"The gods will fall."-Arnzarel


Arnzarel showing of his necromancy capabilities. Picture made by: 1feellikeamonster

Arnzarel "the Revolting" is a Demon Prince who is seen as an antagonist in Jaredthefox92's series Flawed Deities.He is a former shaman who asked too much from the gods and as a result he was transformed from a former mortal Mobian to a hideous daemon bounded by certain conditions and requirements created by the gods. While Arnzarel must abide by these conditions he secretly is plotting the downfall of the gods.


"You fear what you cannot comprehend!" -Arnzarel yelling out to a group of fleeing villagers from his own village after his transformation.

Arnzarel is a hideous supernatural monstrosity. He appears as a giant sized demonic monster around the height of 15ft, (4.5m) tall. His body has been drastically altered from what it once was and thus he has certain mutations. Arnzarel possesses bizarre light blue skin that is often hard to gaze upon due to it's brightness. Within his mouth lays a long forked tongue that is akin to that of a serpent. He also possess long claw like nails and talon like toenails.His eyeballs are a bizarre color of bright glowing yellow with red irises. Finally he possesses a long try-spiked dark blue demon tail as well.

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