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Belle was happy to See Chase.

Story Begins

Belle: See you tomorrow at School guys, Bye Olivia, Bye Max, Bye Sci-Twi, Bye Mary.

Mary, Max, Olivia, Sci-Twi: Bye Belle, See you tomorrow Belle and your Wolf at School!

Belle: That was Big Day at School, I Need to Check Chase how he and Rocky was walking in forest?

Rocky: I'm sorry Chase, It's my Fault.

Misty: Hey Rocky, I've been looking for you everywhere What took you so long buddy?

Rocky: I'm sorry Misty, Me and Chase was walking in forest, But Suddenly Wolf Bite Cheyz!

Belle: What's going on?

Chase: Belle. Chase: I'm so glad to see you after school, How was day at School?

Belle: Day at school was normal, we had a Science, was studying about Wolfs, It was a Best day at school ever!

Chase: Wow that's great!

Belle: Tomorrow we gonna make a project, About Wolfs!

Chase: Good luck for making project about Wolfs, do you have a Partners, Belle?

Belle: Yes, It's, Max, Olivia, Sci-Twi, And Mary, They are my Partners and my Roommates!

Belle: What a good pup!

Misty: It's okay Rocky. Misty: I Came for you, to Clean up Beach from Garbage, Because the Sea turtles Will gonna to lay the eggs!

Misty: soon the Baby Sea turtles will gonna hatch!

Misty: I Can't wait to see Baby Sea Turtles!

Misty: Baby Sea Horses, Baby Fishes, Baby Dolphins, and Baby Octopuses!

Misty: I Can't Wait to see Bubble Guppies.

Rocky: Misty you always very exciting for see Baby Sea Turtles!

Belle: Well, I Need to go back home just time in for Dinner!

Belle: See you tomorrow buddy After School!

Chase: Can I Go with you please?

Belle: These Puppies Eyes, Sure thing!

Wolf Chase: (howls) (Belle Wake up!)

Belle: Wolf, What a good wolf!

Belle: Tomorrow, I Find for you a cure that can help you to transform you back into normal Chase the pup!

Belle: Now, Good Night My Good Wolf!

Emily: Belle, Time to wake up to School!

Belle: Mommy, Guess What Who Slept with me at last night?

Emily: Who?

Belle: My Good Wolf, Who Always Understanding me What I am doing with him!

Emily: That's was a Good Night with Faithful friend like him!

Belle: Mom, Look, He Licking me, and I Begin to Laugh, Because It's Tickle!

Belle: Mom, Can I Keep him Please?

Emily: of course darling, this is your true friend!

Belle: Thank you Mother!

Evelyn: Mommy, Look, It's Belle and Wolf, Her Faithful friend!

Angela: This is Wild animal dearie!

Tom: Mommy's Right, dearie, This Wild animal is very Wildy!

Belle: Hi Uncle Tom, Hi Aunt Angela, Hi Evelyn, How are you doing?

Evelyn: Mommy Look, It's Belle, She Looks so happy, Let's say hi to her!

Tom: Hi Belle!

Belle: Hi Uncle Tom!

Evelyn: We can help you to get into school?

Belle: Yes, Sure thing.

Angela: Are you okay Belle?

Tom: What's wrong?

Belle: I am afraid to loose Chase my faithful friend.

Belle: He  Traffic Cop Pup.

Becca: Hi there little cutie pie, Do you remember your Aunty Becca?

Hank: Hi There Belle I am your uncle hank!

Ben: Hi I am your Uncle Ben!

Belle: Thank you Uncle Tom, It was very nice, But, Someone is missing for me!

Belle: I Forgot my Good Wolf!

Belle: My Buddy!

Belle: buddy, my little buddy!

Belle: No, Please don't die my little guy!

Belle: I Need you!

Evelyn: What's happening?

Belle: Ow, My Head!

Angela: Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah, I am perfectly fine!

Chase: Belle, you saved me?

Belle: Chase, Is that really you?

Chase: Of course It's me, Who Else?

Belle: you've become a puppy again Chase?

Cheyz: Yes, Magic Waterfall of Wishes granted you with Magical Power, Belle, that you can use it for greater good!

Belle: The Queen of Magic Waterfall of Wishes did grant me with special magical power, The Power of heal and transformations back into Normal Puppies Breeds!

Belle: What's this?

Queen Pearl: It's Magic Necklace of Pearl my dear child!

Belle: Wait, I Hear that voice very familiar!

Belle: It's Queen Pearl

Belle: Your Highness, I'm so glad to see you!

Queen Pearl: dearie, I Can make your wish come true, you can make a wish whatever you want, just one thing, Be kind and smart, Belle!

Queen Pearl: What you wish Belle?

Belle: I Wish that all my family was happy and Two Portals was United, Let the Evil be defeated, and we wanna meet Kind, We never let in Evil!

Queen Pearl: you have a Kind heart, Belle!

Queen Pearl: Belle you'll be a Guardian of Magical World?

Belle: I do!

Belle: I Did transform you back into Normal puppy?

Chase: Yes, I Feel that you did the right thing, Belle!

Belle: Hi guys!

Olivia: Belle, I saw that you did with your faithful friend from adventure bay, you've rescued your own faithful friend, Chase

Belle: I've understood how much to Appreciate Faithful friend, is Very who Loved faithful friend!

Belle: Let's go to Class!

Belle: Hi Professor Twilight Sparkle!

Twilight Sparkle: Hi Belle why are you in Good Mood today?

Belle: Because I Rescued my faithful friend, Chase, With my own Magic!

Twilight Sparkle: That's why you in Good Mood today!

Belle: Well, I Have Done to my Cheyz something happy!

Belle: I Wished that he became again puppy of Breed German Shepherd!

Belle: We need to Appreciate our Pups and Love them, Right!