Belle: Let's go Cheyz Let's bring back all Bright Colors of Rainbow to Magical World!

Belle: Let's save the Day, Cheyz!

Belle: Don't worry Family, you can Rely on me, I'll save the Day!

Emily: Be Careful on way dearie, We love you sweetie

Belle: I Love you too Family.

Belle: I Know I Read Book About Magic Waterfall Source Whose Can Fulfill All Wishes, The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes!

Belle: It's not  Waste Time, We Need  Let's Hurry!

Belle: Woah! Belle: A Magical Unicorn! Belle: My Maternal Grandmother Told To my Mother A Story About The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes Then My Mother was Little!

Belle: I'll Find Myself. Belle: I'll Find Answer for this Question!

Belle: Excuse me, Mrs Unicorn, Can you Please Help me & My Best Friend Need To Find The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes?

Belle: My Name is Belle Whittier, And Him, His Name is Wolf Cheyz!

Belle: My Mother, My Father, My 58 Sisters is Counts On me.

Belle: Do you Know Where is The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes?

Belle: Okay, Only Me & Wolf Chase!

Belle: I'm Never Riding on Back on Unicorn Before!

Belle: Wolf Chase Come on hop on to me on Knees, on Back Unicorn, We are Going to Ride on Back On Unicorn and We'll Ride to The Magic Waterfall Of Wishes!

Belle: Thanks For Rolled us!

Belle: Here is, A Magic Waterfall Of Wishes!

Belle: Hello, My name is Belle Whittier, And, I Have a One Wish - To  Transform Back  My Best Pet From the Paw Patrol, Wolf Cheyz  Into Cute Little Puppy Of Breed German Shepherd, That He Can Not Howl, And He Can Talk Normal language, So I Can Understand Him.

Queen Pearl: Hi Belle, I Heard your Wish!

Belle: Who are you?

Queen Pearl: I am Ruler Of Magic Waterfall Of Wishes Named Queen Pearl!

Queen Pearl: I Can Make all Your Wishes Come True, Belle!

Queen Pearl: What is your Wish, Belle?

Belle: I Wish to Transform Back my Wolf Into Normal Puppy!

Queen Pearl: Belle But Remember The Evil Spell Will Broke and your Wolf will Transform Back into Cute Little Puppy At 12 Days, you must to Love more, only Strong Power of True Love will Save your Buddy, your little Buddy, The Evil Spell will never Broke, Then your Little puppy will Remain The Wolf.

Belle: Evil Spell Will Broke and my Wolf will Transform Back into Cute Little Puppy.

Belle: I accept your deal.

Queen Pearl: Good girl.

Queen Pearl: I Have a mission for you.

Queen Pearl: Please Bring Back at Magical World all Rainbow Colors.

Belle: I'll do anything for you your highness.

Belle: I'll never let you down.

Belle: Thank you Queen Pearl!

Queen Pearl: You are welcome. my dear child.

Queen Colorless: So, She has a her own Queen which can make her wishes come true, Of that Worthless Child.

Queen Colorless: I Can Ruin her All Wishes, That she all wants.

Queen Colorless: Time to Steal some Rainbow Colors.

Belle: Chase, Look, Everything became all Colorless, All Grey, What Did I Read at my Lilbrary, Legend Says the one Smart Ten-years-old-girl can bring in Magical world The Bright Colors of Rainbow.

Belle: In that book with Legend about Magic Waterfall of Wishes Was says about me, How Can I Bring all Colors back to Magic World.

Belle: What Power I Has?

Belle: In the Book was says Ten-years-old-girl can bring in Magical world The Bright Colors of Rainbow, says was about me.

Chase: Don't give up Belle, you have a chance to test your Magic Power, Me too test my Magic power!

Belle: Ok, Let's do it, Together.

Belle: Chase, Look, If I Touch Rose, Then Rose returning her Lost Color, It became Scarlet Rose.

Chase: Wow, If I Touch to this Tulip, then Tulip It Returning Her Lost Color, It became Red Tulip.

Belle's Day of School.

Belle: See you tomorrow at School guys, Bye Olivia, Bye Max, Bye Sci-Twi, Bye Mary.

Mary, Max, Olivia, Sci-Twi: Bye Belle, See you tomorrow Belle and your Wolf at School!

Belle: That was Big Day at School, I Need to Check Chase how he and Rocky was walking in forest?

Rocky: I'm sorry Chase, It's my Fault.

Misty: Hey Rocky, I've been looking for you everywhere. What took you so long buddy?

Rocky: I'm sorry Misty, Me and Chase were walking in the forest, But Suddenly Wolf Bite Cheyz!

Belle: What's going on?

Chase: Belle. Chase: I'm so glad to see you after school, How was your day at School?

Belle: Day at school was normal, we had Science, lesson about Natureness, and We talked about wolfs and was studying about wolves. It was a Best day at school ever!

Chase: Wow that's great!

Belle: Tomorrow we're gonna make a project, About Wolves!

Chase: Good luck for making a project about Wolfs, do you have a Partners, Belle?

Belle: Yes, It's Max, Olivia, Sci-Twi, And Mary, They are my Partners and my Roommates!

Belle: What a good pup!

Misty: It's okay Rocky. Misty: I Came for you, to Clean up Beach from Garbage, Because the Sea turtles Will gonna to lay the eggs!

Misty: soon the Baby Sea turtles will hatch!

Misty: I Can't wait to see Baby Sea Turtles!

Misty: Baby SeaHorses, Baby Fishes, Baby Dolphins, and Baby Octopuses!

Misty: I Can't Wait to See Bubble Guppies.

Rocky: Misty you are always very excited to see Baby Sea Turtles!

Belle: Well, I Need to go back home just in time for Dinner!

Belle: See you tomorrow buddy After School!

Chase: Can I Go with you please?

Belle: These Puppies Eyes, Sure thing!

Wolf Chase: (howls) (Belle Wake up!)

Belle: Wolf, What a good wolf!

Belle: Tomorrow, I Find for you a cure that can help you to transform you back into normal Chase the pup!

Belle: Now, Good Night My Good Wolf!

Emily: Belle, Time to wake up to School!

Belle: Mommy, Guess What Who Slept With Me Last night?

Emily: Who?

Belle: My Good Wolf, Who Always Understanding me What I am doing with him!

Emily: That was a Good Night with a Faithful friend like him!

Belle: Mom, Look, He's Licking me, and I Begin to Laugh, Because It's Tickle!

Belle: Mom, Can I Keep him Please?

Emily: Of course darling, this is your true friend!

Belle: Thank you Mother!

Evelyn: Mommy, Look, It's Belle and Wolf, Her Faithful friend!

Angela: This is Wild animal dearie!

Tom: Mommy's Right, dearie, This Wild animal is very Wildly!

Belle: Hi Uncle Tom, Hi Aunt Angela, Hi Evelyn, How are you doing?

Evelyn: Mommy Look, It's Belle, She Looks so happy, Let's say hi to her!

Tom: Hi Belle!

Belle: Hi Uncle Tom!

Evelyn: We can help you to get into school?

Belle: Yes, Sure thing.

Angela: Are you okay Belle?

Tom: What's wrong?

Belle: I am afraid to lose Chase, my faithful friend.

Belle: He  Traffic Cop Pup.

Becca: Hi there little cutie pie, Do you remember your Aunty Becca?

Hank: Hi There Belle I am your uncle hank!

Ben: Hi I am your Uncle Ben!

Belle: Thank you Uncle Tom, It was very nice, But, Someone is missing me!

Belle: I Forgot my Good Wolf!

Belle: My Buddy!

Belle: buddy, my little buddy!

Belle: No, Please don't die my little guy!

Belle: I Need you!

Evelyn: What's happening?

Belle: Ow, My Head!

Angela: Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah, I am perfectly fine!

Chase: Belle, you saved me?

Belle: Chase, Is that really you?

Chase: Of course It's me, Who Else?

Belle: You've become a puppy again Chase?

Cheyz: Yes, Magic Waterfall of Wishes granted you with Magical Power, Belle, that you can use it for greater good!

Belle: The Queen of Magic Waterfall of Wishes did grant me with special magical power, The Power of heal and transformations back into Normal Puppies Breeds!

Belle: What's this?

Queen Pearl: It's Magic Necklace of Pearl my dear child!

Belle: Wait, I Hear that voice very familiarly!

Belle: It's Queen Pearl

Belle: Your Highness, I'm so glad to see you!

Queen Pearl: Dearie, I Can make your wish come true, you can make a wish whatever you want, just one thing, Be kind and smart, Belle!

Queen Pearl: What do you wish Belle?

Belle: I Wish that all my family was happy and Two Portals was United, Let the Evil be defeated, and we wanna meet Kind, We never let in Evil!

Queen Pearl: you have a Kind heart, Belle!

Queen Pearl: Belle, you'll be a Guardian of the Magical World?

Belle: I do!

Belle: I Did transform you back into Normal puppy?

Chase: Yes, I Feel that you did the right thing, Belle!

Belle: Hi guys!

Olivia: Belle, I saw that you did with your faithful friend from adventure bay, you've rescued your own faithful friend, Chase

Belle: I've understood how much to Appreciate Faithful friend, is Very who Loved faithful friend!

Belle: Let's go to Class!

Belle: Hi Professor Twilight Sparkle!

Twilight Sparkle: Hi Belle why are you in Good Mood today?

Belle: Because I Rescued my faithful friend, Chase, With my own Magic!

Twilight Sparkle: That's why you're in Good Mood today!

Belle: Well, I Have Done to my Cheyz something happy!

Belle: I Wished that he became a puppy of a German Shepherd!

Belle: We need to Appreciate our Pups and Love them, Right!

Twilight Sparkle: That's right, Belle, how did you transformed your Wolf back into puppy?

Belle: I Just did make my wish, to transform Chase from Wolf back to pup by One Queen of Magic Waterfall of Wishes, Queen Pearl Queen of Magic Waterfall of Wishes, She helped me so much!

Belle: Queen Pearl Thank you so much for Rescuing me and my little pet. the Queen Pearl, I'm Grateful to you so much!