Story Begins

Oh poor thing, She's Thinking about Her Dad, But I'll take care of her, I'm her new daddy.

Pollyanna, Where's She?

Ma'am, Pollyanna must tell you about her dad.

Oh Sonic, She's Beautiful.

She is quite just Infant

Poor little girl, Emily, Look, She's opening up her eyes.

Ooooh, Her eyes are Blue, as is the clean sky.

She's Smiling.

Ooooh, She's a Adorable.

Welcome to your new home Pollyanna.

Let She will stay with us,

Good morning Mrs, Whittier,

Good morning Pollyanna, you can call me your mom.

Okay mommy.

Today, you're gonna be our Daughter, Pollyanna Whittier.

Pollyanna, with shoes you can t lay.

Today your hobby will be Musician.

Oh Thanks mommy.

Now go and play on the piano.

Okay Mommy, I Love you mommy.

Sonic, She's named me Mommy.

This is the best Day ever.

I'm so proud of her.

This Melody, so Beautiful.

I'm so proud of my adopted future favorite Daughter.

How we were so glad, That we decided Adopt a baby girl.

Oh my god, The pink dress, That's my favorite Dress.

I really Like it this Beautiful Dress, Mommy.

You are the best Mommy.

Hey Watch where you go?

Sorry Mrs Pie, I'm Pollyanna, your adopted Niece

You are my adopted Niece?


This is so good, to have adopted Niece

I'm Element of Laughter, Hey Pollyanna, I Arranged to you A Party.

Do you come to my party?

Yes, I Will come to your party

Pollyanna, Smile.

Mrs Pie, What are you doing?

Pollyanna You can name me your just Aunty Pinkie Pie

Okay Aunty Pinkie Pie.

Aunty Pinkie Pie, Are you here?

Girls, It's Party For my adopted Niece.

She's Coming.

3, 2, 1. Surprise.

Pollyanna Welcome to Ponyville.

I believe the morning sun

Always gonna shine again, and,

I believe a pot of gold

Waits at every rainbow's end, oh

I believe in roses kissed with dew,

Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

I believe in make believe,

Fairy tales and lucky charms and,

I believe in promises,

Spoken as you cross your heart, oh,

I believe in skies forever blue,

Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

You may say I'm a pretty,

Feeling' the way that I do

You can name me Pollyanna,

Say I'm Beautiful as a ever,

I believe in silver linings

And that's why I believe in you!

I believe there'll come a day,

Maybe it will be tomorrow.

When the blue bird flies back,

All we have to do is follow.

I believe a dream can still come true,

Why shouldn't I believe the same in you?

You may say I'm a Pretty

Feeling' the way that I do,

I believe in friends and laughter

And the wonders love can do,

I believe in songs and magic

And that's why I believe in you!

You may say I'm a Adorable,

Feelin' this way about you,

There's not much I can do,

I'm gonna be this way my life through

'Cause I still believe in miracles,

I swear I've seen a few.

And the time will surely come

When you can see my point of view.

I believe in second chances,

And that's why I believe in you!

Wow, that Song was The Best Song of my life.

Best Song ever.

Pollyanna, meet your adopted Babysitter Twilight Sparkle.

Pollyanna, meet your adopted Aunt, Applejack.

Pollyanna, meet your adopted Aunt, Rarity.

Pollyanna, meet your adopted Aunt, Rainbow Dash

Pollyanna, meet your adopted Aunt, Fluttershy.

Pollyanna, we all here your adopted Aunts

It's your Adopted parents, Pollyanna?


They Loves you?

Of course.

Let's get the party started.

Pollyanna, your cutie mark appeared.

Is that what you can sing?

Of course, I Can Sing.

Pollyanna, we are so proud of you.

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