Story Begins

Thanks for a walk with me Robin, I Fell in love with a speed guy, Who Invited me to Participate with him.

Pollyanna Who are you in love with?

I Fell in love with speed racing car.

He kicks me every time he kicks me, and cuts my hair.

The Akuma got into him, he got akumatized.

He became Stormbreaker!

And Now, The villain will send Akuma and akumatized you Robin.

What's His name? His name is hawkmoth.

He Akumatized my parents, He Akumatized my daddy, and he Akumatized my mommy, too, And he Akumatized my sisters too.

Robin, Please Keep your negative emotions under control?

hawkmoth Will Akumatize you Robin too!

Robin, your Friends Akumatized, we must to save them!

Robin, What have you done? Robin, you ruined everything.

Guys, Hold on, Stop it, Robin Didn't Ruin everything, Why are you Broke his staff?

I Need to talk with you about Robin's staff!

Come with me!

Guys, Robin is our Leader, and he was my childhood friend.

I Gave him his birthday, his staff!

He Cried from happiness, I Heard his word for the first time.

Thank you! He Thanked me for giving him his birthday, his weapon, staff!

Robin, Are you okay?

My Friends broke my staff, I'll never be the better teen titan.

Robin, What are you talking about?

Robin, you are the better teen titan, and my childhood friend!

Robin, Are you okay?

Yeah I am fine.

Story:When the other titans broke Robin's staff, Hawk Moth Akumatizes him into Dark Bird. A villain who uses his powerful staff to place bird-shaped collars on his victims, and force them to do his dirty work.


H.M: Upset that your so-called teammates broke your favorite staff? Dark Bird, I will assist you by giving you the power to control your enemies and make them do your bidding. But in return, I ask you to bring me Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses.

Robin: My friends are gonna pay for what they did to my staff, EVERYONE WILL PAY! *begin akumaization*

Powers: Can use his staff to fire out collars that look like birds at his desired target. Onced the victim is ensnared by these collars, he can use his communication watch to direct the victm's actions. The staff can also be used in combat. He has enhanced jumping, allowing him to get to one victim after another. He can also throw out birdarangs like a ninja does.

Akumatized Object: His staff.

For Mixelculous: Tales of Footibug and Glomp Noir.

Robin, It's you, I Told you keep your negative emotion under control!

But, We were childhood friends.

I Need to warn other Teen titans!

Beastboy, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Please Go to your Rooms, If you don't wanna being Noticed by Robin?

Pollyanna What Happened?

I Told Robin to Keep his negative emotions under control, if hawkmoth is going to akumatized him!

Beastboy, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven Please Go to your Rooms If you don't wanna be Noticed by Robin?

Pollyanna, Robin will never Akumatizes, He is such a fool!

What did you say Beastboy?

He Hear you Beastboy!

Please, Keep yourself safe!

Oh my, It's my Aunty Laila She Worries about me.

Hi Aunty Laila! Hi my niece, What's wrong?

I Have a biggest problem? My Childhood friend, Robin is Akumatized into the Dark Bird!

Teammates Broke Robin's staff!

And Now, I Must to hope that Lady Bug & Cat Noir Will Save him and De-Akumatize him, Just Like Marinette & Adrien, & Their Kwamis!

I'm beginning to worry about Robin. Suddenly, He will get into the Lady Bug's World!

Laila, I See, you Changed, Laila, Did you heard?

Wait a minute my Sweetheart?

What is it, Savanna? The new Supervillain  got into Paris, He says that we will Pay, that we Broke his weapon, staff!

He destroyed everything!

I Have Discussed with Pollyanna, Her childhood friend is Robin!

He's Got into our Home! He's Coming!

Layla run! No, I'll never Throw you  Big sister.

Don't worry about me, Lil Sis.

Pollyanna, Supervillain is got into our Home!

It's Akumatized Robin!

I warned  all titans.

Thanks for that you decided to be Nearby me, Espio!

I Love you Espio!

Where are the Titans? Whoa! Hey, Don't touch my girl friend & Daughter of a baker!

Espio, Noooo! Who are you? I am Dark Bird, Tell me, Where Titans?

They are in another World. in Jumpy City. in Titans's tower!

Goodbye! Tikki, Titans are in danger, We must save them!

Tikki It's time to transform!

Tikki, transform me!

Pollyanna keeps your negative Emotions under control!

Where is the Titans?

Starfire, Why did you break my staff?

Robin, Pollyanna said that we must go to our Rooms!

I'm no longer Robin, I am Dark Bird!

I Longer Loved you Robin!

Who's there? What, A Real Superheroes, How Ya doin?

Pollyanna, Robin is akumatized. I Know!

He is my childhood friend!

Listen, Do you wanna save Robin too?

Yes. From now on, you will be Supergirl!

New Superhero!

Lady Bug & Cat Noir!

Cat Noir, Akuma is in his weapon!

Robin, Calm Down, This isn't you!

I am not Robin, I am Dark Bird, I'll take away from you the Miraculous!

Calm Down, Robin, We are here to save you!

We have a new Superhero! Supergirl!

I'm no longer Robin, I am...

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